Meet Benjamin J Harvey: Difference-Maker Mentor

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Through Authentic Education, Benjamin has helped tens of thousands of people craft a life filled with purpose, passion, and love — regardless of where they have come from, where they are today, or where they are going.

However, it wasn’t always that way. Not too long ago, Benjamin found himself:

  • More than $137,000 in debt
  • Weighing over 120kg
  • Depressed and directionless

Until he took one vital step and bought $17,995 worth of education that changed the trajectory of his life, compelling him to lose weight, get out of debt, clear his depression and spend the next 20 years traveling across the planet on a mission!

A mission giving him a purpose that helped him discover some of the deepest mysteries of the human mind, body, and spirit and create a life that has seen him:

  • Conduct over 10,000 one-on-one business and life coaching sessions
  • Win the Australian BRW Fast-Start award in 2013 and BRW Fast 100 award in 2015
  • Educate alongside Dr. John Demartini, Chris Howard, Jay Conrad Levison, Lisa Sassivich, John Assaraf, Mike Koenings, Ari Galper, Jack Delosa and more…
  • Hold high-level leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies such as Adecco
  • Complete the VIP Human Consciousness Intensive (one of 100 globally)
  • Invited to speak at the National Speakers Association of Australia
  • Featured in the prestigious BRW Magazine and The Huffington Post

“Authentic Education, the leading training company in Australia helping people do what they love"
Huffington Post

Featured In:
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Ben - In the Media

brw-award-collageToday Ben directly impacts the lives of tens of thousands of people from around Australia and globally with his best selling programs, business and mindset products, public speaking and live events.
A cross between business strategist, modern day spiritual healer, and self-development expert, Benjamin J Harvey is as comfortable working with Shamans to Strategists, Psychics to Sales Reps, Healers to Home Makers, Buddhists to Businessmen and Meditators to Mediators.

Whether you’re working for yourself, for someone else, whether you’re a spiritual healer, an artist, or an entrepreneur; he’ll help you discover, organize and craft your message, sell it, and present it like a pro, so you can dream big, heal your life and turn the impossible into the possible—fast!

But he can’t take all the credit. Benjamin’s grandfather was one of the famous ‘Magicians of the Round Table’ back in the 1950’s who performed for royalty across the globe. This allowed Benjamin to grow up with an open mind and a model of reality that included the impossible; taking him on a journey—later in life—around the world searching for answers to life’s most important, yet puzzling questions:

  • “What is my life’s purpose?”
  • “What is the quickest way to get there?”
  • “What is truth?”

Each global stride allowed him to research, uncover, and apply some of the deepest mysteries of the human mind, body, and spirit with guidance from some of the greatest teachers of our time:

  • Dr Wayne Dyer
  • Dr Deepak Chopra
  • Tony Robbins
  • Michael Domeyko Rowland

Just to name a few…

And in the end all those teachings distilled into a single, hidden learning. One simple, yet profound idea:


transformhandToday, Benjamin’s vision is to live in a world where everyone is living on purpose and creating and contributing from a place of inspiration. A world in which each individual has complete alignment between their thoughts, feelings and actions.

A world where shame, guilt, fear and judgement has been transformed into empowerment, appreciation and authenticity.
His mission: to help the difference-makers of the world transform their lives by helping them discover their message, organise and systemise it and together reach 72 million people with the message of Live Your Love…

This equals 1% of the world’s population and could cause a tipping point that changes the trajectory of the human race… Imagine!

Which is why he and his business partner, Cham Tang founded Authentic Education. To teach in-depth, easy to understand life and business skills such as:

  • Accelerated business strategies
  • Practical spirituality and self-growth
  • Quick-impact productivity
  • Education based selling
  • Magnetic presenting skills

Benjamin delivers this transformational content through legendary LIVE events, workshops, online courses, and engaging video content in a simple format anyone can learn.

For Benjamin, transformation is a place where inspiration, evolution, vitality, freedom and potential belong to everyone, everywhere—right now.

Benjamin is living proof that:

  • You can move from the ordinary to the extraordinary
  • Business rules are made to be broken
  • Anything is possible when you have a ‘system’

He also understands that the only true way to experience the beauty of life is to smile often, laugh out loud and do whatever it takes to be your own best friend.

As a pioneer in human potential Benjamin is applying his own philosophy and living a life of adventure, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. He lives this every day as a loving husband, father and foodie.

His commitment has always been to bring you the very best of what he’s living and learning, and to keep it real and honest every step of the way. Benjamin does more than talk about transformation; he stretches the boundaries of conventional thinking, plugs into its heart and makes it happen.

His message is simple, “LIVE YOUR LOVE”.
Join Ben and the Authentic Education team and make your impact on the world—you deserve it!

Ben's Certification & Studies

Ben is Australia's Only 2 x BRW Award Winning Coach. He has studied a range of modalities and currently holds these certifications:

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach
  • Internationally Certified Master Result Coach
  • Internationally Certified Trainer of NLP
  • Internationally Certified Master NLP Practitioner
  • Internationally Certified Master Practitioner of Neurological Re-Patterning
  • International Certified Performance Consultant
  • Reiki Master in Tibetan Rieki
  • Reiki Master in Usui Reiki
  • Internationally Certified Practitioner of Shamanic Practice
  • Internationally Certified Trainer of Process Communication Model
  • Certified Practitioner of Sacred Geometry
  • Certified Practitioner of Energy Healing
  • Creator of Shadow Values
  • Creator of The Universal Freedom Technique (UFT)
  • Master Certified Practitioner of Soul Retrieval
  • Master Certified Trainer of Soul Retrieval
  • Internationally Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer
  • Internationally Certified Practitioner of Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Master Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Master Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis


Benjamin Harvey can be found on:

What people are saying about Ben

Kat Millar
Kat Millar

Absolutely brilliant - I speak about Authentic Education, particularly Ben, to so many people. His events have been absolutely life-changing for me and I couldn't be more thankful and relieved to have found them
Matthew Wellings

Ben is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. His passion for authenticity and following your passion is contagious. Ben inspires me to follow my passion, thank you
Rachel Bernardo
Rachel Bernardo

Uplifting, insightful and just simply WOW! Ben is a must see speaker with a wealth of knowledge and inspires me to take action today, intentionally enjoy my 2000 weekends to do what I love and systematically get on with it. Thank you 🙂
Ari Gapler
Ari Galper

Life altering is an understatement. Ben's wisdom is profound. In 90 minutes, after being coached by Ben, I was able to bring in $200,000 in sales.
Jay Conrad
Jay Conrad

I am pleased and honoured to know Ben Harvey. He's an expert on change. Once people listen to Ben, they are able to implement things they have learned and take action.
Carolyn Deigan
Carolyn Deigan

Ben Harvey is a true master of helping people change. He clarified my purpose and also taught me techniques that have changed my negative self talk permanently.