Meet Cham Tang

cham tangcham tangCham Tang, is the Head of Marketing and Co-founder of Authentic Education, a BRW Fast 100 Company. 

Cham is a marketing and client attraction expert. He shows people how to get a 500% return on every marketing dollar they spend (even if they're starting from scratch).

With over 12 years experience in the Business and Personal Development industry, Cham has worked with Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, and over 350 businesses right here in Australia.

Having spent over $600,000 in Facebook ads over 8.5 years, Cham was personally mentored by Facebook and is a Facebook Certified Professional Planner.

He has appeared in the media such as SBS Insight, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC Radio and

With his dynamic and no BS presenting style, he is passionate about helping people attract more prospects, sell meaningful products & services and get rewarded for it.

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What People Are Saying About Cham Tang...

Robert Kirby

"Cham helped us realign our business, our marketing, our strategy, helped us get our message clear, to rebadge and rename our courses... Since that time 3 years ago, our sales have gone up 15% to 20% a year. We're very excited about it"

Marlie Van Doorn

"Got 20 bums on seats within the next 3 days as we expected it to be at least 2 weeks. Thought it would be approximately $15 - $30 on advertising spent per bum on seat, but with 26 tickets ordered and only spending $60 in advertising cost, we saved the client over $500 advertising cost and got the results a lot quicker."

Sonja Courtis

"My first presentation was to 17 people. Of those 17, 5 of them I didn't know and of those 5, 3 actually signed up for my program. I'm really grateful for the support and giving me the confidence and ability to go out and continue to do presentations."