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How finding your child's passion is the key out of the education epidemic

TODAY Show chats to educator Ben Harvey about how slowly moving away from subject based learning to topic based learning is improving kids interest and learning.

Students now are being more disruptive, speaking more rudely, acting more aggressively and are disengaged more so than any other time in history...

The Syndey Morning Herald

Training offers an authentic road to riches


Meet the former dunces who are winning at life after flunking high school struggled through school with undiagnosed dyslexia, along with emotional problems from a traumatic childhood, Mr Harvey celebrated his failure as a form of revenge against the system he felt had failed him.

It would be years before the Canberra Grammar School graduate found the tools to turn his life around. “The traditional style of schooling didn’t suit me...

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Bouncing back from failure

Cham Tang talks about the stigma surrounding failure and why is there so much pressure to get things right?"Just because you failed on something doesn't mean that you're a loser, or you're a dropout because those words are very permanent, branding someone for life, whereas failure is just a momentary thing..."

The Syndey Morning HeraldSelf-help his secret to success

TPI-SMHBen Harvey, founder of Authentic Education, has overcome a massive debt, chronic mental illness and a weight problem to run the personal development business, which has revenue in the millions. It took him more than a decade to turn around his life.

"Back in 2002 I found myself coming into my fifth year of chronic depression. I was unemployed for most of that time, heavily overweight, massively in debt and all the medication the doctors had me on was not doing anything to change my situation in life," Harvey says.

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itp_section_news_logoFrom high school failure to self-made millionaire

When Cham Tang screwed up his high school exams for the second year running, he thought his life might be over.

Two decades later, he’s a self-made millionaire running one of Australia’s fastest growing businesses, and the perfect illustration of why university isn’t always the best option for everyone — and can even be a total waste of time and money...

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The Syndey Morning HeraldMindset, not hard work, will help break the bamboo ceiling, says entrepreneur Cham Tang

Cham Tang believes something is holding back Asian Australians as leaders: the traditional emphasis on hard work as the key to success.

While it has helped Australians from Asian backgrounds excel academically, Mr Tang said success after graduation was a different ballgame. Diligence might take Asian Australians "to a high technical level, but not into the C-suite"...

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Helping Kids Break The Procrastination Habit

TODAY Show chats to educator Ben Harvey about how schools are teaching kids to procrastinate.The constant deadlines and rigid systems school children have to contend with are taking their toll...

itp_section_news_logoThe happiness formula: How Ben Harvey turned his life around


Ben Harvey was overweight, $137,000 in debt after five years without a job and clinically depressed.

One day, two of his friends took their own lives. That was the turning point. In the space of just a few years, the Sydneysider cleared his debt, shed around 35kg, weaned himself off a cocktail of medication and became a self-made millionaire.

“I said to myself, ‘There has to be a better way of doing things,’” he told “I started studying mindset and transforming my reality to live the life I wanted to live...

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Cham's ABC Radio Interview with Christine Anu

It's a very stressful time if you're a school leaver, but is University degree really for everyone?Self made millionaire and tonight's guest Cham Tang has good news, it's not always necessary to go to Uni (University) to get a successful career...

itp_section_think_big_logoWhy Entrepreneurs Fail


The Daily Telegraph LogoPlay-as-you-earn jobs beat working

The Daily Telegrapgh 2016

Cham Tang, Head of Marketing & Co-Founder of Authentic Education

Cham Tang and his business partner Benjamin Harvey teach people how to make a difference, and a living doing what they love.

What’s your story?
I failed high school because I was lost and lacked direction. I discovered personal development and dreamed of “doing what I love” but didn’t know how. After working with Tony Robbins for 2 years and other personal development companies, I co-founded Authentic Education with my business partner, Benjamin J Harvey.

We teach people how to make a difference, and a living doing what they love with a range of business and personal development courses. My role is Head of Marketing. We were fortunate to be awarded 2 BRW awards for fast business growth.

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huffington-post-logo-smallSelf-made millionaire says flunking high school doesn't rule out success

AbcnewsradioPost 2016

Download the audio by clicking here.

The wait is over for many high school students in New South Wales who received their Higher School Certificate results today.

Some will be over the moon... others won't be quite so happy and may feel their future career options have suddenly shrunk to reflect a set of disappointing digits.

Cham Tang knows what it feels like to flunk high school. He had two goes at it and had disappointing results both times, at the time he thought his life was over. But the self-made millionaire is proof there is life after high school exams.

Cham Tang speaks to ABC's Glen Bartholomew.

My BusinessGet Your Employees Excited to Come to Work

A staggering 87 per cent of the world’s workforce is disengaged in their work. Here's how to get your employees excited about coming in each day.

That 87 per cent comes from research by Gallup, which took place over 30 years, among over 30 million employees and revealed that while leaders and business owners are great at knowing their purpose, they’re failing to instil this passion into their teams.

A highly engaged workforce is the difference between a business thriving or failing.

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13 Tips to Ease Back-to-school Anxiety

13Tips2017Returning to school for a new year can be difficult for kids. Emma Bangay speaks to three experts about how to ease the transition into Term One - and beyond - for schoolchildren of every age.

Is your child excited or anxious about a new year at school? Maybe they are indifferent or overly obsessing about what lies ahead?

According to the founder of Authentic Education, Ben Harvey, the most common anxieties children face stem from seven key concepts.

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Even 5 Minutes of Daily Meditation Could Change Your Life


If you have ever struggled to keep your emotions in check when confronted with difficult situations, and it’s starting to negatively affect your decisions, relationships and health, it might be time to take a look at finding a meditation practice that fits your lifestyle.

Ben Harvey, Difference- Maker Mentor and Cofounder of Authentic Education, shares his insights into why meditation can benefit us all and there’s a technique for everyone.

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Cham's 2UE Interview with John and Garry for 2UE Talking Lifestyle

Your results are not going be the "be-all" and "end-all" of your life...They'll be young people who'll get into what they want to do... and they might end up doing it for a short time and then move into another idea... they might decide to move into other employment or other profession altogether and not go to University... not need to!

huffington-post-logo-small8 Habits Of People Who Have Achieved Success Against The Odds

TheHuffingtonPost 2016

Ben was invited to contribute to this article. Habit #7 is from Ben - They don't see obstacles, they see solutions.

Thomas Edison -- creator of the lightbulb -- took between 1,000 and 10,000 attempts before creating the world-changing invention...

It's worth asking ourselves just how many times we've stopped ourselves pursuing something because of the perceived difficulties...

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huffington-post-logo-smallHaving Meaning In Life Is Proven To Be The Key To Fulfilment

TheHuffingtonPost 2016

So, how do we know if we have purpose in our lives? Most of us get up and get ready to go to a job that we either love, like or hate. If your love your work, is that fulfilment? And what if you hate your job?

"Having purpose in life means that people find happiness and fulfilment when they have reasons for doing things. It's about having an overarching reason...

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Entrepreneur18 Entrepreneurs Share Their Biggest Business Regrets

ben entrepreneur scThe number-one regret I have in business is believing in "natural talent.”

There is a thought-virus that sneaks into people's minds all over the world and it sounds like this: "Of course they can do it because they are naturally talented at XYZ." It also sounds like this: "I am naturally talented therefore I can not truly improve my skills because I was born with them"...

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My BusinessMentorship has ‘given me everything’, owner says

the grounds logoThe co-founder of a sustainable produce business has told My Business that having a mentor has potentially ‘tripled’ his business.

Ramzey Choker, who co-founded The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney, said that he has operated seven or eight businesses previously, with varying degrees of success. However, for his current business he brought in an external mentor. “I think he’s, if not tripled my business …

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The Inc. Magazine22 Executives Share the Daily Habits That Keep Them on Top

golden egg"Every morning I make it a point to leave my phone on airplane mode for a minimum of an hour after I wake up so I can spend quality uninterrupted time with my wife and 11-month old daughter.

During that time, I am in the playpen singing songs, reading stories and dancing. Apart from starting the day by being surrounded by the people you love, this also has the additional benefit of ensuring your day begins in a playful, creative space...

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ShortpressWhy even the most successful businesses need a mentor

Ramzey and Ben

Encouraged by his businessman father, serial entrepreneur Ramzey Choker owned his first take-away business at 17, and another seven or so hospitality businesses in his 20s.

“I get bored really easily. I was always jumping and trying to come up with new ideas,” says Choker, now 33. While the businesses were successful, he ripped through the cash, and admits he didn’t realise the value of his wealth. That was until his dad’s business went under...

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The Courier Mail LogoWorkers just want to be happy in their job

Courier Mail 2016

itp_section_business_insider_logoWhy not setting your goals correctly could be making you sick


Get your work goals right, and be happier.

Finding motivation and purpose in your job is one way to not only make you more successful, but also happier and healthier.

Ben Harvey, co-founder of Authentic Education, has built his business on inspiring others to do this by crafting a life of direction, passion and focus based on the teachings of Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama...

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BRW Fast 100 2015 Awards

BRW Fast 100

We’re proud to announce that we’ve been presented another prestigious award from BRW, being named one of the BRW Fast 100 businesses for 2015, coming in at 38. We are the first education business to receive both the BRW Fast 100 and BRW Fast Starters award within 2 years*.

We owe our success to the success of our students. Thanks to all the community for their trust in us and support. To view our ranking as well as the other BRW Fast 100 recipients, click the link below.

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*based on independent findings

huffington-post-logo-smallThe Fuel Entrepreneurs Run On

TheHuffingtonPost 2015

When it comes to building a business, it's not just the idea that counts. Your idea should be good of course, but it's far from everything. Even a great idea doesn't equal future success.

In my opinion execution is far more important, and there are really three core areas that determine your ability to execute on that idea: passion, action, and education.

Passion comes first. You have to believe in the idea and have that passion for it. You have to want it to succeed. Passion is the quality that drives people to do something "crazy" by others' standards...

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itp_section_illuminate_logoFraming Chiropractic to Make an Impact

IlluminateVolume1 2014
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Fast Starters: Immigrant entrepreneurs start over and win

cham brwSucceeding under pressure - Cham Tang, co-founder of education and training business Authentic Education (No. 94), arrived with his parents on a boat from Vietnam in the late 1970s. He was too young to remember the experience, but does remember his mum spending endless hours behind a sewing machine before opening her own shop.

Inspired by family - “My mum worked so much she wasn’t around to help with my homework,” Tang says. “I was very independent, made my own decisions and wasn’t institutionalised into believing...

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itp_section_wna_logoWhere Most Entrepreneurs Go Wrong

Where Most Entrepreneurs Go Wrong

itp_section_industryhub_logoScheduling Creative Space a Vital Step


itp_section_think_big_logoHow to Change for Good?