Meet the Team

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Benjamin J Harvey

Difference-Maker Mentor

Benjamin J Harvey

Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-Founder of Authentic Education. Ben ensures our vision is big and bright.

Past Experience: Ben has delivered 10,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions and also speaks for organisations such as the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia. He has consulted with some of the largest organisations in Australia including Optus, IBM and Commonwealth Bank.

Passions: Helping people create authentic changes in their life, meditating and evolving human potential.

Personal likes: Stand up comedy, illusionists, watching movies and saving $2 coins in jars.


Cham Tang

Head Of Marketing

Cham Tang

Cham is Head Of Marketing and Co-Founder of Authentic Education. Cham makes sure our message can reach many people.

Past Experience: Cham studied IT at University of Technology Sydney and realized he loved personal development more than PCs. Cham has since worked with and for Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, Empowernet and Universal Events. He is a Facebook Certified Professional Planner and creator of Digital Marketing Made Easy.

Passions: Marketing, helping people succeed and the word "efficiency".

Personal likes: Travelling, avoiding extreme sports and playing with babies.


Fiona Jones

Author Mentor & Book Publisher

Fiona Jones

Fiona is the Author Mentor & Book Publisher at Authentic Education. She ensures that our students take their wisdom, knowledge and inspiration, and turn that into a professional published book they can be super proud of while sharing their message with the world.

Past Experience: Fiona studied Radiography (x-rays) and later Medical Ultrasonography at Sydney University. She enjoyed an amazing career that started at Royal North Shore Hospital, before moving to private practice where she worked mostly with pregnant women and those undergoing IVF.

She published 8 best-selling books, in the Millionaire book series, as well as her book Author-ity, and is the creator of Author Express.

Passions: Property, money mindset, creating books and the ‘business behind the book’.

Personal likes: Yoga, spiritual stuff, cruising with hubby, and mowing her 12 acres on a tractor while listening to podcasts & audiobooks.


Bronwyn Kennedy

Student Support Manager

Bronwyn Kennedy

Bronwyn is our Student Support Manager and helps find the best solution to client queries. She supports the rest of the team to get things done efficiently, and you will also see her at our registration desk at our preview events around Australia and New Zealand.

Past Experience: Bronwyn has a Bachelor of Education and swapped teaching kids to managing a registered training organisation for adult education. She has completed the entire PHD program offered by Authentic Education and loved it so much that she jumped at the chance to join our team to help support our participants and students achieve their goals.

Passions: Helping people remember who they are and supporting them as they activate their full potential.

Personal likes: Reading as much as possible about mindset, psychology and the body/mind connection, spending weekends away with friends and family at day spas, watching movies and singing Taylor Swift songs in the car with her daughter.


Eric Badong

Marketing & Events Virtual Assistant

Eric Badong

Eric is the Marketing & Events Virtual Assistant at Authentic Education. He markets our awesome events on various platforms and does a wide variety of general VA and administration tasks.

Past Experience: Eric has a decade of online experience under his belt and has worked for various Australian businesses, including a Registered Training Organisation, an SEO agency, a real estate buyer’s agency, and a patent and trademark attorney. He holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110, which is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Passions: Creative writing, theology and music.

Personal Likes: Public speaking, teaching and coffee.


Eugenie Rurawhe

Finance Manager & Customer Service

Eugenie Rurawhe

Eugenie is the Customer Service & Finance Manager at Authentic Education. She makes sure everything is in order and people know how awesome our events are.

Past experience: Eugenie has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years in customer service and events both in New Zealand and Australia. Being a Mother of 7 beautiful children, she has been able to use these experiences to teach, work and grow both personally and professionally. She has worked for Universal Events as an Event Assistant and for Worldmark South Pacific Club as a consultant. She is a certified Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.

Passions: Serving others and helping people to grow in life, love and spirituality.

Personal Likes: Watching and participating in sports like Rugby Union and Softball. Movies and being in nature, surrounded by its natural beauty.


Jaafar Husin

SEO Specialist

Jaafar Husin

Jaafar is SEO Specialist at Authentic Education.

Past Experience: Jaff spent the first decade of his career in the call centre industry but later fell in love with digital marketing. Since 2016, he has been managing websites, social media and creating written content for business owners who want to grow their online presence.

Passions: Mindset, discipline, self-education, music, the guitar, inspiring people, reading, writing and ranking number one in the search engines.

Personal Likes: Travelling and spending time with my wife and my two daughters, travelling alone and getting lost, silence and making my girls laugh.


Jas Halasan

Customer Service Ninja

Jas Halasan

Jasmin is the Customer Service Ninja at Authentic Education. She supports the customers and the team in everything from enrolment enquiries, billing and administration.

Past Experience: Jas completed a degree of Information Technology at the University of Mindanao. With a passion for helping people achieve satisfaction in life, she has held customer service and accounts roles at various companies. She has also worked in broadcasting as a program host.

Passions: Encouraging people and helping people through their different struggles and dreams (especially younger people).

Personal Likes: Traveling, playing badminton, talking about meaningful experiences and difficult challenges with friends, listening to songs with a positive message.


Joan Cabaling

Administration Ninja

Joan Lacno

Joan is the Administration Ninja at Authentic Education. She supports our customers by ensuring all our back end systems are working smoothly and all customer accounts are up to date.

Past Experience: Joan was a school Youth Leader and has worked as a research analyst, market researcher and as a virtual assistant.

Passions: Meeting new people with a difference-maker mindset and making things happen together as a team.

Personal Likes: Reading, writing, listening to people's stories.


Lee Brownless

Enrolments Officer

Lee Brownless

Lee is the Enrolments Officer and you will see him helping participants at our free events around Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Past Experience: Lee ran his own business as a tradesman for 20 years in England and Australia. He then decided to follow his passion and swapped his tradesman tools for a set of golf clubs and trained at the PGA academy on the Gold Coast to become a professional golfer until he was introduced to personal development. He is now an Internationally Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist. Lee also has 7 incredible children!

Passions: Creating the opportunities for others to change, to help increase peoples happiness and to get real-world rapid results for everyone he coaches.

Personal likes: Presenting and teaching, learning new things, reading, researching, travelling, football and golf.


Nathan Pacanowski

Senior Course Advisor

Nathan Pacanowski

Nathan is our Senior Course Advisor at Authentic Education since 2016. He helps clients gain clarity in their life or business and ensures our clients are taking the next best step towards their education, personal development and/or business success.

Past Experience: Nathan started his self-development journey in 2001 while studying a Diploma of Counselling and doing volunteer work at Lifeline Australia. Nathan is a Master NLP Practitioner, Personal trainer and Results Coach with over 10 years experience as a course advisor in both the tertiary education and self-development industries. He specializes in guiding people on what they need to learn and do to be "successful" in their own personal development journeys.

Passions: Contributing to people's positive progression through education and spirituality whilst aspiring to be the best role model as possible to his family including his 3 divine sons.

Personal Likes: Quality time with family, travelling as often as possible and relishing every Sydney Swans victory.


Neerav Dobaria

Web Wizard

Neerav Dobaria

Neerav is the Technical Expert at Authentic Education and makes sure its website is both functional and sexy 24/7.

Past Experience: Way back in 2002 Neerav got his first computer. He used to only play games on it but became so fascinated he decided to build a career in the computer industry. He completed his Computer Engineering degree in 2009 and worked as a web developer. After working for 2 years, he was headhunted and is now the resident Web Wizard at Authentic Education.

Passions: Creating cool web applications.

Personal likes: Reading, Swimming, Cricket, Football, Music.


Quynh Vu

Senior Marketing Specialist

Quynh Vu

Quynh is our Senior Marketing Specialist. She manages communications about our awesome events, our Facebook and Google advertising along with offering student support.

Past Experience: Since graduating with a BBus. from UTS, Quynh has built a portfolio of diverse marketing experience across various companies ranging from in-house companies to marketing agencies. She has worked with some of the largest brands and startups in Australia developing and executing marketing campaigns from start to end.

Passions: Quynh is passionate about all things creative - coming up with new ideas and communicating it visually. She also loves speaking about and motivating others to do better in their lives.

Personal Likes: Likes interior design, outdoor activities and cleaning.


Tanya Davidson

Events Manager

Tanya Jones

Tanya is our Events Manager at Authentic Education. She manages the end to end process of making the events happen!

Past Experience: Tanya has been managing awesome events for over 10 years in multiple industries including Retail and Education. Her passion and drive ensure that each event is organised and enjoyable for all.

Passions: Opening people's minds to new opportunities and helping them reach their true potential. Creating fun experiences that make people smile.

Personal likes: She loves musical theatre, fine wines, travelling the globe and is a big fan of everything Harry Potter! Tanya's happy place is spending quality time with her family, friends & pug Bella.


Tina Agcaoili

Course Advisor

Tina Agcaoili

Tina is a course advisor at Authentic Education. She helps clients discover their vision for their life/business, determine their next steps and help them take massive action towards achieving their goals.

Past Experience: Tina is a certified coach and also has over 6 years experience in Business development and management across multiple industries including health & fitness, where she was involved in the setting up of and running multiple health clubs, and has also worked for FMCG companies such as Coca Cola Amatil and Pharmacare. Tina was originally a student of our PHD program and was so impressed by the program’s transformative results in her life that she decided to join our team so others could experience the same.

Passions: Tina loves identifying and maximising potential and opportunities in both people and in business.

Personal Likes: She loves belting out tunes at Karaoke, going to the gym, playing and winning at board and card games and watching tv show Friends over and over again.


Violet Morrison

Customer Service Manager

Violet Morrison

Violet is the Customer Service Manager at Authentic Education. She is the office all-rounder, supporting customers with their enquiries, and supporting the inhouse and events team with all things admin.

Past Experience: Violet has worked in a variety of roles from Customer Service to Administration and Management for the past 16 years, mostly within the hospitality and retail industries. She also utilises the knowledge and experience that she gained to help with the start-up process and management of her family's business in New Zealand.

Passions: Doing whatever I can to help people, make them smile, bring positive vibes, create memories, making connections and deep conversations about life.

Personal likes: Sunshine and outdoors, BBQs, binge-watching TV series, reading, chilling out and doing any of these things with family and friends.


Michelle Chan

Customer Service Manager

Michelle Chan

Michelle is the Customer Service Manager at Authentic Education. She is committed to helping students get the best client experience by helping to ensure the behind the scenes logistics run smoothly and continuously looking for better ways to operate.

Past Experience: Michelle is a Certified Results coach and is a PHD member of Authentic Education. She holds a Bachelor of HRM (with First Class Honours) and Bachelor of Psychology from UNSW and has over a decade of extensive HR experience in various top, global corporations in Sydney and Hong Kong. Coupled with her professional experience, she continuously seeks to give back through her voluntary work, having volunteered with various organisations and causes over the years helping people of all different backgrounds and ages.

Passions: Being of service to others as well as helping people to grow, to find the key to unlock their own potential and to help them live a life of purpose and passion.

Personal likes: Interacting and making connections with people of all backgrounds and learning from them, travelling the world, food in general (especially spicy food) and spending quality time with family and friends.


Trudi Pavlovsky

Events Manager

Trudi Pavlovsky

Trudi Pavlovsky is the Events Manager at Authentic Education while Tanya is on leave. Trudi's role is to manage the process of making the events happen.

Past Experience: After 17 years working her way up the corporate ladder in the retail sector, Trudi discovered personal development and found her place in the world. Certified NLP Master Practioner, Results and Performance Coach, Master Reiki Practioner Trudi has also completed the Authentic Education PHD and is excited to help support you.

Passions: Supporting people to remove shame, guilt, and judgement from their lives so they can live the most fulfilled life possible.

Personal likes: Ballroom dancing, crafternoons with friends, cuddling cats, and time contemplating the mysteries of life.