Meet the Team

Authentic Education Team (Benjamin Harvey Cham Tang)

Difference-Maker Mentor

Benjamin J Harvey

Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-Founder of Authentic Education. Ben ensures our vision is big and bright.

Past Experience: Ben has delivered 10,000+ one-on-one coaching sessions and also speaks for organisations such as the Queensland Government and Youth Challenge Australia. He has consulted with some of the largest organisations in Australia including Optus, IBM and Commonwealth Bank.

Passions: Helping people create authentic changes in their life, meditating and evolving human potential.

Personal likes: Stand up comedy, illusionists, watching movies and saving $2 coins in jars.


Head Of Marketing

Cham Tang

Cham is Head Of Marketing and Co-Founder of Authentic Education. Cham makes sure our message can reach many people.

Past Experience: Cham studied IT at University of Technology Sydney and realized he loved personal development more than PCs. Cham has since worked with and for Anthony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, Empowernet and Universal Events. He is a Facebook Certified Professional Planner and creator of Digital Marketing Made Easy.

Passions: Marketing, helping people succeed and the word "efficiency".

Personal likes: Travelling, avoiding extreme sports and playing with babies.


Chief Connections Officer

Kim Townsend

Kim is the Chief Connections Officer. She is the welcoming voice at the end of the phone, receiver of emails, and finds the best solution to client queries & requests. Kim keeps the academy looking awesome & supports the rest of the team to get their things done.

Past Experience: Kim has a unique ability to mix practicality with creativity by drawing from experience in education, health, hospitality, sales, administration and being a mother of 3. She is a published author and has certification in Small Business Management, Fine Arts and is a NLP Master Practitioner.

Passions: Supporting individuals to embrace change, to live a life of health, fun, transformation and achievement. Creating strong family and community connections and anti-aging from the inside.

Personal likes: Creativity and new adventures – some extreme! Transformational entertainment, painting, sculpture and chocolate coated strawberries.


Web Wizard

Neerav Dobaria

Neerav is the Technical Expert at Authentic Education and makes sure its website is both functional and sexy 24/7.

Past Experience: Way back in 2002 Neerav got his first computer. He used to only play games on it but became so fascinated he decided to build a career in the computer industry. He completed his Computer Engineering degree in 2009 and worked as a web developer. After working for 2 years, he was headhunted and is now the resident Web Wizard at Authentic Education.

Passions: Creating cool web applications.

Personal likes: Reading, Swimming, Cricket, Football, Music.


Event's Manager & Crew Director

Toni Neill

Toni is the Events Manager and Crew Director for Authentic Education. Toni makes sure all the events run smoothly, crew are happy and our clients have a supportive, loving and safe environment to learn and grown in.

Past Experience: Toni has run hundreds of events across Australia and New Zealand. She has worked with Universal Events, Walt Disney Travel and Carnival Corp whilst ensuring client care and excellence are paramount. She is a master NLP practitioner and trainer, studied Pranic Healing and various forms of Energy healing.

Passions: Making things happen, seeing people grow and evolve into the true version of themselves and transformation of all kinds.

Personal Likes: Loves Travelling, experiencing new adventures, being on airplanes and ships, taking photos of beautiful scenery, personal growth and evolution and seeing the absolute beauty in every moment.


Customer Service & Finance Officer

Eugenie Rurawhe

Eugenie is the Customer Service & Finance Officer at Authentic Education. She makes sure everything is in order and people know how awesome our events are.

Past experience: Eugenie has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years in customer service and events both in New Zealand and Australia. Being a Mother of 7 beautiful children, she has been able to use these experiences to teach, work and grow both personally and professionally. She has worked for Universal Events as an Event Assistant and for Worldmark South Pacific Club as a consultant. She is a certified Coach and Master NLP Practitioner.

Passions: Serving others and helping people to grow in life, love and spirituality.

Personal Likes: Watching and participating in Sports like Rugby Union and Softball. Movies and being in nature, surrounded by its natural beauty.


Digital Marketing Executive

Raymond Toplak

Raymond is the Digital Marketing Executive at Authentic Education. He ensures our website has fresh content for the community and manages a variety of marketing from emails to social media.

Past experience: Raymond helped run the IKEA Australia website for several years and managed communities within the travel industry for The Travel Corporation.

Passions: Creating engaging content that people connect with, getting the most out of every day and making people laugh.

Personal Likes: Experiencing different cultures (through travel, sampling or cooking local dishes or his camera lens), playing with his band, live gigs and exploring the great outdoors.


Customer Service Ninja

Jas Halasan

Jasmin is the Customer Service Ninja at Authentic Education. She supports the customers and the team in everything from enrolment enquiries, billing and administration.

Past Experience: Jas completed a degree of Information Technology at the University of Mindanao. With a passion in helping people achieve satisfaction in life, she has held customer service and accounts roles at various companies. She has also worked in broadcasting as a program host.

Passions: Encouraging people and helping people through their different struggles and dreams (especially younger people).

Personal Likes: Traveling, playing badminton, talking about meaningful experiences and difficult challenges with friends, listening to songs with a positive message.


Administration Ninja

Joan Cabaling

Joan is the Administration Ninja at Authentic Education. She supports our customers by ensuring all our back end systems are working smoothly and all customer accounts are up to date.

Past Experience: Joan was a school Youth Leader and has worked as a research analyst, market researcher and as a virtual assistant.

Passions: Meeting new people with a difference-maker mindset and making things happen together as a team.

Personal Likes: Reading, writing, listening to people's stories.


Course Advisor

Nathan Pacanowski

Nathan is a Course Advisor at Authentic Education. He helps clients gain clarity in their life or business and ensures our clients are taking the next best step towards their personal development or business success.

Past Experience: Nathan started his self development journey in 2001 while studying a Diploma of Counselling. Nathan is a Master NLP Practitioner, Personal trainer and Coach with over 7 years experience as a course advisor in both the tertiary education and self-development industries.

Passions: Contributing to people's positive progression through health, education and spirituality whilst aspiring to be the best role model as possible to his family including his 3 divine sons.

Personal Likes: Quality time with family, travelling as often as possible and relishing every Sydney Swans victory.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Alex Sharp

Alex is the Digital Marketing Specialist at Authentic Education. He manages our online marketing and copywriting, and ensures that our message is seen by the right people at exactly the right time.

Past Experience: A digital marketer for the past 13 years, Alex has previously worked with publicly listed companies in the real estate and travel niches, and is fanatical about all things SEO, SEM and conversion rate optimization.

Passions: Creating beautiful websites and content that encourages people to push themselves to reach their full potential in life.

Personal Likes: With a background in Industrial Design, Alex has a keen interest in product design, architecture, classic Italian bikes & wooden boats.


Administration and Events Assistant

Gina Forziati

Gina is our Administration and Events Assistant. She assists the team to ensure that communication is effective and efficient and that our events are set up with everything we need.

Past Experience: Gina brings a diverse background of experience having worked in the USA, NZ and Australia in the areas of hospitality, animal health products and interior design, with a focus on administration. She loves systems and assisting clients to give them the best possible experience. She has a BA in Communications and is a NLP Practitioner.

Passions: Helping people to bring new possibilities into their lives and to create lives that they love.

Personal Likes: Laughing, hiking and seeing new places, DIY renovating and decorating, live music and cuddling bunnies.