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Reviews And Results From Past Students

Shane Seymour

shane-seymour-trophiesLooking back over the last 6 months since finishing Present like a Pro & I havn't got up and sold from stage yet (still working on that) but NO KIDDING.. LOOK at all these trophies I've won.. from JOINING TOASTMASTERS and using TECHNIQUES I learnt at PRESENT LIKE A PRO.. to WIN THEM!!! INCL. 2X 1ST PLACES AND 1X 2ND PLACE against experienced speakers in various competitions. Not only that everybody in my toastmaster's club.. thinks I was already a professional speaker before I joined! (P.S One of the trophies I won back In june was the 2nd time on stage ever!, 1st being @ present like a pro!)

Dr. Peter Roennfeldt

Business Owner AP Chiropractic & Chiropractor

I would like to extend my gratitude to Ben, Cham and the entire team at Authentic Education.

Authentic Education (PHD certification) has been essential in the growth of our chiropractic clinic. The core techniques have empowered me with the knowledge I needed to scale up the business.

As a direct result I am now operating with a new assistant and another senior chiropractor by my side. Effectively doubling our client quota, and our bottom line.

Additionally, Authentic Education provided fresh ideas and new perspectives that have helped me increase efficiencies in a busy health center.

As an added bonus it has been a really great experience networking with likeminded professionals also involved in Authentic Education courses. The experiences that these professionals have are still paying dividends; to my business and my personal life.

In summary, to anyone who is feeling apprehensive I recommend starting a simple conversation with Authentic Education. It is an honest and transparent business model.

Samith Pich

Hey Difference Makers!

I just wanted to give a shout out and heart-felt thanks to Benjamin for running an amazing Inspired To Buy program. I only wish I had done this course a few years ago!

Anyways I just wanted to give an update about the last 24 hours. In the last 24 hours I have spoken to 5 people and closed $18,000 worth of new business for myself using nothing more than The Vision Script beside me which we practiced in the course.

It has surpassed my expectations about how valuable, authentic and powerful it is. I encourage everyone to practice it and let the process wield its magic. And I can't wait to talk to more clients next week! Thanks againBenjamin and Authentic Education!

Pia Lindgren

I did a lot of research in the field of what is Authentic Education's expertise as I wanted a career change and compared them with a lot of other companies in their field. It was clear to me that Authentic Education was where I wanted to invest my time and money.

Both the seminars and education are delivered in a unique blend of professionalism, academic knowledge and research, with a mix of psychological and emotional understanding. Authentic Education truly assist people to dream big and their seminars are built to help paving the way for their clients to live their dreams and make a living out of it. It is happening to me.

Tina Croker

I have been particularly impressed with and greatly benefited from the follow up and support provided to graduates upon completion of each course - such as monthly phone forums, step by step guides how to implement key learnings from each course, 24 x 7 email support for any questions and of course the 'vaults'which contain all the information required to accelerate your business and/or manage an event.

As a result of attending the above mentioned courses developed and delivered by Authentic Education, I have been able to create a business that I love (providing stress management programs for groups and individuals in the corporate sector) and get paid for doing itl I will always be very grateful to the Authentic Education team for providing the systems, framework, encouragement and support to facilitate this process.

Personal Development Reviews

Danyelle Anderson

I had been suffering with depression for one and a half years. After a short 29 minute phone call with Ben I have never had a single episode of depression since. Ben not only healed me but he turned my whole life around. He taught me to follow my heart and now I am in the process of leaving my partner and creating the life I have always dreamt of. I wish that everyone who is suffering from depression could find Ben just like I did. I feel so blessed!

Carolyn Deigan

Ben Harvey is a true master of helping people change. He clarified my purpose and also taught me techniques that have changed my negative self talk permanently.

Marian Cepcani

I was looking for a change in life and feeling desperate, sad, and sick of everything and completely lost in thoughts. I received (mysteriously?) an invitation to attend Ben's workshop. I knew that this was definitely going to be the workshop for me. For sure!

The workshop has changed me a lot, Ben opened a channel and I became filled with pure love & peace. My life has changed since that experience and I have found meaning and I am happy & thankful every single day to be here and be able to share a smile and love with anybody in need.

Yvonne Ralph

Hi Ben,

I have just finished reading your eBook Breaking Through Your Belief Systems and just had to write to you and say Thank You!

Over the past fifteen years I have spent thousands of dollars in the “Self-Development” field, and I have absolutely enjoyed my journey. I have studied NLP and even done Master Practitioner of NLP, have a diploma of life coaching and studied many of the masters including Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and Brain Tracy.

Whilst everything I have learned has been beneficial none have impacted me as much as you. Your ability to take learnings, explain them in a way that is practical, scientific and woo-woo at the same time is extraordinary and beyond that you show easy and practical ways to implement them into our lives.

What I have learned in the short time I have known you is amazing and has already changed my life. Thank you for your generosity, your incredible knowledge and your commitment to make change easy for everybody.

I look forward to learning more from you in the future.

Business Training Reviews

Chris Howard

Ben helped grow our business to over $22 million in global sales.

Ari Galper | The Sales Conversion King and Creator of Unlock The Game

Life altering is an understatement. Ben's wisdom is profound. In 90 minutes, after being coached by Ben, I was able to bring in $200,000 in sales.

Jay Conrad | Levinson The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

I am pleased and honoured to know Ben Harvey. He's an expert on change. Once people listen to Ben, they are able to implement things they have learned and take action.

Aaron Hudson | Managing Director of Break State

Ben taught me one technique that took about 5 minutes to learn and it netted me $50,000 in 4 months, and it doesn’t matter if someone rejects me anymore.....Brilliant!

Carolyn Deigan | BA LLB, Managing Director of CLS Legal

Ben Harvey is a true master of change. I have had the pleasure of attending one of Ben’s sessions that forever changes your attitude to the word “no” – a technique that escalates sales and should be taught in school

Lune Lim | Founder of Men’s Living Magazine


Thanks so much for all your valuable teachings with selling with integrity! Very very MUCH appreciated. Ii just landed five contracts worth over $3M p.a to supply IGA supermarkets.

You're a freak.

I seriously wished I had done your course 14 years ago when I finished high school. It would've really given me a massive advantage.

On reflection over the years, throughout my selling career, I couldn't understand why sometimes I could sell shit loads of semi-trailers of product, and some days I couldn't sell a single carton. You've seriously given me not only the key, but the combination lock as well to the ULTIMATE safe - SELLING WITH INTEGRITY.

Now it's time to bring it! You're the best!

Coaching and Consulting Reviews

Ingrid Perri | The Happiness Coach

  • Hi Ben,

Just wanted to share with you the 'teensy bit' of success I've had since I came back from Sydney

• 5 new clients,
• spoken to 12 people about my series of 6 lunchtime seminars, of those 12, sold 6 paid in full for all 6 seminars and booked 2 for one on one coaching,
• started my weekly radio spot on MTR1377 which is going really well
• had a quote to coach a 'victim of crime' compensation client accepted, to the tune of $2500, starting tonight,
• been offered an ongoing coaching gig for corporate clients in Melbourne at $400/hour
• sacked a client for continually changing his appointments (this is huge for me) and told the universe I only want clients who are ready to change and are prepared to pay me lots of love in return

So, as you can see, just a teensy weensy bit of success! I'm just loving this. I think my turning point was the first day also.

Sue Lester | Head Coach and Founder at Growing Content: Smoothing Your Path

Ben Harvey really is the coaches' coach. Under his expert guidance I've turned a talent into a thriving business, Growing Content. My coaching services are now packaged so it is easy to sign clients up for 12 months, increasing their results and my cash flow. I love it when they choose the Paid in Full bonus option.

I now have a coaching business structure to work within and clearer goals, and the difference that has made is remarkable. My workshops and speaking gigs are increasing in both quality and quantity (18 locked in already, and it's only January), and now I can sell with integrity they consistently result in more quality coaching clients.

If you are serious about making a great living with coaching, you really need to systemise your business too, and the only person to teach you is Ben Harvey.

Ari Galper | Creator of Unlock The Game

Ben is one of those friends and assets that you want to keep forever. He has a gift and talent for helping people get what they want and deserve. Mozart's gift was music, Steve Job's gift is innovation and Ben's gift is uncovering his client's true personal power and wealth path. Associating with and being in Ben's inner circle is one of the smartest moves you can make. After being coached by Ben I was able to breakthrough my blockages and make a $250,000 sale in 90 minutes. I urge you to see Ben live in action because it something you don't want to miss that could change your life!

Christie Pinto | Personal Coach at Crystal Clear Horizons

Before starting coaching with Ben I only managed to get clients who signed up for around 3 months and only ever completed a maximum of 10 coaching sessions with me. This meant I could get them past their presenting issues and pain but not really much further. Thanks to Ben's amazing guidance, 75% of my clients are now signed up for 12 months which has meant that I can now lead them towards the life they truly want.

My coaching income has doubled in just 12 months without me even focusing on finance! This year my focus is on finance and I look forward to what exciting things I can create in my coaching business with Ben's assistance. Thank you Ben!

Chris Howard | International Wealth and Lifestyle Strategist

If you are considering doing any type of training with Ben Harvey he is a true pro. We have been quite successful with his help to grow our business to $22million in global sales pretty much over night. One thing that I noticed about Ben is not only is he professional but he has this enthusiasm for what he does and he has the ability to ignite with in people a sense of inspiration.

Eva Tzschaschel | Master Coach at Change with Eva

My decision to ask Ben Harvey to coach me in my wellness and life coaching business, Change with Eva, was one of the best business decisions I ever made. Ben helped me to package my coaching sessions, so it is easy for my clients to understand the program I offer, and commit to a positive change in their life.

One of the biggest light bulb moments was to get the idea that I have to be absolutely confident in what I do and how I can help others. Ben calls it "Authentic Confidence". People know –subconsciously – if someone walks their talk or if they doubt themselves. With Ben's encouragement I quickly gained confidence, and immediately people seemed to notice. The reward for me was of course that they bought my coaching programs.
I can only encourage you to work with Ben as it is a lot of fun and the results are great! I now run a successful wellness centre with many coaching clients.

Dr Maria Zuschmann | Family Wellness Chiropractor

Also wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you, The 2 courses I have attended with you so far have been brilliant.

I have done many different courses, attended seminars etc that gee you up for the period of time you are there and if I’m lucky the week after.

With your courses, I walk away and implement straight away and you have given me the tools to be able to look at the system and refine as I go, rather than for waiting for the never arriving perfection before taking action. Truly life changing.

The most important thing it has given me is the ability to acknowledge and recognise my shadows. Life is way more fun embracing them and creating opportunities to let them be fed for good and moving ever closer to my big goal.

Lisa Page | SoulSatisfactionforWomen.com

I’m a part of Ben’s Group Coaching & Mentoring Program (which comes as a bonus with my course), and on the last call I was looking for ways to create a high end package that would truly serve my clients, and take me once and for all, out of the ‘trading time for money’ model.

I explained to Ben what I had in mind, and where I was stuck. In that five minute conversation, Ben gave me the insightful clarity I needed to go away and create the perfect high end program that is truly transformational, and cost me almost nothing in overheads! As a result, I increased my income by $5397 in that one month! And I’m set to further that this month.

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about the internal clarity + effective strategy that I now have to create and package high end programs that truly serve and satisfy my clients, giving them results way beyond what they’ve invested, and giving me an instant increase in sustainable income. Yeah to that!!!

Thank you Ben!

Anthony Edmonds

Hi Ben, it's Anthony Edmonds here. Just wanted to drop you a line to say hi & let you know I used your shapes & systems model learnt in expert accelerator in a job interview to land an awesome job that will see my earnings hit over $250k in the next year as a general manager in the property industry, teaching people how to change their lives & achieve financial security. Just wanted to say a big thank you.
Chat soon,
P.S. that means I will more than double my income in the next year - friggin awesome!

Rachel Bernardo

Uplifting, insightful and just simply WOW! Ben is a must see speaker with a wealth of knowledge and inspired me to take action today, intentionally enjoy my 2000 weekends to do what I love and systematically get on with it. Thank you 🙂

Mike Judd

Undertaking an Authentic Ed course is the start of a journey. The people whose lives you impact on will thank you for ever for the difference you made by starting here.
Real. Quality. World Class. Simple Systems. Empowering.

Janet Loannou

Turning point intensive was fun informative energizing empowering and well worth my weekend!!
DO IT and experience it for your self!! Ben you walk your talk THANK YOU for an awesome experience!!

Matthew Wellings

Ben is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. His passion for authenticity and following your passion is contagious. Ben inspires me to follow my passion, thank you

Sharon Mcgilvray

Authentic,amazing,awesome. . .I am looking forward to continuing my journey with authentic education. Many Thanks for assisting me to lose some of my emotional baggage.

Kat Millar

Absolutely brilliant - I speak about Authentic Education, particularly Ben, to so many people. His events have been absolutely life-changing for me and I couldn't be more thankful and relieved to have found them

Christine Denny | Director of Tapatak Oz

(This is a remarkable story. After booking the course, Christine wanted to cancel. She thought the course would be full of canned lines, manipulation tricks and she didn't see the need for sales skills anymore anyhow. But she came with an open mind and here's the thank you email she sent afterwards)

"Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You to you for getting me through the door of Inspire to Buy on Saturday morning……no mean feat as it turned out.

The four days at the seminar were truly incredible, and as I expressed to you at the event - i have never before had such a turn around in my thinking on something.

The content, the delivery, the quirky gifts, the staff, the other participants, the meal together and of course Ben himself were all fantastic. [and the delightful Marketa who took time out to say hi also]

You guys are one very classy operation.

I feel so incredibly energised, positive and grateful for the experience. Every day I showed up with more and more questions…... and every day Ben patiently listened to me and gave me a creative and effective answer. It was just wonderful!

It is a gift to face your fears and keep learning. I feel like I have started a whole new adventure and I can not thank you all enough.

Isabel Peace

Hi Ben and Cham,

I would like to share my progress since attending the Expert Accelerator.

Last month I was able to create my first package and MEVO using the Expert Accelerator formula and sold 3 silver to existing patients in my database. Not only that, by sending one of the templates letters from the Vault I’ve gained more new clients. The program has practically already paid for itself in a month.

The Expert Accelerator has helped me create my own business model and to start delegating jobs I don’t like doing or not good at to others. I’ve been creating a team of people who are now helping me with my mission.

I have a copywriter, a mentor, a researcher and a marketing team helping me as we speak. It is all growing organically, it has meaning and it feels good!

I realized my highest value is my business because it will allow me to be creative, educate people, connect and serve. It’s my canvas.

The most important part to me is that Ben has helped me tap into the essence of my vision and BELIEF I can do it. That is priceless.

Thanks again. I appreciate your help in getting me to start living my mission. Observing the “becoming” of this vision which is the most inspiring to me.

Mandy Agnew | Core Wisdom

Morning Ben, Cham and the rest of the team,

I am just finishing the Inspire to Buy program, this is the third training I have now completed with Authentic Education, and I'm certainly inspired to share what an amazing journey it has been for me. I have spent so many years working on my ability to be the best educator, therapist and healer that I could be, and have never thought about the business side of business... crazy I know!

In a very short time (4 months), Ben and the team have taken my understanding of business, speaking and marketing to a level that I never thought possible. Even at the end of the 5 days trainings, I have been engaged and keen to learn more (not something I thought I'd ever say about a Business course).

Ben's ability to talk in all my languages of science, logic and spirituality kept me engaged and entertained, he is a master at his craft. Cham and the rest of the team behind the scenes have been incredibly supportive and knowledgable. If you want to fast track your success in business, I would highly recommend Authentic Education's authentic approach.

Ryan D. Jaye | Pick A Path

Hi Rob,

I told you guys I'd give you feedback once all the information had sunk in.

One of the best 5 days I've had. I was definitely ready (and out of options) to find the correct tools and information I needed on coaching and consulting. I am extremely grateful for Benjamin, Cham, yourself and the whole Authentic education crew. Rob was incredibly dedicated and put in 120%. He packed in a lot of educating into those 5 days.

There is so much bad information and misleading people out there and you guys aren't them. "Authentic" is a word you guys deserve to wear. The refined and well thought out information you guys teach is honourable. You said it should be "simple and enjoyable" and it was.

I got so much more out of it than I even expected. My background is being overloaded with information, techniques and tools. I came out with an understanding, skill set and motivation I wasn't even prepared for. The course was perfect for me and the overall feedback from the class was extremely positive. It was all great and I'm glad I did it. I've been applying the tools I learned and excited to be working together with clients with a perfect coaching model. I look forward to working with you guys more and raising the bar of coaching.

Thanks again!

Sharne Clarke

I wanted to say a special thank you to Benjamin J Harvey for writing the Shadow Values book as well as Unlocking the freedom Code. Up til recently I've been challenged by self limiting beliefs about my singing career. After unblocking some gates, following the guidelines to creating new belief systems and reading about my Shadow Values, I got a call 2 days ago to do a fill in job for a Motown show.. I have 2 days to learn an entire show however moving past my comfort zone I know is going to unleash my potential .. I've decided to observe that voice that tells me I can't do it and go out and sing anyway. So for those of you who are holding yourself back, move aside and give yourself permission to shine. This is a work in progress but at least I have started again.

Lisa Handley | Life Facilitator

Hi Ben and Cham,

Just wanted to say Hi from Paris.

I'm here for the third time since doing Present like a Pro last May. It's going well and I'm *loving it.*

Last Sunday I did a talk on Intention and of course I thought of you guys.

1. Because you taught me so much about intention
2. Because I started the talk with, "You should have been with me...." re the story of how I found that apartment last May using Imaginaction, and
3. Because I introduced them to the principles of the Imaginaction Process. With acknowledgement to you and Authentic Ed. So now your work has hit Paris.

it was the first time I've done that talk and I really enjoyed it. it was on 'Intention is as real a force as gravity' and my intention was to 'have fun' with it, and it went well.

Was supposed to be 45 mins, but people kept asking questions and discussing, so it went 1.5hrs, with dinner served during the talk so people could keep talking (it's a dinner soiree thing, with a guest speaker)

Oh, last thing - I arrived in Paris, May 1st, 2013. I leave Paris this time on April 30, arriving back in Sydney, May 1st, 2014.

In a neat, exact 12 month period, I will have been to paris 3 times, met great people, found a base for myself and love it here. All completely unexpected (but maybe intended).

Thanks for the role you played.

Mario Tabone | Inner Voice Mentor

Hello Marketa,

I am blown away with the level of education, integrity, honesty, generosity and professionalism.

I have been involved with many seminars over the last 15 years while on my own journey & I was a logistics manager for EQ events in Sydney for the last 5 years in Melbourne.

You guys have opened my mind to see what true professionals can do. My belief of where I can go to in my own level of talent, information, professionalism and integrity has shot up through the roof.

Please thank Ben for being such an inspiration and a true mentor of what this industry can really do for people.

Thanks again 🙂

Peter Hurko

The past 6 weeks (after completing the course) I've felt like I'm a different person altogether. I've become more focused, productive and content than ever before. Certain pieces from the training did indeed fall into place, some even took a couple of weeks to do so. I now see that it is really a distilled, compressed body of knowledge that encompasses a lot of skills, tools and techniques that a coach needs.

I've chosen the path of starting my own business. I've been working on setting up an online presence, as well as some professional branding to present myself to clients. I've also started coaching 4 people as training, and it was very valuable. Coaching someone, to me, gives as much value as to the person I'm coaching.

For someone who has been brought up in a more closed-minded environment, it is fantastic to see so many different answers to the same question. I feel I've gained a bit of confidence with helping others, and I can see that the people I coach are getting lots of value out of it, and are experiencing results in a lot of areas of their life.

I've made a breakthrough last week when I signed up my first paid client. It was a breakthrough for me, as this marks the first time that I've actually managed to sell something, and also that that something was me. I owe this in part to everyone in this group, so a huge thank you for your support 🙂

My journey is only at the very baby steps, but I feel that so much has happened already 🙂

Looking forward to keeping in touch!

Sam Kassis

My name is Sam Kassis, I am a developer and have been in business for over twenty years.

Business has always been steady for me; however it was the same story week in, week out.. How do I pay for the coming bills?

I came across one of the *Authentic Education* courses, and decided it wouldn't hurt to attend one the upcoming events.

This course, not only showed me that there is a science to success, but also taught me how to change the program that I call "me".

The key lesson that I gained out of this experience was, *the same reasons my customers approached me, is the same reason they will buy. *This made me focus completely on service to my customers, and how I can improve my product.

In less than twelve months, I went from developing one property worth $2.5 million, and now am working on eight properties with a total worth of over $20 million, with no business partners or real estate support.

I am grateful and appreciative of the course and the team involved. I would definitely encourage others to be involved as it is a great experience with endless opportunities.

3 FREE Audio Programs
3 FREE Audio Programs (Valued at $135) 1. Unplug - 7 Steps to Escape the System & Live on Purpose
2. Presenter's PRO Formula - The Art of Speaking to Sell
3. Shadow Values - The Hidden Power Within