How Live Events And Webinars Could Radically Grow Your Business

Live events, workshops and webinars are sweeping the world right now and it's really a trend that people are jumping on board with.

And so today I wanted to discuss how live events can radically grow your business.

The 3 Types Of People That Should Be Running Live Events

#1. Coaches, Consultants, Practitioners & Service Providers

If you happen to be a coach, a consultant, a practitioner, a healer, or any service provider that wants to actually leverage your time by doing one-to-many education, then live events actually provide you with this opportunity.

When it comes to delivering a service, there's kind of two ways of doing it.

There's one-to-one and there's one-to-many. If you want to actually learn how to get leveraged income, running live events is the easiest way to do it. And what we've seen out there in the marketplace is services of all descriptions are currently jumping on board and running live events.

Why you should run live events:

  • Leverage your time & effort
  • Share your message with more people by providing 1-to-many live events

#2. Business Owners

The second type of person that really wants to get out there and start to learn how to run effective live events are aspiring or existing business owners. And that's because through live events, existing and inspiring business owners are actually able to increase their income and their impact by sharing a message through workshops, through retreats, through live events, through seminars, or through courses, and this just allows them to actually reach a broader marketplace and grow their brand much more rapidly.

Why you should run live events & webinars:

  • increase income
  • increase impact
  • reach a broader marketplace
  • grow your brand rapidly
  • ramp up your existing business running live events & webinars

#3. People Who Want To Grow A Brand Or Business

And the third type of person that really benefits from learning how to run a live event are people who want to grow their brand and business through presenting to reach more qualified prospects and attract new clients into their business.

The number one reason that your business will succeed is your ability to convert prospects into paying clients. And the number one reason that your business will fail is because of your lack of prospects converting into paying clients. Live events allow you to get in front of more people at the same time.

Why you should run live events:

  • generate a steady stream of highly qualified leads
  • attract new clients
  • convert prospects into clients

The Different Kinds Of Live Events You Can Run

When you're thinking about what kind of live events you should be running, there's kind of a whole different bunch of categories.

You can run:

  • workshops
  • retreats
  • webinars
  • online courses

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Be Running Live Events

#1. Share Your Message And Help More People At The Same Time

What I've found is some of the many reasons why people are out there wanting to actually jump into this whole world of live events and webinars is because they get to share their message and help more people at the same time.

And I think you really got into business so you got into coaching or consulting or healing or being a practitioner because you want to make a difference in the world. And what live events allow you to do is reach more people at the same time and inspire a much larger amount of change, thus creating a bigger impact all around.

#2. Financial Freedom

Another big reason why people jump into live events is the financial freedom and the financial security that it creates. When you're doing one-to-one services, you're basically exchanging time for money.

But when you do one-to-many, you're providing your service to much more people at the same time, thus creating more value at the same time, thus increasing your ability to make more money while doing something that you love.

#3. Leverage Your Time

Live events actually allow you to significantly leverage your time, and I've mentioned that a few times throughout this video, but that's one of the things you want to start considering. How do you leverage your time out? Because a lot of service providers out there are really trapped in this time-bound structure of their services, but definitely live events & workshops allow them to break free from that.

So I hope that made a bit of sense to you and I hope it sort of sunk some information in. But the most important thing is start considering live events as a viable means to get your message out there, to grow your brand, to increase your impact, to make a bigger change in the planet, and also to earn more money in the process.

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