The 7 Most Popular Types Of Live Events

Teaching from stage is my favourite way to connect with our students and help them achieve incredible things.

But when it comes to running live events, presenting from a stage is only one of the many options available.

There's actually 7 different types of live events that I recommend.

And no matter what kind of business or service you might have, there's a type of live event that's just right for you. This is because when it comes to running live events, what they fundamentally do is solve meaningful problems for people.

So today I thought I would give you the seven most popular types of live events you can run...

You see, people can have problems in all different areas of life. For example, people can have

  • Relationship problems
  • Finance problems
  • Health problems
  • Career problems
  • Businesses problems
  • Spirituality problems
  • Mindset problems
  • Personal growth problems
  • And more!

There is an endless array of problems out there that you can actually create solutions to, and then turn those solutions into live events.

So here's the 7 most popular types of live events that work really well for new or existing businesses:

1. Online Courses

You could look at running an online course about health or wellness. One of the reasons an online course is so beneficial is because it's very highly leveraged. You create the course once, you put it up online and then people can access that for the rest of their life. So an online course about health and wellness is a very big industry and it's growing day by day.

2. Workshops

Another concept that you might want to consider is workshops that empower women.

What we're seeing more and more is that there are many workshops out there that are specifically focusing on the empowerment of women and these workshops are absolutely brilliant.

And that's something you could definitely jump into.

3. Webinars

I know right now there are many webinars being run around the world in the topic of sales funnels, as in actual marketing funnels that you set up for your business. And they're run via webinar. So think about this. You get to sit in the comfort of your own home, talk into a microphone and click a button on your computer as the slides rotate and people around the world can tune in.

So if you're someone who knows a little bit about marketing, a little bit about sales or has a background in business, perhaps doing webinars on sales funnels might be one for you. I also know that there are people out there that study a range of different modalities.

I myself, have got my masters in Tibetan and Usui Reiki and was a Reiki master for many years and actually taught Reiki. I've also done three and a half years of shamanic practice and become a certified shamanic practitioner, along with learning a neuro linguistics programming, hypnotherapy, sacred geometry and a range of other different healing modalities that I was just fascinated in learning more about.

4. Retreats

I know that potentially you have a thirst for personal development and maybe you've been studying some modalities along the way. So perhaps maybe you want to run your own shamanic retreat, or your own journeying process.

Or maybe you want to run some type of retreat in Bali where people just meditate and hangout or do some yoga.

But definitely retreats is one of those seven that you can actually set up and get running straight away, that will provide a huge amount of not just fulfillment for yourself, but a large amount of transformation for the people that attend as well.

You might just want to educate people on different concepts. We have a lot of kinesiologists for example, that come along to our programs and maybe you want to just educate people through your workshops on the need for kinesiology. Sometimes just providing education and a broad understanding of different modalities is something that people can do. It's slightly different to a retreat.

A retreat is where we actually go in and we actually do the work, whereas an education event is where we come along, we learn more about why we might need kinesiology services or why we might need chiropractic services, or why we might need any types of services that are out there.

5. Community Workshop

The next type of event or workshop that you might want to run is a small community workshop. And these small community workshops are where you can run a workshop in your local community centre, and you just run a workshop on all kinds of things. I mean I've seen people do workshops on the environment, on sustainability. I've seen people run workshops on goal setting, on vision boards, on a whole range of different topics. So maybe a small community workshop is something that you might like to run for your local community.

6. Free Event

The next type of workshop or event that you might like to look at, is a free event that introduces your business and you as a person. See a lot of people are using free events now as a way to gain leverage in a marketplace, to actually get people's attention on their business, but also to be able to be inside a room with people and allow them to build a deep level of trust with that person. So one of the best ways you can actually introduce yourself or your business is through a free event.

7. Seminar

Now the next one is a seminar. Seminars range from all different topics, but perhaps you want to go out there and run a seminar on finances or wealth creation, or something like that. But seminars is definitely something that you could consider as one of the different workshops you could actually put into place right away.

I hope this gave you some ideas, because quite often we meet people and they say, "Look Ben, I'd love to start running a live event but I don't have any ideas of what I want to do it on." So I've just given you seven that you can actually put into action straight away.

I hope it gives you some clarity, but my advice is just pick one of the seven, choose a topic and get started with the process of unpacking what you know and putting it into action. Because what I know for certain, is after you run your very first workshop, the feeling you get after having inspired a group of people to really create some positive change in their life. Let's face it, there really is nothing quite like it.

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