The Secret To Growing Your Small Business With Free Events

Let's talk about the secret to growing your small business with free events. It is one of the best ways to generate new leads and clients for your growing business.

Why free? Because free events enable you to start your relationship with your clients by first giving, rather than pushing for the sale right upfront.

It also allows you to demonstrate the value of what it is that you have to offer.

I guess the question becomes, "How do I give away my information so that people will still actually want to learn from me?"

Let's face it. When we first think about actually doing free events, we have this fear of  "what if I actually give away too much, or even too little for that matter? How does it actually work if they feel that they've gotten too much?"

I have seen over the years that companies are now doing what's known as 'moving the free line' further than ever before.

What does that mean? It means we're getting more for free than we ever got before in the history of the human race.

But as we move the free line further and further every day, we actually are in a position where we can start to work out what it is that the clients are actually paying for.

The reason why clients will still want to purchase from you even though you've given them so much free stuff, the reason why they'll still actually want to pick up your product at the end of all of this free content is because the product will provide them with three things that they simply cannot get from your free content.

1. Community

Growing your small business through a community imageThe very first thing is the community. When people actually buy a product or service, one of the most important things you're going to allow them to do is join a community that is for people who've purchased the product.

Like a graduate's group on Facebook.

The community is one of the reasons that actually draws people in. In fact, a community is a big purchasing reason behind people's mindset when they make a decision.

2. System

The second thing that they get when they purchase from you is they get the entire system. As I'm going through your free content, I'm going to get a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit here, and a little BIG there.

I might get the J, then the Q, then the L, then the A, then the H, then the Z, then the S, but I'm not going to get the A to Z by getting your free content.

When I actually purchase the product from you, I will get the entire system step by step in the order it's meant to be reviewed and learnt.

3. Experience

When it comes to growing your small business with free events, the third thing that they're going to get is the experience. When people actually purchase a product from you or get your services, they'll actually get the entire experience of being a paid customer, and actually having the journey that they go through once they've made that level of financial commitment.

Don't worry too much about how much free stuff you give away, because what they're really getting from you is the community, the entire system step by step, and the experience itself.

What Can You Give Away For Free?

So I guess what you now have to work out is what do we actually give away for free? Let me give you three types of content that you can actually give away on your website, or during your discovery session, or at a free event to help you answer this.

1. Your System Overview

When growing your small business through a free event, the first thing you can give away is what we call a system overview. A system overview is where you actually explain your system.

E.g. Your "five steps to wellness" or your "three steps to building confidence". You can give them an overview of the steps of the system. You can conduct an entire two-hour presentation just on your system without going into any details of how to actually do it.

Say, for example, if we were going to sell, Difference Maker Accelerator (one of our programs) at a two-hour evening event, we could actually talk about the idea of how most people don't do what they love, the lifestyle of a difference-maker, the importance of packaging your services versus charging by the hour, etc.

And we don't actually explain how they do it, but we just
give them the steps behind it.

We could also cover things like all the deliverables that a difference-maker must have. E.g. a website that converts, or Facebook ads. But, we don't actually go through the step by step of exactly how you're meant to do it.

The other thing is while you're explaining your system, the ideal thing here is to actually let them know in advance what they're purchasing.

One of the best parts about giving your system away is that you actually pre-sell what you're actually offering at the end, and it gives people a bit more of an understanding what your paid products are actually like.

So, the first thing you can give away for free is an overview of your system, where you just skim across the top, only go about one layer deep, but don't want to give them the how-to’s.

It's still very informative, it's still very valuable, but it's just not the whole pie so to speak.

2. Bite-Size Pieces

The second thing you can give away for free is a bite-sized piece of your system. You might get a five-step system, and grab one of those steps.

Instead of explaining the entire system, you go into an incredible amount of detail about one of the individual steps.

Then you can actually mention just about 10% of all the other steps, and this is the cool thing because you can open up loops. You can say, "Hey, there are five things that are essential for you to learn how to meditate. Tonight, I've only got two hours with you, so I'm going to go really deep into step number one, and then the other steps I can tell you a little bit about how they fit together. "

By doing this, we're creating a huge amount of curiosity.

We can also give some bite-sized content in the form of a blog post on how to grow your small business getting the perfect domain name or how to actually sift through domain names.

Or maybe how to get different pieces set up inside your business, and also how people actually pay to complete the entire structure.

There are many things that you can actually do from a bite-sized perspective. Think about that as the second way of giving out content. Just little bite-sized pieces that aren't the whole system, but it goes very deep into a single element of what it is that you do.

3. Your Very Best Content

Growing your small business by giving your very best content is a sure way to boost your business. I want you to think about it this way. What is the coolest and most unique thing you could share with your audience? What is the thing that your potential clients will be totally amazed by? Blown away by?

Something they would just say, "Wow, I cannot believe I got this for free!"

That is the thing you want to give away. You're starting a new relationship with people, so you want to put the best foot forward.

If you're going out for a date for the very first time, you'd probably wear your favourite clothes. You'd put your best foot forward!

The first time you meet a potential client, my advice is to give them the very best stuff you've got. The fact is you may never see them again, so you may as well give them the best stuff you got right when you see them the first time around.

I know this brings up a little bit of fear, but my advice is do not be scared.

They'll end up eventually purchasing a program, and they'll see your best content again when they get to the program.

Because a lot of people say, "Ben, if I give away my best stuff, when they buy my course, the best stuff is in my course, which means they have to watch it again."

But the fact is, people regularly go back to the same movie multiple times. The reason they go back to the same movie multiple times is because they enjoyed the movie the first time around.

If it is that good, the content is that great, they'll want to hear it again, and they'll want to hear how it applies to the rest of the product that they've just paid for.

These are the three essential ways of sharing your valuable content when it comes to growing your small business with free events. We hope you've enjoyed this video and this blog post!

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