9 Delivery Methods To Share Your Message

As promised, I wanted to give you a little bit more content before you come along to “Prosper From Your Passion”.

If you haven't checked out the previous email on how to clarify what it is you want to do and really identify what your future image of yourself is, make sure you view the content prior to this. However, you can review this content, as it is a standalone process.

Once you know the topic, or the idea, or the difference you want to make, or what is you want to share with the world then the next step really is to work out exactly the type of method that you're going to choose to share that with the world.

There are many methods out there. We teach nine core methods within our organisation, because what we found is the people that we resonate with and the difference makers that we like to work with generally fall into one of these nine categories, so predominate delivery methods fall into three overarching ideas and then break down to three categories within each one now.

I'm going to share with you an actual structure and strategy of how you pick which one is right for you and it's totally contrary to what most people think.

But I want to explain them first and then I want to show you how to pick one because if you pick one you're that much closer to actually getting started with what it is you want to do because once people know the topic or the idea or the different they want to make the delivery method becomes the next big decision that they've got to put into action.

The three overarching ideas are:

You can deliver your message, services or products on a one-to-one It's where you deliver your message and your ideas to one other person but the thing is simply this it breaks down to three subcategories

1. The first one is coaching. There are coaches for various areas and topics: for relationships, for mindset, for health or even for finance

2. the next process is consulting. A lot of people do consulting for organisations or for small businesses up to large business and all the way in between

3. the other one is being a practitioner. Maybe you're a healer or a naturopath or a chiropractor

4. The next one is you to many. An example of this would be a seminar or retreat leader. If you ever want to go and hold events over in tropical locations or run courses around the world then you might want to be a retreat leader

5. The next one is a keynote presenter, so someone who presents in a keynote style

6. The next one is what we call mastermind coaching , where you have small groups that you coach all at the same time

7. the last one is what we call your message to millions. I this instance, you don't need to be there but your message reaches the world and the three sub categories with that is

8. being an author

9. being a digital product creator: producing a product that you can download on the internet and is transmitted digitally, or being an online educator

Now the question is how do you pick which one to start with you know do you need pre-existing coaching skills that you have?

What you need to look at is what do you do when you arrive at a party. When you're invited to a party what do you do because at the end of the day people fall into different categories of how they like to connect and associate with people. When you go to a party you may do one of three of the following things:

  • You may get to the party and see one or two people that you all no and you walk straight up to them and you connect in your chat you just hang out and talk to those two or three people for the entire night now if that's what you do when you enter a party my advice is to start your business on a you to one scenario coaching consulting or being a practitioner.
  • If you go to the party and you're chatting to the groups of people and you you're mingling and you're socializing you you're talking to this group then you're talking to that group or you're talking to the whole group or you know you're really getting into the whole thing then my advice is look at starting your business as you to many seminar retreat leader, keynote speaker or mastermind coach.
  • If you don't go to the party and you don't want to be seen anywhere near the party or if you go to the party but you make a beeline for outside you go and sit by a tree somewhere on your own to reflect and spend time in your own world then my advice is pick the third structure which is your message to millions and look at the author the digital product creator or the online educator.

Which ever category you currently are, doesn't mean that you'll be stuck in these categories for the whole of your life it, just means it's a natural starting point, because we do have preferences of how we engage in a working scenario and our preferences are 12 10 12 2 groups or group to group interaction or being alone on our own just working through things.

Based on those natural preferences, it will allow you to work out the easiest starting point as a delivery method for you. When you come to the event, you will find on page 22 the entire diagram which we will then go through and break down the delivery method that is right for you and then link in the package we've created at Prosper From Your Passion.

I hope this has given you some clarity because a lot of people really do struggle with what method to pick as the very first starting point. Eventually if you follow the rules and you apply what you learn at the course, eventually you'll be proficient in all nine of them which really makes you what we class as a "Dynamic Difference-Maker". The ability to share your message in any scenario way shape or form takes a while to finesse, but you've got to start somewhere and my advice is start small with just one little category.

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