Are Life Coach Expenses Tax-Deductible?

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Are life coach expenses tax deductible? Can hiring a coach be treated as a tax-deductible expense? Here in Australia and most countries, the general rule is if it’s not a work-related expense, it cannot be claimed as a deduction.

So if you’re going to hire a life coach or a career coach, it may not be seen by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) as a work-related expense and you may not be able to claim them as deductions.

3 Golden Rules For Tax Deductions

According to the ATO, there are three golden rules that they will accept as a valid business or work-related deduction:

  1. You must have spent the money on your business, not for private use.
  2. It must be directly linked to earning your income.
  3. You must have a record of the transaction.

Therefore, getting a life coach may not be considered as a tax-deductible expense because the ATO may think that life coaching doesn’t directly concern a business nor contribute to business growth.

Here are other examples of expenses that you can’t claim:

  • Expenses associated with earning an income that’s not assessable, like money you earn from your hobbies
  • Domestic expenses like childcare
  • Private expenses like therapy

Couple calculating their taxes imageHowever, depending on your occupation, you may be able to claim specific deductions connected to your industry.

Also, people who hire a business coach might get a tax deduction since they can help you with your vision, mission, marketing strategies, building relationships with clients and employees, etc. which are all for growing a business.

But at the end of the day, it’s really best to speak with an accountant or a tax specialist regarding these matters.

They’ll be able to provide you with the latest tax information when it comes to coaching like deductions and exemptions.

Are Life Coach Expenses Tax-Deductible - In Conclusion

While some forms of coaching such as business coaching could be tax-deductible, life coaching on the other hand may be seen as a personal expense so you might not be able to get a deduction.

However, as advised, go see an accountant so they can tell you the deductions and exemptions that are available for your specific circumstance.

But here’s a thought… why not save your money from all the coaching, accountant fees and taxes by just becoming your own coach instead?

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