Why Coaching Is One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In The World

Coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In fact, it is the second-fastest-growing industry on the planet, only second to the IT industry. It is a USD 2.4 billion industry and just continues to grow every year.

There's no doubt in my mind that one of the best jobs in the world is coaching and an opportunity you should definitely explore. It’s a career that not only allows you to live a fulfilling life by helping others to achieve their goals, but it also allows you to achieve time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.

As a life coach or business coach in Australia, you can earn an annual salary of $319k+. If you’re curious about what a day in the life of a coach looks like and what it’s like to be a coach, check out my day here.

Why Is Coaching One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In The World?

Cheerful elderly woman talking on a phone on a couch imageWhen I joined the coaching industry more than 14 years ago, no one would have ever predicted that it would grow as much as it has today. And there are three reasons as to why that is actually occurring. Let’s go through them in detail.

Reason #1: Job Displacement By Technology

The coaching industry shares a symbiotic relationship with the information technology industry, which happens to be the number 1 fastest-growing industry in the world.

As the IT industry grows, more and more people’s jobs will be replaced by computers. What we’re observing in the marketplace is that there is this huge job displacement of people no longer being able to do their jobs because technology has automated their position.

In fact, statistics say that in the next five years, 52% of all jobs on planet Earth will be replaced by computers.

Guy on the phone smiling imageNow, why is that relevant to you and I? Well if you’re interested in becoming a life coach, the coaching industry fundamentally assists people to find meaning, to find purpose and to live true to their values.

And if someone has just lost their job, one of the services that they immediately seek out is the support of a coach so they can get back on track and start living a successful life. If you love to help people succeed, this is one of the best jobs in the world to do exactly that.

Reason #2: Human Connection Is Vanishing

Every day we’re realising that because computers are taking jobs everywhere we look, the human connection that we used to have is vanishing.

In fact, we’re seeing more and more self-driving vehicles, self-checkouts… if you go to the airport now, most of the checking in process is done by you. There’s less connection with other human beings.

Lady talking on a phone in the park imageNow the reason why this is important to the coaching industry is because as the human connection gets reduced and taken away from us, we seek out the services that can provide us with connection, and that is coaching. Coaching is fundamentally a deep, authentic and open conversation that provides you with the human connection that all people need.

Reason #3: People Need Their Problems Solved More Than Ever

And the third big reason that the coaching industry is thriving day by day is that, in case you haven’t noticed, our stuff is coming up more than ever before.

When you go out and catch up with your friends, you’ll soon realise that everybody’s got life issues that they’re working on.

Now the fact is we don’t have more problems than we used to have, but what we are finding is this. For you to know that you have a problem, that problem has to be triggered. And when that problem is triggered, it goes up to the surface of our consciousness and now we know we have things to work on.

Man calling on the phone imageNow back 50 or 60 years ago, our stuff wasn’t being triggered at nearly the speed as it is being triggered at today. Thanks to the invention of social media, sure we get to connect with more people from all over the world, but social media is also full of marketing.

And marketing’s job is designed to trigger you and to bring your stuff up to the surface.

So back in the day, we might have seen maybe one or two pieces of marketing per day if we were lucky. Nowadays, thanks to social media, we’re seeing over 100 pieces of marketing a day and each one of those pieces of marketing is designed to trigger our stuff.

Now what that means is because our unconscious, unresolved stuff is being triggered a hundred plus times a day, we are now being more conscious about the things that we want to work on.

And if we want to work on our issues and start to solve problems in our life so we can go out there and have the most meaningful experience of life, we seek out the services of coaching.

Why Coaching Is One Of The Fastest Growing Industries In The World - In Conclusion

Due to job displacement, less human connection and more of our personal issues getting triggered, the need for coaching is not going away anytime soon. In fact, the need for coaching is growing every day, so much so that the coaching industry is now the second-fastest growing industry in the world.

It is truly one of the best careers in the world because it gives you a sense of fulfilment in your life while being able to make a great living helping others.

A woman working on a laptop in bed image

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