This Future Pacing Script Helps Coaching Clients Succeed Quickly

Future pacing is an effective Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique where you ask your coaching client to visualise their future and live that vision for a brief period.

It’s an effective life coaching technique that will allow your clients to feel good by visualising positive images, sounds and feelings which in turn will allow them to achieve their goals faster.

Future Pacing Script

Woman with eyes closed imageFuture pacing sounds like this: “Jenny, close your eyes. Take a nice deep relaxing breath and step out three months into the future and realising the compounding effect of the change you have created. What do you notice out at this point? What is different? What kinds of results are you creating in your life now?”

Then you step out six months in the future and you do the exact same thing, then step out 12 months in the future and do the exact same thing.

Your clients will probably say things like, “Well, I'm standing differently. I feel different. I'm talking to myself differently. I'm living in this new house, wow! This is surprising!”

Pay attention when people say it's ‘surprising’.

Woman with eyes closed laughing imageWhen you future pace someone and they’re surprised by the outcome, that is an absolute guarantee that they’ve changed. This is because what's happening now is the brain is functioning differently, and in their future, it's already chucking out different realities.

You'll often see a client in future pace surprised about what they’re seeing and feeling. When that happens, I just listen to their reactions and feel grateful that the technique worked.

Now, your coaching clients won’t always have this surprising, eye-opening experience when they future pace. But if you hear it, it's just a bonus. It's an additional confirmation that the technique has absolutely worked.

So if they're surprised after the future pace or surprised at any point during the future pacing process, remember that they cannot fake surprise. Something has changed in order for them to be surprised, and that's a great indicator of change.

After you’ve done future pacing your client, say, “Leave it all out there knowing that it's yours. Come back in the room here and now. Always remember life rewards action. Take a nice relaxing deep breath in.

As you become aware of the chair you're sitting in, the temperature of the room, wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes. Put a nice big smile on your face and open your eyes.”

That's it. That's the whole future pacing script. This whole process will maybe take three to 10 minutes. If the client is talking a lot at each of the steps, just let them go for it.

Future Pacing Creates A New Set Of Neurons

Neurons imageFuture pacing reinforces the reality by wiring up a brand new set of neurons.

So when I put you out into the future, if you've got these neurons that had been wired together and are taking you to a place that you don't want to go to, and we start to create change work to get to your goals, there are still no neurons between starting the change work and your goals yet.

And that’s where future pacing comes in because it allows you to wire in a brand new network of neurons.

So when you say, “Go three months into the future and tell me what's happening”, you've now created a neurological network for your client to the three-month mark. And when you go six months in the future, they create another neurological net, and go 12 months, your clients create another neurological net up to the 12-month mark.

We've now begun a journey of myelinating a brand new reality.

Future pacing locks in new neurological networks to solidify the change and provide an alternate road your mind, body and energy can take when it gets to that juncture inside the brain.

So we're creating a new road that they can drive down through the art of future pacing. But we are also fulfilling the fact that they are convincing themselves that change has occurred. You fulfil what's called a ‘convincer filter’, but you're also wiring a brand new set of neurons.

In Conclusion

Happy middle-aged woman imageIf you're not future pacing your clients, you're letting them down. That’s because it opens the door to achieving their goals faster and living a life that they love.

With future pacing, you will allow your clients to open that door and discover the exact road that they need to take to get to their goals.

And your clients will create that road. They will tell you what they’re doing at three months. They’ll tell you what they’re doing at six months, and they’ll tell you exactly what they’re doing at 12 months.

As a result, all of that can now formulate the most successful sets of action steps from that process. So, the future pace allows us to wire up new networks, show you where to go when you step through the door next time, and also begin to create a path of least resistance for you to take.

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You can download the Future Pacing Script here.

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