How Do You Build Credibility? Try These 12 Things…

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So how do you build credibility? We often get this from our students, “I just started my business. How can I show my credibility when I have no clients right now?”

This is a common question we get asked, and it's understandable to feel this way.

So when it comes to boosting your credibility, it’s essential to think outside the box.

Just remember that credibility comes down to trust - people trusting you to give them a result in their life.

And there are many ways to build trust with your potential clients. Having a lot of clients is NOT the only method.

Here are 12 ways to boost your credibility with potential clients and also value your own worth and achievements:

  1. The years of experience studying a particular field - Eg. 5 years researching human potential.
  2. The years of experience working in a particular industry (as long as it's roughly related to your business) - For example, a nurse looking to become a wellness coach can say, "5 years in the healthcare industry".
  3. Companies, organisations or people you’ve worked with in the past - Eg. I've worked with the Commonwealth bank and the NSW Department of Health.
  4. Certificates or credentials - Eg. I'm an ICF certified coach.
  5. Any media you’ve been featured in - Eg. Podcast interviews, websites, online articles, newspapers, TV, etc.
  6. Content you have created - Eg. Systems you have developed, workshops you've created or book you've written - Eg. Creator of the Harmonious Relationships Method.
  7. Testimonials of people you’ve helped (even if you helped them for free) - Eg. I helped a mother of 3 kids have happy relationships within 3 months.
  8. Any associations you belong to - Eg. Associate Member of the ICF (International Coach Federation).
  9. What you call yourself - Eg. Master coach, speaker, author, etc.
  10. Any personal achievements that may be relevant and build personal or professional trust. E.g. A peak performance coach may mention they are a marathon runner. Although they are not coaching people to run a marathon, it still builds trust.
  11. Your struggles or triumphs in your life. This not only shows people you understand their problem but also shows you have created results in your own life. Eg. My name is Benjamin J Harvey. I was once overweight, depressed and broke.
  12. Your mission and what drives you now. E.g. I'm passionate about helping people make a difference and a living doing what they love.

How Do You Build Credibility Bonus Tips

  1. Using the credibility of an ORGANISATION you studied or worked for using many of the tips above - Eg. I studied with Authentic Education. They've trained thousands of coaches worldwide since 2009. The Huffington Post said they are "Australia's leading training company helping people do what they love".
  2. Using the credibility of a PERSON you studied or worked for using many of the tips above - Eg. I've been mentored by Benjamin J Harvey, Australia's only 2 * BRW Award-winning coach. He's worked with Dr John Demartini from The Secret and been featured on The Today Show and Sydney Morning Herald.
  3. Using the credibility of a METHODOLOGY you studied or worked with using many of the tips above - Eg. I use the Universal Freedom Technique. Over the last 10 years, this has been very effective at removing trapped emotions, such as a 68-year-old lady that released her feelings of grief after 22 years and now feels more joy each day.

Female life coach talking with her coaching clients imageWe hope you liked this post, "How Do You Build Credibility? Try These 12 Things..." These are just a few vital things that you can do to boost your credibility. And as you grow your credibility, you’ll grow your business.

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