How To Become An Online Coach In 6 Simple Steps

How To Become An Online Coach In 6 Simple Steps blog imageHere are six simple and actionable tips on how to become an online coach and build a thriving coaching business online.

Due to these unprecedented times, online coaches are in demand more than ever before. From online fitness coaches to life coaches, relationship coaches to business coaching online, it doesn’t matter what coaching niche you’re in, the need for coaches is rapidly increasing.

So here are some great tips on how you can get started on becoming an online coach so you can help more people, no matter where they are in the world, and make a great living.

1.      Understand Your Niche

Happy couple studying in a library imageFirst and foremost, it’s important to build a specific coaching niche. It allows you to specialise and become an expert at one particular thing which enables you to attract your ideal clients. If you need help finding a coaching niche, read our post How To Find Your Niche As A Life Coach here.

But you also have to have a niche that actually has problems that are worth paying for. As an example,  business owners will gladly pay marketing coaches to become better marketers so they can improve their business revenues.

Life coaching is also a popular niche where you can help others to maximise their personal as well as their professional potential.

As they say, the riches are in the niches.

2.      Be Able To Actually Help People

Life coach talking on a mobile phone imageWhen learning how to become an online coach, you should genuinely love and know how to actually help people achieve their goals. People aren’t just going to pay for your time. If people pay for your time and then word spreads that your time isn’t that valuable, your online coaching business will suffer.

So you want to be able to solve problems in your niche – one that you’ve actually solved yourself. Some examples could be:

  • Have you overcome a very harsh break up in your life?
  • Have you found your dream partner?
  • Have you overcome your fear?
  • Have you overcome your divorce?
  • Have you lost weight?

And remember that you don’t need to be in the top 1% of your niche to start coaching or mentoring others. In fact, you can become better as you’re coaching others while already getting paid.

3.      Have Credibility

Credibility text imageThe third step of how to become a coach online is to have credibility. Having credibility by being certified in your coaching niche is a great way to show people that they can trust you because you have the knowledge and the experience to get them to where they want to be.

It can definitely help accelerate the growth of your online coaching business from scratch or further improve your existing one.

For example, If you want to learn how to become a life coach online and have a successful life coaching business, becoming ICF-certified will accelerate your success. That’s because people who are looking for a life coach know that ICF-certified coaches have the skills to help them get them the results that they want faster.

4.      Put Out Content

Life coach recording a video blog imageCreating and publishing online content of you solving a problem in your niche will also help to build your credibility. You could start posting on social media like on your Facebook business page, Instagram and YouTube, or build your own website and write blog posts every week.

By doing so, not only will you start to build yourself as a credible source, but also an expert in your niche.

As an example of something that you could publish, if you currently help professional basketball players get a higher vertical on their jump, you can put out a video on how people can develop that jump.

You could then promote that content through Facebook ads or write an eBook about it, etc. And eventually, don’t be surprised if people start to message you asking if you can coach them.

5.      Build systems

Content marketing funnel concept imageThe fifth step on how to become an online coach is to build systems. So once you have content out there and your community starts to grow, build systems in the backend to actually appeal to those people and sell them services and products that matter to them.

You could offer one-on-one coaching for some and group coaching for others. People can easily start signing up for your daily, weekly or monthly Zoom calls because of the automated systems that you have in place.

Building systems will allow you to focus more on helping people get results rather than worrying about where to get your next paying client. If you want to learn more about how to build an endless flow of coaching or consulting clients, make sure to check out "How To Attract Coaching Clients Consistently".

6.      Stop the excuses

Successful online coach imageMost online coaching endeavours fail because they’re full of excuses. Some of the most common out there are:

  • I’m not an expert.
  • It’s oversaturated.
  • The timing is not right.
  • I’m not ready yet.

As we’ve mentioned before, you don’t need to be an expert. You just need to get started and you’ll be halfway to your dream life.

The coaching industry is not oversaturated because quality will always come through. You just need to learn the most effective coaching techniques to get your clients results quickly and know how to position yourself in the market.

And most of all, you have to understand that the ‘right moment’ is never going to be there. It’s always going to be a little uncomfortable. Failure is part of the journey to success and is what makes it so sweet!

So, overcome your limiting beliefs and get started towards becoming a highly successful online coach!

In Conclusion

To recap, to become an online coach, you need to:

  1. Understand your niche
  2. Be able to actually help people
  3. Have credibility
  4. Put out content
  5. Build systems
  6. Stop the excuses

Interested in becoming a highly successful coach? Check out our free webinar, “How To Coach Yourself To Success”, here. Learn to coach yourself to achieve your life’s goals first so that can you help others do the same and make a great living.

We hope you enjoyed this post, “How To Become An Online Coach In 6 Simple Steps”, and we hope to meet you online real soon.

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