How To Build A Successful Coaching Business? Do LESS

Hang on a sec! Nobody told me I would need to be brilliant at business, on top of being a great coach, consultant or practitioner.

All I wanted to do was help people. But now I’m stuck building a website, putting my life on social media, clicking around, building a funnel, and all the other computer stuff that baffles me.

When do I actually get to make a difference?

When do I get to enjoy coaching clients?

Does any of this sound familiar?

I think it probably does, and that’s because 95% of the coaches that I speak to are doing way too much.

They’re busy being busy, and they’re following these so-called internet gurus, but they’re failing to make any real tangible progress.

Now, if you only saw how easy building a successful coaching business is, you would literally laugh about it.

It actually requires that you do less, not more.

Now how can I be so sure of this? It’s because having earned over $100K my very first year as a coach, way back in 2006, having coached hundreds of world-class coaches and being Australia’s only 2-time BRW award-winning coach, I am certain there are only three things, three skills that you need to learn to create a highly successful coaching business.

Now, if you just focus and master these three skills and cut out everything else, you can make more progress and have more clients in one month than most coaches make in 10 months.

And I will demonstrate how it all works at the upcoming 1-day course “How To Become A Highly Successful Coach”.

It’s a free 1-day training where we will deep-dive into the only three pieces that you’ve been missing in your coaching puzzle.

This means you can stop chasing clients and start attracting them.

And once you’re fully booked, you’ll learn how to help even more clients by leveraging your time using virtual coaching, group coaching, and of course, online courses.

I’ll even be doing live demonstrations during the program so you can actually see for yourself how everything works.

So, if you want to stop spinning your wheels and start creating a successful coaching business, click here to book your free seat at How To Become A Highly Successful Coach or learn more.

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