How To Get Anyone To Do Anything With Instant Influence

The book, Instant Influence – How To Get Anyone To Do Anything Fast, by Dr Michael Pantalon is a series of questions that he uses on gravely ill patients to help them to listen and, more importantly, follow their doctor’s advice so they can achieve long-term health.

It's an autonomous way of creating change where the change happens from within. It’s so effective because the most powerful change any human being can have in life is where they make the decision internally, and no one else asked them to do it.

When you can change from within, the change absolutely sticks, and Instant Influence will allow you to do that.

That’s why he wrote the Instant Influence book because what he discovered was most patients that were very sick didn’t really follow through with the changes that they were supposed to create.

For example, some people unfortunately have major liver issues. However, they continue to be an alcoholic. Or, some people who are already showing symptoms of lung cancer continue to smoke.

As a doctor, Michael Pantalon was never really trained on how to influence patients to change their behaviours so that they could have long-term health. So, he came up with these six questions which are some of the most powerful questions you’ll ever find in the area of influence.

He found that these questions worked in under seven minutes, and they have allowed him to help patients get on the path to lifelong recovery.

So any time I'm getting a lot of resistance from my coaching clients in evaluating a problem, I use Instant Influence to help us breakthrough to that next stage of the coaching process.

As a coach, if you're experiencing any resistance from your clients, let’s say they’re not answering your questions and they’re resisting a little bit, you could start by saying something like, “Look, in order for us to move forward and gain the momentum you desire, I have six questions that I would love you to answer.”

Question #1 – “Why Might You Change?”

Black and white picture of a woman sitting and listening intently imageThis is the first question from the book that will help you to get anyone to do anything. Now, you do not change the wording of this at all. You do not add nor subtract a word. These words are absolutely hand-picked.

When I say to someone, “Why might you change?”, do you realise that there is no pressure in that question? None. Zero.

So, as a coach, I'm not applying any pressure to your already pressured situation because you're already experiencing resistance.

If I say, “Why would you change?”, inherent in that is saying that you want me to change.

But if I softly said, “Why might you change?”

They’ll say, “Well, you know, I might change for my family. I might change for this and that.” And they're not saying they're going to change. They're saying they might change.

But, we're now beginning the journey.

Question #2 – “How Ready Are You To Change?”

The next question is, “How ready are you to change on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 means not ready at all and 10 means totally ready?”

They might say, “Well, I'm a 3.”

You say, “Great.”, and proceed to the next question.

However, let’s say they picked “1”. You could ask this question again, but this time, about a smaller step towards the change.

For example, let’s say you’re asking about how ready they are to change their whole outfit and they say “1”, you could then say, “Well, all right. Let's just look at your shoes. How willing are you to change say your shoes?”

They might say, “My shoes? Oh, that's a five.” Then, you can continue onto the next question.

Or, you could also ask them what it would take for that “1” to turn into a “2” like, “Just curious, what would it take for that 1 to turn into a 2?”

They might then say, “Well, I really want to fix this. I really want to do that.”, so they're still selling themselves to change.

Question #3 – “Why Didn’t You Pick A Lower Number?”

In my opinion, after over 20 years of selling, this is the best question I've ever seen in my life.

“Why didn’t you pick a lower number?”

Normally, people would ask why you didn’t pick a higher number. And the answer to that is all the reasons not to change.

But the answer to why didn't you pick a lower number is all the reasons to change.

That’s because when you ask this question, they’d say somewhere along the lines of, “Well, because I want to change. I want to change because my family is important! I didn't pick a lower number because I want to do this!”

At this point, right before your eyes, this person is going to sell themselves transformation.

So you just get out of the way and feedback their keywords to make their coaching experience even more life-changing. After a while, they’ll be 100% certain that they're going to change.

Question #4 – “Imagine That You HAVE Changed”

Female life coach at a cafe listening intently to a manThis is the next question in the Instant Influence book, and now, we've actually got what's called a ‘future pacing’ occurring. This is where you ask, “Imagine that you HAVE changed. What would the positive outcomes be?”

They will now reinforce all the benefits of their change. Notice that with this question that there’s no pressure from your side. They're just doing the whole thing themselves.

Question #5 – “Why Are Those Outcomes Important To You?”

This is where we use ‘The 5 Times Why’ approach. So when you ask, “Why are those outcomes important to you?”, and they answer something like, “It's important because I want to set this retreat up.”, you get that answer and you feed it back through the question, “So setting up a retreat, why is that important?”

They might then say, “Because I want to be of service.”

Then you reply, “Okay, being of service, why is that important?”

“I want to be a ball of light.”

“Why is being a ball of light important to you?”

“Because I want to feel important.”

“Why is feeling important crucial to you?”

We call it ‘The 5 Times Why’ because you get the answer five times, then feed it back.

Question #6 – “What Is The Next Step, If Any?”

Woman on a video call with a coaching client imageThis last question is the least-pressured possible question you can ask a human being to take another step. You have to ask it in this exact way. “What is the next step, if any?”

They’ll look you in the eye and they’ll say, “We do this process, and we do it right now!”

Yes! Okay, let's do it!

How To Get Anyone To Do Anything With Instant Influence – In Conclusion

After going through these questions, your client will have sold themselves from within. They will absolutely want to change.

These six questions in and of themselves could be a coaching technique. I've trained a roomful of chiropractors a while ago and they were looking for a process. All we did was Instant Influence over and over again. They applied it to their chiropractic practice and got phenomenal results with it.

So, this is actually a mini-coaching experience - a transformational experience, and your clients can come out the back of this fully transformed and completely changed.

As you can see, Instant Influence by Michael Pantalon is very powerful… but I don’t use it as an actual technique, so to speak, but as a strategy to break down any resistance to continue with the life coaching process. I highly recommend you read the Instant Influence book.

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