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I want to share with you how to rewire your brain so you can create a future that you desire. It’s called the Final 5 Process, and it’s something that you can pretty much use straight away to start getting guaranteed results in your life.

You can rewire your brain to live a life that you love in three simple steps. I have been doing this technique for over a decade now and I’ve not missed a day in that time. The reason I love this technique so much is that it’s one of the easiest ways to rewrite your brain for happiness.

So how do you use the Final 5 process and how will it allow you to start getting results that you want in your life? Let’s discuss that in detail.

The Final 5

It’s been said that you never actually build muscle in the gym, which is true. When you go to the gym and you work out, you actually tear the muscle. And it’s not until you go to sleep at night and allow the little protein particles to move towards those tears and attach onto them, that the shape of the muscle starts to get formed.

So at the gym, you actually damage the muscle, but when you go to sleep at night, you build the muscle. And it’s the same with your mind.

During the day, you do activities that stretch and potentially damage the mind. It’s not until you go to sleep at night and have a deep and restful sleep that your brain’s true work begins.

You see, when you go to sleep at night, what happens to your brain is it reconfigures itself. It’s rewiring old pathways, creating new ones and creating new neural networks.

So what does that mean? It means the best, most opportune time to create change inside your brain is the final five minutes before you go to sleep.

How To Rewire Your Brain Using The Final 5 Process

So here’s how to rewire your subconscious mind using the Final 5.

Step 1: Dissociate From Yourself

Girl sleeping on her bed imageThe first step is to lie down in bed, close your eyes, and then just tune in and feel the feelings. Hear the sounds, see the experiences, narrate it - just do what you need to do to bring to life in your imagination whatever it is that you value the most.

For example, let’s say you want to become a Law of Attraction expert so you can receive everything you desire from the universe as well as teach it to other people to make their lives better.

So close your eyes in bed right before you go to sleep, and imagine seeing yourself perhaps learning about the Law of Attraction or teaching it on stage.

This is called dissociative viewing where you’re seeing and observing yourself doing some kind of action. You are not inside yourself. You are the observer. Do this for a little bit over a minute.

Step 2: Step Inside Yourself

A man sleeping on a bed imageAfter observing yourself being the person that you want to become or having that thing that you want to have, you now step inside yourself.

Hear the sounds around you. Feel the feelings and look through your own eyes. In our example, imagine yourself talking about the Law of Attraction, researching it, acting upon it, contemplating it and knowing about it.

Spend a little over a minute on this step as well.

Step 3: Pick A Mentor

Senior man sleeping on a white bed imageThe third step on how to rewire your brain to have the future that you desire is to pick a mentor to be with you inside your mind.

Imagine somebody that you look to - not look up to. My advice is don’t look up to anyone in life, and keep everybody equal. But instead, look to people who have information and knowledge in other areas that you might not have. Everyone has different geniuses. You’ve got one as well.

So for me, my mentor will always be Dr Wayne Dyer. So what I do in this step is I would imagine observing my mentor researching, living and talking about the Law of Attraction.

And that’s it! That’s how to rewire your subconscious mind using the Final 5 process so you can start manifesting your ideal future.

How I Would Do The Final 5

Benjamin J Harvey explaining the final 5 imageSomething that I’m really fond of is psychology, especially rapid transformation changes in people’s lives. I love researching that.

So if I was going to do the Final 5, I would:

  1. Observe myself on stage in front of a packed crowd talking about psychology.
  2. Step inside myself and imagine looking out to the audience as I’m talking about psychology.
  3. Imagine Dr Wayne Dyer on stage talking about psychology.

I would do the whole process for roughly about five minutes. So just over a minute for each of the three steps.

How To Rewire Your Brain – In Conclusion

Once I’ve finished with the whole process and with my eyes still closed, I just take a few deep breaths, I relax, I feel the sensation in my body of having this value actually full in my life, having it actually completely in my life at a 100%. Then, I drift off to sleep.

It’s a pretty easy process. You don’t need any pen or paper. Doing the Final 5 is one of the best ways to rewire your brain to create a future that you desire.

If you would like to know more about how to live a happy and fulfilling life, download our audio program Shadow Values here.

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