What Is ICF Accreditation And How To Get Certified

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ICF accreditation is the gold standard for professionally trained coaches around the world. ICF stands for International Coach Federation, and they are the leading organisation devoted to developing the coaching industry by setting high standards, offering independent certification and creating a global network of highly trained coaches.

Coaches who have ICF credentials belong to a self-regulating community of elite coaches who ensure accountability to their clients as well as the coaching industry overall.

They pursue and finish extensive coaching education and coaching experience requirements that show their unquestioned authenticity to their dedication to quality coaching.

Why Get An ICF Certification?

It gives your clients confidence that you have the coaching credentials to help them get results. It also allows you to be a recognised coach anywhere in the world. This means you can coach while you travel or coach via Skype to clients living anywhere in the world.

If you want to establish your coaching service, consider getting an ICF certification soon after your coach training. At least 20,000 coaches in the world have an ICF certification. These coaches are the best in the industry.

The ICF accreditation is also the only internationally recognised professional coaching accreditation. By having an ICF coaching certification, business and life coaches have proven their knowledge, ability and dedication to professional and high ethical standards.

What this means for you as an ICF certified coach is more clients! In their eyes, you have reached a level of effectiveness in coaching that can help them to reach their goals in the fastest way possible.

Note: There are some coaching accreditations out there which look very official, but are actually websites that are set up and run by only one individual coaching company. To check this, Google the certification followed by the word "course" (eg. XYZ certification course) and if only one company shows up, that should ring alarm bells.

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How To Earn An ICF Credential

The best way to earn your ICF credential is through an ICF accredited coach training program. This is because your hours will count towards the training requirement for your ICF credential.

As a business or life coach, you must also:

  • Finish coach-specific training that complies with the ICF’s standards.
  • Complete a nominated number of coaching experience hours.
  • Have a Mentor Coach as a partner.
  • Display the correct knowledge and proficiency of the ICF coaching standards, Core Competencies and Code of Ethics.
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The Three Standards of ICF Coach Certification

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The ICF gives coaches three levels of coach accreditations based upon coaching proficiency: The Associate Certified CoachProfessional Certified Coach and the Master Certified Coach. Every level has a significantly higher standard.

The ICF divides their coaching accreditations by the three important methods of competent coaching training. They are:

  • Live instruction
  • Live practice
  • Live feedback

These methods are used to determine the required hours needed to get certified for each ICF standard as shown below.

Associate Certified Coach

  • 60+ hours of live coaching instruction.
  • 100+ hours of live practise with coaching clients.
  • 10 hours of live feedback with a Mentor Coach.

Professional Certified Coach

  • 125+ hours of live coaching instruction.
  • 500+ hours of live practise with coaching clients.
  • 10 hours of live feedback with a Mentor Coach.

Master Certified Coach

  • 200+ hours of live coaching instruction.
  • 2500+ hours of live practise with coaching clients.
  • 10 hours of live feedback with a Mentor Coach.

Want ICF Accreditation? Consider The Accelerated Coaching Certification Program

If you want to earn your ICF accreditation here in Australia, join our Accelerated Coaching Certification program. Many other coaching programs keep students on a treadmill of courses... always striving, never arriving. This coaching course empowers you with the core tools you need to make a difference and a living transforming people's lives.

Our internationally recognised ICF coaching courses will make it possible for you to coach clients here in Australia and anywhere in the world.

We will equip you with everything you need to change people’s lives for the better, and we’ll teach you how to make a great living from it (one of the many reasons to become a coach!).

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