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Should I take my life coach courses online or in-person? Whether you want to be a life coach, a business coach, a lifestyle coach or any other type of coach in this industry, you’ll need a coaching certification in order to have a successful coaching business.

Thanks to the internet, people who want to become a coach are now able to get their coaching certifications online.

But, is it the BEST way to become a professional coach who can truly help others reach their goals in life?

Let’s find out by discussing some of the pros of studying life coach courses online versus offline.

The Pros Of Life Coach Courses Online

The Pros Of Life Coach Courses Online image1. It’s convenient. You are able to accomplish your coaching training at your own pace and from anywhere where there’s an internet connection. Many people have yearned for this convenience so a number of coaching programs out there are giving people what they want.

Also, online life coach courses allow you to rewind, forward or pause an audio or video lesson which is a nice way to learn.

2. You get access to an online coaching support system. Some coaching programs do offer an online support group which is certainly a big need for aspiring coaches that study online. You may get support from your mentor via telephone, Skype or FaceTime.

3. Modular training. Assuming that the online program is constructed effectively and deliberately, life coach courses online will allow you to complete sections or modules of training according to your time plan and availability.

4. You’re able to focus better. Some students are able to focus better online than they would in a group because they’re not distracted by what the other students are doing.

The Pros Of Life Coach Courses In-Person

The Pros Of Life Coach Courses In-Person image1. You’re more committed. While taking life coach courses online may be convenient, if you don’t have a great deal of motivation or discipline, you may not be able to complete the program.

Remember that if it’s easy to do, it’s also easier not to do.

Now with offline life coach courses, since it’s not as convenient, your brain will actually believe that it’s more important and valuable. As a result, you’re more likely to commit to it.

2. You don’t have to worry about technical difficulties. Some people may not be as internet and computer savvy as others and could, therefore, spend a good amount of time talking with an online program’s tech support should they encounter technical issues.

If we compare that to attending a coaching workshop in person, you’ll have instant access to help from the coaching school’s staff and your mentor. So, the only thing that you really need to worry about is learning.

3. Faster results. Since you have all this support from the mentor and the staff, you'll get the results that you want out of the coaching workshop much faster. You also have the ability to ask questions and get answers instantly.

4. There is more depth. If you desire to have the capacity to coach deeply, being there in person is absolutely essential. Sensory acuity is so important with deep work coaching. You could at some point be able to use it over the phone, on video calls or on webinars. However, it is far better to learn it in person first and then adjust as necessary.

5. Experience what’s possible with all of your senses. An aspect of being a great life or business coach is witnessing what’s possible, and you’re not able to truly feel what’s possible online as incredibly as you can inside a room.

In a live coaching class setting, you get to actually take part in live demonstrations. You would get to practice as a coach as well as participate as a client for others in your class. These will provide you with a higher level of confidence and strong belief of what’s possible that lives in your body, which you will take back out into the world.

6. More fun and connection. All the live demos that you'll be participating in makes the training more fun and memorable! You'll be able to understand and remember everything better, and training in-person will allow you to create a mastermind with people you meet at the workshop.

6. Get International Coach Federation Certification as a coach. By enrolling with an International Coach Federation accredited program, you have the chance to become an ICF certified coach. Having an ICF credential means that you stand for the very best in the coaching It is the only recognised professional coaching accreditation in the world. Having one will do wonders for your coaching business.

Life Coach Courses Online VS In-Person: In Conclusion

Studying life coach courses whether online or offline have their benefits. Some may prefer to study alone in the comfort of their bedroom while others prefer having a face to face communication with their mentor and like-minded classmates. The most important thing is to study everything that you can about coaching because your future clients are depending on you!

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If you’re ready to pursue a highly rewarding career as a life coach in Australia or anywhere else in the world, consider joining our ICF accredited Accelerated Coaching Certification program here!

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