The Power Of The Mirror Neurons System

Understanding the power of mirror neurons can help us to communicate, empathise and build rapport with other people more effectively. Knowing what they are can even help you to become one of the best leaders this world has ever seen! So if you have a service-based business such as a consulting or coaching business, or if you want to become the best leader that you can be for others, then this post is for you.

What Are Mirror Neurons?

Mirror neurons are one of the most fascinating pieces of research in modern-day science. They allow us to empathise and be able to connect with other human beings. The mirror neuron system consists of little neurons inside your mind that mirror everything that’s happening outside.

For instance, when you see someone injure themselves on Australia’s Funniest Home Videos and you go “Ow!” and you wince with them, your mirror neurons did that.

The mirror neuron system serves a critical role in our ability to communicate and empathise with other people because mirror neurons repeat tonality, expressions and micro-gestures of the other person.

This allows you to build rapport which is important especially if you’re a life coach because it allows your clients to learn deeper, faster and more significantly, which in turn helps them to rapidly reach their goals.

Generally, mirror neurons are always on, but through meditative practice, you can also learn how to switch them off. Let’s discuss just how remarkable they are and why you should consider learning how to turn them off as well.

The Power Of Mirror Neurons – The Restaurant Experiment

Sitting in a restaurant imageIf you want to see just how amazing mirror neurons are, go to a restaurant tonight. Sit down at the restaurant and pick anyone else in the restaurant. Once you’ve picked a person, watch exactly what they do for about 10 minutes and without them knowing, copy them.

So, if they pick up their knife, pick up your knife. If they pick up their glass, pick up your glass. Do exactly what they do for about 10 minutes and without them having any idea what’s going on, you would have built rapport, and here’s how you’ll know.

When the person at the restaurant is doing nothing at all, just pick your fork up and rub it on your chin. Watch what happens!

Laughing in a restaurant image

What most of you are going to find with the utmost level of surprise is you’ll see the person at the table will lift their fork, and think about rubbing it on their chin as well! It will be one of the weirdest yet entertaining things that you’ll see all night!

But more importantly, and probably for the first time in your life, you will have been exposed to just how powerful mirror neurons truly are.

How It Works

As you’re doing this thing in the restaurant, the mirror neuron system inside that person’s mind is aware that that is occurring at a non-conscious level. And they can pick up on the mirroring that is occurring.

Mirror neurons imageSo, after copying their actions for a while, you do something called energy coupling where your mirror neurons couple with theirs. Once that coupling has occurred, you now have a connection that can go hundreds if not thousands of metres.

In fact, anyone who has done some form of distant healing will know that energy from that perspective can travel around the world.

Mirror neurons are great for building rapport with potential and existing clients, and people in general.

What If I Turned Them Off?

There are some spiritual practices out there where they try to disengage mirror neurons. It’s not the nicest practices since they will often have horrific images of all kinds of things that have happened to people.

They’ll look at these horrific images and then on the very next page, there’ll be very soothing sensual images. And they try to get to a stage where they don’t respond to either of the images.

Not something that I would probably do in my life, but some of these high-level spiritual practices really try and disengage you, because without the full disengagement of mirror neurons, it’s almost impossible to be completely yourself.

Be completely yourself image

That is because if you don’t turn them off, you’ll always be modelling everything around you. If you can disengage your mirror neuron system, you won’t keep unconsciously following anyone, and you’ll start leading your own life. Great leaders have the ability to turn their mirror neurons on and off whenever they want.

If you ever want to truly be a leader, mirror neurons are not your friend. They will make you just like everybody else.

So, the journey to authenticity is a journey of learning how to disengage mirror neurons as well.

To be yourself in a world that tries, night and day to make you just like everybody else- is to fight the greatest battle there ever is to fight, and never stop fighting. – E.E. Cummings

Mirror Neurons & Life Coaching

If you are a life coach, you can use the power of mirror neurons to become an even more effective coach. Our mirror neuron system allows your clients to observe, imitate and learn by watching you.

So, on your next coaching session, act with optimism, act with success in mind, be calm, be confident, and more than likely, your clients will do the same. They will learn how to overcome obstacles in their lives by simply watching you!

Observe, imitate and learn image

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you would like to learn more effective coaching tools to help you become a successful ICF-certified coach, enquire about our Accelerated Coaching Program here.

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