How To Start A Successful Coaching Business – Organisation Vs Disorganisation

If you've ever wanted to start a successful coaching business, then one of the most important things you need to know is that the "value" that you provide to the marketplace is directly related to how well you organise information for your clients.

When we look at any business we see that "value" is the gap between two specific destinations.

And the two specific destinations are disorganisation and organisation.

So your clients are basically looking to close the gap between "disorganised" and "organised" in any area of their life.

Experiencing A Shift In The Nervous System

When it comes to your nervous system, the gap between disorganisation and organisation is called healing.

Any time a human being experiences healing of any description, they have a shift in their nervous system from disorder to order.

Your nervous system is going through the process of finding a huge amount of organisation.

It's clearing out toxins. It's breathing. It's adjusting things, and it's trying to maintain a state of homeostasis.

At a microscopic level, it's attempting to maintain order.

If we take this idea of disorganisation to organisation, and we move it into the business environment, any time a client comes to us disorganised, and we organise whatever it is they're looking to have organised, then the gap between these two points is what we call value.

Value is the gap between how disorganised your client is... and how organised your business is.

And ultimately, the gap between these two points is where all the money is made.

What we want to do is we want to allow ourselves to be able to organise that which is disorganised in our clients' lives.

Identifying Disorganisation

For example, if people want to buy property, the reason that they're coming to you as a real estate coach is because they have a level of disorganisation around how to buy property.

Or if you're a personal trainer or diet coach, then people will come to you because they're unhealthy and they're trying to get fit. They're disorganised around their health.

Or if their finances are all over the place, they're disorganised around their finances.

Let's say you have a preexisting business, and you've already got a product but wanted to become better at marketing so you decide to enrol in our marketing course, what we would do is throughout the next few days, we would help you get better returns from your marketing spend through our effective and organised knowledge of marketing.

Or, you may have no products at all and no idea what you want to do. Let's say you just know that you love meditation. What we would then do is help you organise everything you know about meditation and create a business that your ideal clients will love.

How To Start A Successful Coaching Business - Get Organised

The entire process is really to take stuff inside your client's mind that is disorganised and make it organised. The more you can successfully do that as a coach, the more valuable you will become in the marketplace. And the best way to do that is to invest in yourself to become a better coach that gets fast results.

Your clients and 'raving fans' are drawn to value, and value generally comes in the form of organised information and organised knowledge.

And that's how we've turned Authentic Education into a 2-time BRW award-winning company.  One of the ways that we create value is we find out what it is that you love, what you're inspired by, and we organise it to such a degree that people who also love the same thing as you can then use your products and services to get to their level of organisation.

We simply organise information that you probably already know so that it can become valuable in the marketplace and people can transact with you.

Every good business that you ever interact with only has one thing, and that is organised knowledge.

It shows up in the form of all different kinds of products.

For example, when you buy a phone from a store you can appreciate that all the components of this phone have been organised and put together in a very specific way.

When you open it up, and you got these apps that you can do things with, they are basically organised knowledge. They assist you to become more efficient and have a greater experience of life.

So, everything that we're doing, no matter what the product or service, is fundamentally an organised piece of information.

And the more you can get people from disorganised to organised, the more valuable you will become in the marketplace.

Creating value for humanity should not be an afterthought but a core business strategy.

We hope you've enjoyed this video and blog post, "How To Start A Successful Coaching Business - Organisation Vs Disorganisation". If you would like to learn more about the exact systems we used to become a 2-time BRW award-winning company, you can register for our free 1-day course, How To Become A Highly Successful Coach, here.

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