A Pandemic Proof Career Or Business?

Are you trying to find a pandemic proof career or business that's always in demand? Well, this is it.

The pandemic has changed everything. It's changed the way we live and changed how many people make a living.

If you're looking for a more stable (and potentially more successful) career or business, then you should consider the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world… coaching.

Now more than ever, people are facing great obstacles and great opportunities and they need people to coach them through it.

We've been training world-class coaches since 2009 and although they may feel guilty admitting it, many of our students are having their most financially successful year ever.

Why? It's because of these three major shifts we're observing…

#1 Time

Woman at home working on tablet imagePeople have an abundance of free time stuck in isolation. They have time to improve every area of their life - from their house, their health, their relationships, career and overall happiness.

The double whammy is that people also have more time to receive coaching, to put in the work and get results rapidly.

Before, they were "too busy" or "too stressed". But now, their schedules are clear and it's even easier to attract new clients than ever before.

#2 Technology

Man on a Zoom call with a life coach imageNever in the history of the planet has there been such a massive and immediate shift towards online tools like Zoom.

People who previously had a massive technological roadblock jumping on a video call are now doing it so easily that it's become second nature.

It gets even better because this habit, this mental pathway has already been created in people's minds. So, even once the pandemic is over, it will still be easy and convenient for coaches to connect with their clients online.

But what that means is with this pandemic proof career, you can help people from the comfort of YOUR own home, while they are in the comfort of THEIR own home.

What that also means is you can have clients from all over the world.

And when the pandemic is over, it becomes the ultimate lifestyle business too because you can coach people while travelling the world.

#3 Trust

Trust imageIn this ever-changing world, people need someone they can trust. They need someone they can open up to about their worries, hopes and dreams.

They need someone to listen and understand their unique challenges. And they need someone to see their blind spots and help them improve.

That's what a coach does. It doesn't matter what area of life it is. It doesn't matter if we're going through bad times or good times.

Everyone wants to succeed faster, and that's why there's always a need for a coach.

All three of these things at play, the increase in time, the ease of technology and the need for a trusted advisor are the perfect storm for creating both a short-term and long-term career or business.

So if you're curious about coaching or if you're an existing coach that wants to improve, I highly recommend you explore this further at the upcoming free 1-day course, How To Become A Highly Successful Coach.

Although I've run this event over 50 times with over 5,000 people, I'll be showing you specifically how you can help change people's lives and make a great living

… even amidst a pandemic,

… even if you have never considered coaching up until 3 minutes ago,

… even if you doubt yourself or don’t know if this is something you would even enjoy yet.

Just so you know, this 1-day course is based on over 10,000 hours of coaching sessions I've personally conducted.

You will see the complete step-by-step roadmap of what it takes to START or GROW your own coaching business including:

  • The only 7 processes you need in your toolbox as a coach
  • How to become an Internationally Certified And Accredited Coach
  • How to transition from your job to becoming a highly successful coach
  • How to build your confidence while building your client base at the same time
  • (These are the very same strategies that allowed me to become Australia’s only 2-time BRW Award Winning Coach)

So, let's find out! Let's find out if this pandemic proof career is right for you. Let's find out if you can make a difference and a living doing what you love.

Click here to learn more and to book your free ticket.

Starting A Successful Life Coaching Business In 90 Days

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