The Top 5 Fears About Becoming A Coach

Today, we’d like to share with you the top five fears about becoming a coach.

We recently ran a survey where we spoke to hundreds of Internationally Certified Coaches that we've trained over the years.

We were curious to find out their biggest fears that were going through their minds at the time they took that step to kissing their day job goodbye to becoming a life coach and being able to work their own hours as well as changing people's lives.

We wanted to know what they felt got in their way, what were the mental blocks they were experiencing and the questions and concerns they were asking of themselves during the process of becoming a life coach.

So, here are the results of the survey! Here are the Top 5 Fears About Becoming A Coach that we received back from the hundreds of people that we surveyed.

1. Fears About Becoming A Coach - Am I Going To Be Good Enough To Do This?

The very first question is, "Am I going to be good enough to do this?". When anybody is looking to make a transition in their life, one of the key things that get in our way is a belief around whether or not we're going to have the skills or capabilities to be able to do the thing that we want to do.

The cool thing about coaching, and basically any of these transformational arts or change techniques that are out there, is that they are just soft skills. What I mean by that is they are skills that any human being can acquire. And the fact is, we've all acquired skills throughout our lifetime.

One of the things that always pops up into my mind when I'm thinking about skill acquisition is the analogy of riding a bicycle.

The very first time any human being jumps on a bicycle, they pretty much rapidly hit the ground and realise that riding a bicycle is impossible. To be able to hold balance while pedalling, whilst moving, while often going down a hill and negotiating little roadblocks along the way, well the whole thing just seems like an impossible idea.

But by being surrounded by a very supportive environment, like people who truly believe in your capability, people who believe in you having a skillset higher than what you possibly see at the moment, and just going through the process of meticulously developing that skill, day in and day out, before you know it, you're riding a bike.

Something that was deemed to be impossible is completely possible.

With any type of soft skill, the most important thing to keep in mind is that all we really need to do is apply two things - the right attitude and the right level of effort. When we apply these two things in a very structured and precise way, we can definitely develop the skills of becoming a world-class coach.

So, to answer that question, "Can I become a coach? Will I ever be able to be good enough to do this?" The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!

If you're willing to dedicate the energy, the effort and the time to do it, you will be a world-class professional coach like any of the other highly paid coaches out there in the industry today.

2. How Am I Going To Get Clients?

The second question on our top 5 fears about becoming a coach pops up all the time, and it kind of ties in with question number three which is, "How long will it take me to earn enough money to replace my income?"

They kind of do go hand in hand. One thing I've learned over the years of training so many coaches here in Australia and throughout the world is that there are some very easy and effective ways of getting clients as well as very rapid ways of doing it.

If you find yourself the right kind of training organisation and the right environment in which to learn how to become a coach, you'll often find that that environment actually gives you clients on the back end of it.

I've been coaching now for a little over 12 years, doing anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 hours worth of coaching sessions per year (over 10,000 one on one coaching sessions!). However, when I first got started, it was just about getting started small. It wasn't about wanting to have 150 clients or being fully booked overnight. It wasn't about that. It was about getting the technique correct.

One thing that I learned from my brother Justin, who is an entrepreneur in his own right in hospitality, as to why he’s so successful at what he does, he said to me, "Ben, I learned a long time ago that all I have to do is perfect the art of making a cup of coffee, and everything else will take care of itself."

And it really resonated with me. The fact is, if you focus on your technique, if you focus on your skillset, and you hold nothing but a desire and a will in your heart to change people's lives and to be the best at doing that, the rest will take care of itself.

Now of course, there are business models, business plans, marketing funnels and attraction systems - all of that can be learned later. What comes first is the acquisition of a precise level of skill.

The skill is what leads to everything else.

So, like my brother making the very best cup of coffee he could, that led on to him owning a string of successful cafes and restaurants. I think it's the same with any other craft you get into, and coaching is no different.

Therefore, if you want to get more clients and want to know how to do that, don't skip the most important step in becoming a life coach and that is developing the skill. And as I said, the right kind of coaching training program will actually allow you to buddy up with people in the room so you can develop your coaching techniques.

3. How Long Will It Take To Make Enough Money To Replace My Income So I Can Leave My Job?

Number three on our list of top fears about becoming a coach was this question. Here's how I did it.

I left a high paying corporate career. I was on about 200k per annum: a 120k base with some on-target earnings, so it got me to about 200k. When I left that, I had no clients whatsoever, but I knew I just wanted to change people's lives. In fact, truth be told, I wanted to be an energy healer, which morphed into coaching.

But what I didn't realise is it's not about replacing my income. It's not about earning 200k a year, it's not about getting to that financial destiny as quickly as possible. For me, what I worked out is a far more achievable and grounded thing to go for, which is to just meet your basic level of living expenses.

I realise that even though I was earning roughly 200k a year, my living expenses were only about 35k a year. So, I learned pretty early on that rather than shoot for replacing my income, what I should shoot for from a financial perspective is covering the cost of my basic living requirements.

This probably flies in the face of all the different wealth creation seminars, but the fact is, when you do make a transition, you're starting back at a brand new point. Take the pressure off yourself.

At the end of the day, it's really not about the money, it's about the lives you're changing and the skills you're developing.

Therefore, get down to the base level of your expenses. Work out exactly what that amount is. That allowed me to have a very clear target to aim for before I could start to feel confident about actually leaving my day job.

When it comes to actually kissing your day job goodbye completely, you must get your minimum living expenses taken care of. People have different ways of quitting. Some people will just quit and just burn bridges and go for it. But other people slowly, incrementally, take a little bit of time off each week, go more and more part-time, so they can coach on weekends or in the evenings.

One of the ladies that we trained by the name of Deb actually did coaching in the evenings when she got her certification and still worked a full-time job Monday to Friday. She went on to earn 65k net from her coaching in the evenings and on weekends in under five months.

So there are many different ways of doing this. But replacing your income should not be the reason that you do not decide to go out there and change people's lives.

If you have to think about money, just be wise about it and think about just replacing your expenses. That's kind of where you want to start from.

4. Has Anyone Else Actually Gone Out There And Been A Successful Coach?

This is number four on our list of fears about becoming a coach, and the people that we surveyed are basically asking, “Who's done this before me? Has anyone else actually gone out there and been a successful coach?”

I don't know if you're aware of it, but coaching is the second largest growing industry on planet Earth. So are there people out there becoming successful coaches? Are there people out there making a difference? Are there people out there who are really kissing their day job goodbye and earning incredible income and changing people's lives in the process?

The answer is YES, there are hundreds of thousands of them from all over the world doing this, and there is absolutely no reason why you can't be one of them.

However, if you have been certified as a coach but you're not quite getting the traction that you're looking for, don't worry about that. There are skills that you can learn and processes that you can follow that will definitely allow you to go out there and become one of the many who do make it because as I said, it's been done many, many times before which means it's highly possible.

5. How Can I Help Other People If I Haven't Got My Own Life Sorted Out Yet?

One of the things that people often do is they think about themselves before they start to think about the clients, e.g. "I'm single right now. How could I help someone get into a relationship?" Or, "My finance is no good, how can I help some with their wealth mindset?"

The simple fact is when you're wanting to pick a coach, you're not really interested in the results that they're getting. What you're most interested in are the results their clients are getting.

I often think about the whole concept behind who would I rather be helping me with my tennis game? Would I rather Roger Federer coaching and training me directly? Or would I rather Roger Federer's coach coaching and training me directly?

I know a lot of us would prefer maybe to hang out with Roger Federer, but if we wanted to be exceptional tennis player, there is only one person I would go to, and that is Roger Federer's coach.

But then the question becomes, can Roger Federer's coach play tennis better than Roger Federer? The answer is a resounding no way. Roger Federer is a significantly better player at tennis with significantly better results.

In this example, you can see that the client gets way better results than the coach, but the coach's job is to clear out the blocks getting in the way of allowing them to have a magnificent career in tennis.

So, if you haven't got results in your life or your finances aren't quite where they are or your relationships or your emotional state or your health or your weight or whatever it is, do not let that be a roadblock.

There is a very important quote out there that says this.

"The important work of moving the world forward cannot wait for perfect people."

The most important thing about becoming a life coach is simply understanding this concept. If you can help someone, then help someone.

The Top 5 Fears About Becoming A Coach - In Conclusion

Don't put yourself first, put the client first. Focus on their results, and eventually, you'll get results in your own life. Do not stop helping other people while you're waiting for your own perfection to occur because, at the end of the day, no one gets helped through that process.

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