The Wheel Of Life Coaching Method To Quickly Get To Know Yourself & Your Clients

The Wheel Of Life Coaching Method To Quickly Get To Know Yourself & Your Clients

We’d like to share with you today the Wheel Of Life coaching method which is a tool that’s used for life coaching and personal development.

The Wheel Of Life is a powerful illustration that shows you all the vital areas of your life and where your strengths and weaknesses are.

The Wheel Of Life image

The Wheel Of Life from Vitality Guru

It basically looks like this, and you rate yourself from ‘1’, which is dreadful, to ‘10’, which is excellent in each area of your life.

You can create this Wheel Of Life coaching tool by simply copying the image above so you can assess your life and start to bring balance to it. Or, if you happen to be a life coach or consultant, you can use this for your clients as well.

Why Use The Wheel Of Life

Coaching consultant talking to a client imageThe Wheel Of Life coaching method is truly beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their lives in all aspects since all the areas in life are interrelated.

Let’s just say you’re having trouble with your finances and you’re stressed out and worried about the future. That stress won’t let you get the right amount of sleep or eat right which will negatively impact your health.

So if your health suffers, your business and career will suffer, your relationships will suffer, your personal growth will suffer, and so on.

If one area in the Wheel Of Life coaching method is failing, we will most likely see that other areas are failing as well.

So the Wheel Of Life coaching method will allow you to find out your current strengths and weaknesses in your life. You could then evaluate those areas, improve them and track your progress.

An example of how you can track your progress with this coaching wheel is maybe your consulting business wasn’t so good last year, but now, you have a thriving consultancy. Or maybe last year you were afraid of public speaking, but this year, you’ve become a highly paid keynote speaker. So, it’s a really great tool to track your progress.

What Are The Categories Of The Wheel Of Life Coaching Tool?

Generally, there are eight categories in the Wheel Of Life tool that together make up a total person. Here are the eight categories and how to rate yourself for each one:

  1. Woman creating the wheel of life imageBusiness & Career – Are you happy with your main source of income? Are you on track to reaching your career goals?
  2. Finances – How do you feel about your financial wealth? How are you feeling about your savings?
  3. Health – How is your overall health? How are your energy levels?
  4. Family & Friends – How are your connections with friends and family? Are you spending enough time with them?
  5. Romance – How is your love life? How is your romantic relationship with your partner or spouse?
  6. Personal Growth – Are you investing in yourself by working on your personal development? How is your mindset? Are you becoming your own best friend?
  7. Fun & Recreation – Are you enjoying life and taking the time to relax and have fun?
  8. Physical Environment – Does your physical environment make you feel good? Do you feel relaxed when you’re at home? Is your office space conducive to productivity? Do you like the city or country that you’re in?

Now it’s good to note that there is no specific order on how you should go through them, and no one area is more important than the other. You will also assess each area relative to you.

For example, if you’ve always had a steady cashflow and are great with your finances, but you’re currently in a slump, you might rate yourself a ‘6’ under ‘Finances’.

Or if you’re the type of person that’s always been bad with money, like you keep chasing Bright Shiny Objects because of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but now you’re starting to budget and save a portion of your monthly paycheck for a rainy day, you could now probably rate yourself a score of ‘8’.

Another example would be when it comes to the category ‘Family & Friends’, your relationships have always been strong, but the last few months have been rough and strained, then you might score yourself a ‘6’.

Now when it comes to this category, you may want to separate family and friends into two areas, which will make your Wheel Of Life coaching tool have nine elements instead of eight. This is a good idea if you have strong relationships with friends but not with family, or vice versa, and you want to keep track of that.

Creating the wheel of life imageWhen rating the areas of your life, if you just give everything like a 5-7 rating, that’s not really going to help you in finding out the shortcomings that you need to work on. Therefore, if an area in your life really is fantastic, then give yourself a ‘9’ or a ‘10’. And if something’s really poor at the moment, then give yourself a ‘3’, ‘2’ or a ‘1’.

Doing so will give you a more accurate picture of your life and will give you more drive to change them.

So, after rating each area, you should be able to look at your Wheel Of Life coaching tool and have a better perspective of your strengths and weaknesses.

Your job now is to quickly come up with an action plan on how to improve those negative areas since they really can drain you if you don’t fix them as soon as possible.

I mean who would want to continue to live in a physical environment that constantly sucks out your energy? Who would ever want to always wake up in an unhappy relationship? Or who would want to be stuck in a job that they don’t love for the rest of their working life?

That’s why if you want to bring balance into your life, use the Wheel Of Life Coaching Tool. It’s a way to transform a terrible life into a life that you truly love.

So, figure out how you can improve the really low areas in your wheel and try to improve them to a ‘7’ or ‘8’ rating.

In Conclusion

Coaching a client using the wheel of lifeWe hope you found our post, “The Wheel Of Life Coaching Method To Quickly Get To Know Yourself & Your Clients”, helpful.

Always remember that your focus determines your reality, so just learn to focus and concentrate on the areas that you need to work on, and those scores will improve.

If you would like to learn more effective coaching methods on how to coach yourself to success or how to help others achieve their goals in life, watch our free webinar How To Become A Highly Successful Coach here.

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