12 Quick Facebook Tips for Business

social_media_artSocial media can be confusing. It can be difficult to measure your return on investment because social interactions are so hard to track.

The technology is also constantly changing and who has time to keep up with all of it?

But because everyone keeps talking about Facebook you know there must be a way it can improve your business and with the following statistics you know it would!

blog_facebook_logoFacebook has:

1,310,000,000 active users… that’s the monthly average…
680,000,000 users accessing through mobile...
7 million apps and websites integrated with Facebook…
70 languages available to cater comfortable cross culture conversations…

and in every 20 mins…

3 million messages are sent…
2 million friend requests…
1 million links are shared

facebook_like_thumbIf done correctly, using Facebook for your business could be a very big…huge… MASSIVE advantage!

That’s why in this video (and article below) I will personally walk you through:

-  5 important settings for your Facebook fan page.

-  The do's and don'ts of using Facebook for business.

-  How to create Facebook ads that actually convert.

-  How to combine your personal and business life in one Facebook account.

-  How to lower the cost per lead for Facebook ads.

-  How to utilize Facebook reviews... and much more.


Why Use Facebook for Your Business?

There are 3 main reasons:

1. Community

- Give your existing customers a place to keep in touch with you and also attract new customers.

2. Credibility

- Your fan page is like your website. Your customer's expect you to have one. The better your website looks the more people trust you. But because everyone's Facebook fan page looks pretty much the same, the biggest differentiator is the number of likes it has.

3. Customers

- A bigger community means more new potential customers. You can also use your fan page to create Facebook ads.

What should I post?

think-before-postingPost things that:

1. Educate

- Eg. A quick tip. Remember, people don't have much time on Facebook, so make it quick. If you have a lot to tell them, make it a link to your page instead.

2. Empower

- Eg. A motivational quote. Photos get much better engagement, so this is preferable.

3. Entertain

- Eg. A funny graphic or video to do with your industry. Remember, even though you're in business it's great to show a personal side too.

** Ninja tip:
Look for fan pages in your industry and like their pages to get ideas of what they are doing. If those fan pages are in other countries, chances are nobody will ever know you are modelling them.<style="text-align: center;"> 

12 Quick Facebook Tips for Business

*** Watch the above video for how to implement these 12 tips.

1. Custom Vanity name

• Facebook address just for you. Eg. www.facebook.com/authenticcham

• Facebook address for your fanpage. Eg. www.facebook.com/authenticeducation

• Go to the settings page of your Facebook account or Fan page to change this.

2. Cover photo that sells in both your accounts

• Facebook cover photo that sells.

3. Scheduled posts

• Batching tasks is an extremely effective time management principle. With scheduled posts, you can write your posts 1 week or 1 month in advance...just set and forget!

** Ninja tip:
If you have a Facebook page like www.facebook.com/timemanagement...search in google images or pinterest for something like "time management quotes" in order to find great images.

4. Fanpage - SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how to get to the top of a search engine like Google. But Facebook also has a search bar and therefore it's own search engine.

So make sure your fan page has many keywords which can be found in places like your description.

You can also have a call to action at the end with a link to your website.

See this for an example: https://www.facebook.com/authenticeducation/info.

5. Fanpage Info

Ensure you fill in all the details of your fan page as much as possible such as Hours of operation, subcategories, email address.

6. Fanpage Links

Have links to all your products and services

7. Facebook reviews

Enable Facebook reviews and ask your best customers to give you a review.

8. Upload friends on Facebook

Invite your existing email contacts to friend you on Facebook.

9. Use friend lists in statuses

You do NOT need to have a separate business and personal account. If you don't want your friends to see business posts (or vice versa), you can use "Friends Lists".

So when you have a status update or photo, you can tell Facebook to show this to ONLY certain friends.

10. Fanpage photo tags

Allow your Facebook fans to tag themselves in photos you have taken and uploaded.

To do this, go to you Facebook fan page > Settings > Tagging ability > Allow tagging in photos

11. Free Giveaway on your fanpage

This means having a free download on your fan page. It's a bit technical to do, so I recommend outsourcing this cheaply in places like fiverr or elance.

12. Facebook Notes

Articles that you post can also be put on "Facebook Notes". This is like having your own little website within Facebook. But because it's within Facebook, it will rank higher than if you put it on your brand new website.

My advice is to do both.

To access Facebook notes, search for "notes" in the search box. The first item that comes up says "Notes App".

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