The 4 Marketing Fundamentals

When it comes to marketing, there are so many people chasing what I call BSO’s or Bright Shiny Objects.

Those are the silver bullets, quick fixes, latest greatest thing since sliced bread methods that’s people think are really going to transform their marketing. But let me ask you this…

When Roger Federer is training for a Grand Slam victory, do you think he’s trying to invent a new tennis swing? I don’t think he’s trying to perfect the ‘behind the back stroke’ or anything like that.


What you need to be instead is what I call “Fantastic At The Fundamentals” and when it comes to marketing, there are only four fundamental things you need to be able to focus on and these are these four things I’m about to go through with you.

If you focus on just these four things, you’ll get more success in your business a lot faster and what that means for you is more time freedom and financial freedom. I don’t know what that is for you: buying your dream home, traveling the world where you want, but let’s go through these four fantastic fundamentals.

1. Marketing Plan

Marketing PlanThe first one is what we call a plan. You shouldn’t spend another dollar on marketing or another minute on your marketing until you actually have a plan that you’re actually confident and clear about.

A lot of people are just relying on what I would call “hope marketing”, just putting a piece of marketing out there and hitting and hoping. If you ever clicked the boost post on a Facebook ad, you’re relying on hope marketing unfortunately. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

2. Marketing Funnels

Marketing FunnelsOnce you’ve got a marketing plan, the next thing you need is marketing funnels. What a marketing funnel is, is an actual set of steps. It can only be three to five steps that produce you a predictable result without you having to do anything about it, so this is a set and forget automated strategy.

Just ask yourself, if you did zero marketing in the next week, would you have more clients and more dollars in your bank account at the end of the week compared to the start? If you don’t, you don’t have a marketing funnel and you’re …

I wouldn’t say the word “doomed” but you’re kind of doomed in a way to always be manually chasing for the next client.

3. Marketing Presentation

Marketing PresentationOnce you’ve got a marketing funnel, the next thing you need is what we call a marketing presentation. A marketing presentation is once you’ve got a person who’s potentially going to purchase your program, product, service, your message, what is that presentation that you share with them and at the end of it, you actually asked for their business? Do you have a reliable presentation that gets people inspired and produces a predictable result for you? Most people don’t have that presentation.

4. Marketing Team

Last but not least, marketing team. A lot of people feel that they’re doing marketing on their own. They don’t have an expert or an adviser or a mentor or even someone they can turn to to ask questions. I bet if you’re watching this, you’ve got lots of marketing questions. They really never end and you need a marketing team to help you with that so you don’t always have to do the grunt work or the technical work of marketing.

Marketing Team

Putting It All Together…

Once you’ve got a marketing plan, a marketing funnel, a marketing presentation and a marketing team, here’s how it works. First of all, you’ve got a whole bunch of people, so let’s take Facebook ads as an example.

There’s 24 million people in Australia, 16 million people who use Facebook that you could possibly market to. So you decide to use Facebook Ads as your marketing method to send people into your marketing funnel, and at the end of that you end up with marketing prospects. These are people you could possibly pitch your product, service, message or idea to. (Facebook ads is one of the seven marketing methods that I recommend and all the other ones are, in my opinion, a complete waste of time).

Once again, we’ve got a whole bunch of people in Australia or the world. You run them through your marketing funnel and it sorts out the people who are interested to the ones who could possibly be interested.

Those people are known as prospects. But prospects isn’t where it finishes. If all you do is do Facebook ads but you don’t do the other part, that would be like lathering your face up to shave and then not actually shaving. You’re currently doing half the job.

The last thing you need is what’s known as a marketing presentation. This is where you convert prospects into what we call paying clients. A marketing presentation converts prospects into paying clients. These are the only four things you need to be focusing in on your business right now. That’s it.

A marketing plan so that you have a clear path. Otherwise, you’re going to be working hard in the direction.

Marketing funnels to sort out all the millions of people you could possibly talk to. And there are seven funnels. One of them is Facebook ads. Another one is Google. And there are five other major ones.

And then turning prospects into paying clients with a presentation.

The Next Step

I know I’ve only just spent a few minutes on that. I’m going to go into this in a lot more depth and detail and actually share with you action steps you can use, as well as the seven marketing funnels, plus the conversion code on how to create presentations that sell.

This is from my business partner, Benjamin J. Harvey who’s done over $20 million in revenue for ourselves and our clients through a marketing presentation and I’ll show you the five-step conversion code at the one-day free event coming up called How To Attract Coaching Clients Consistently. We go through this and a whole lot more.

If you want to learn how to get a 500% return on investment on your marketing spend even if you’re starting from scratch, then you’re going to really benefit from this event. I look forward to seeing you there and until we meet again, just remember, you don’t have to get it right. You just have to get it started. Bye for now.

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