5 Publicity Truths In Creating Your Newsworthy Story



"Listen to Ex-Journalist and Publicity Expert,
Sue Papadoulis explain the 5 Publicity Truths in Creating
Your Newsworthy Story..."

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Sue Papadoulis shares the following truths on how to pull through publicity’s biggest issue: coming up with a story idea.

What is free publicity?man_questions

It’s getting stories about you and/or your business, or your organization, or just your idea onto TV programs – but quite a lot of time, people struggle with the first concept and ask themselves:

•How do I come up with a story?
•How do I come up with something that actually is interesting enough for a journalist to actually want to run my story?

Truth #1. Every single business and every single person have hundreds of stories within their operations day-to-day!

People think they have to do something amazing, win an award, or do something special – you don’t have to do anything like that. There’s already fantastic stories in your business, it’s just a case of finding out what they are

Truth #2. Tie in with something that is already happening on the news.

news_globeThe reason why you should do that is - the story’s already running in the media. A journalist always likes to keep a story going and expanding simply because they have an awful lot of space to fill. If they can keep the story going - that's going to help them, so start noticing what's happening in the media particularly around your industry or your topic.

If you see a story that could relate to you, and you know you have something more to add then don't be shy about putting something together, usually a press release is the way to go which is just a simple one page document and sending it to that journalist whose prepared that story that you've seen and offering yourself as someone that they might want to interview.

time-walkTruth #3. There are many opportunities to time with stories that we can think about and pre-plan for.

A good thing that you could use to time that’s very popular in the media are reality TV shows or talent quests. These kind of programs generate a lot of publicity outside - than actually being on the program that they are on. You may find that radio stations talk about them, there'll be stories about them popping up in magazines and newspapers and also on TV and other TV show, even in the TV news! If you can tie yourself into one of those programs - then you've already got the journalist’s interest. Also try to send out a story every month. Send out one press release per month for say, 6 months. If you can do that then you'll be well on your way to getting sensational publicity

Truth #4. Think about things that happen seasonally.

Have a look at winter, spring, summer and autumn - these are things that happen on the news all the time. They're always stories about the season, think about how you can time with the season, so that you could have a story. You could have a story about how to avoid the winter blues if you go to a dance class and the benefits of dance in terms of your mental health and your emotional state - that kind of thing. You could tie in with Valentine’s Day - how dance classes beat bars as the best place to pick up on Valentine’s Day.

market_presentTruth #5. Think about your target market.

Think about stories that specifically relate to those target markets. If you're someone who targets everyone; come up with stories that are specific to the different subsections of your market rather than trying to have one story that covers off all bases that are probably not very well. You ought to have several different stories; one targeting the women's market, one target the men's market and deduce language and examples specific to those markets because obviously if you're helping a woman in a dance class it's a whole different set of reasons why woman would go to a dance class as opposed to a man.

There are many, many ways of coming up with a story idea. Hope that got your juices flowing for different ideas that you can come up now in your business, because literally - there are thousands of stories in business just waiting to be uncovered!

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