5 Reasons To Never Buy Likes For Your Facebook Business Page

Today, I’m going to share with you five reliable reasons why you should never buy Likes on Facebook.

So, you’ve finally created your brand new Facebook business page – congratulations!

You’re all excited, pumped up and hoping to see a lot of Facebook likes!

The only problem is, it looks pretty bad because you haven’t got that many.

So, just like what a few new business owners may do is you start searching on Google on how to buy Facebook likes thinking that you’ll get real Facebook followers that could potentially turn into clients for your business.

How it works is you buy Facebook likes by paying someone $100 to get you 10,000 likes on your business page.

However, most of those likes are from fake Facebook accounts.

While having 10,000 likes may seem like a great idea, regardless if they’re real or not, I’m going to share with you why it is ABSOLUTELY NOT a good idea because it’s going to hurt you in the long run. Even making fake Facebook accounts to start clicking the Like button on your page is a bad idea!

Here are the five reasons why you should never buy likes or fake the likes on your business page.

#1: Your REAL Fans Don’t See It

When you have 1,000 real fans on your Facebook page and you publish a post, it will only reach roughly 10% of your fans.

If it’s a really good post, the percentage might be a little bit higher at 20 or 30%. However, on average, 10% is the reach you’ll get, which means out of those 1,000 real fans, 100 people will get to see your post.

Now, if you’ve got 1,000 real fans but another 10,000 fake fans, what will actually happen is Facebook will start showing your posts to a random set of your followers.

Facebook will then realise that there’s not much interest in your post because all those fake likes and followers were really never interested in what you had.

They may have liked your page, but they’re not liking, responding or commenting on any of your posts.

Your REAL Fans Don't See It imageTherefore, Facebook’s algorithm will think, “This post isn’t that good. We’re not going to clog up people’s newsfeed because we’ve only got limited space in the newsfeed, and this post seems to be bad.”

For that reason, instead of reaching 10% of your real fans, you’re actually going to reach just 2% of them.

Instead of 100 real fans being reached out of 1,000, only 10 or 20 real fans will see your post in their newsfeed.

#2: You Can’t Target Your Facebook Fans Properly

#2: You Can't Target Your Facebook Fans Properly image

When you start doing paid ads as part of your Facebook marketing strategy for your service-based business or product-based business, you can actually choose to target all the people that have liked your Facebook page.

However, this very bankable method will be useless to you if the likes on your page come from people who aren’t really fans of your service or products.

#3: It Feels Bad

Let’s just address the elephant in the room – we shouldn’t really be buying Facebook likes because it’s trying to cheat the system.

Listen to that voice in your head saying that you’re out of integrity.

It’s reminding you to do the right thing because buying likes on Facebook is saying to your brain that I need to cheat in order to succeed.

More importantly, it’s sending the wrong message to your prospective client.

When you buy Facebook likes, they’ll see that something’s not right when they read your posts.

If I go to a Facebook page that has 10,000 likes but only has three or four likes on a post, I’m going to think that this person paid for their likes.

People may then think, “If the likes on their page are fake, what else are they going to be able to lie about if I become their customer?”

It Feels Bad image

#4: It Can Get You BANNED

It Can Get You BANNED image

Facebook is catching up with people that scheme and scam their users.

In the future, they will be able to detect that you’ve paid for those Facebook likes and they could slap a ban on you – game over for your business’ Facebook marketing.

These non-stop updates that Facebook does are done so that they can give their users a safe and great user experience so that we’ll keep coming back.

They do a “common-sense test”. It’s whatever a common-sense human being would expect to see and experience on Facebook. These updates are mainly done for people that try to cheat the system.

And this is just not happening on Facebook but on search engines such as Google and other social media platforms as well.

#5: You can’t un-buy them

Once you’ve experienced all the downsides associated with buying fake Facebook likes and you want to get rid of them, you can’t. You won’t be able to un-buy them.

The best thing to do at that point is to just start a new business page and make sure that the likes on your Facebook business page are actually people that are interested in your industry.

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5 Reasons To Never Buy Likes For Your Facebook Business Page – In Conclusion

Those are the reasons why you should never buy likes that are from fake on Facebook. A Facebook marketing strategy that you SHOULD do is run Facebook ads for your business because Facebook has a "pay to play" system.

Otherwise, you can only reach about 10% of your likes through free posts on your page, while the other 90% and the other two billion other people on Facebook will only be accessible through Facebook ads.

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