Authentic Marketing MAP – The One-Page Marketing Plan

I’d like to share with you a one-page marketing plan that we call the Authentic Marketing MAP. Compared to other marketing plans, this one is a short but valuable marketing strategy which I recently shared with one of our students.

The Authentic Marketing MAP will allow you to focus on the actual things that matter in your business so you can fast-track your success.

So MAP is an acronym that stands for:

  • Meet your ideal client.
  • Ask for their time.
  • Present your offer.

Let discuss each acronym of the 1-page marketing plan further.

Meet Your Ideal Client

A man and woman shaking hands imageThe letter M stands for meet your ideal client and what that fundamentally means is not everyone can be your customer.

You need to go for your avatar or that one specific person who is your perfect client. That could be the best client that you had in the past or a younger version of you.

You then create content, whether that be a webinar, a blog post or a Facebook ad, that’s just for your avatar. All the decisions you make in your business should also focus on finding solutions for your perfect client.

Ask For Their Time

Woman talking on the phone imageNext in our one-page marketing plan is you need to ask for their time. The purpose of asking for their time is you need time in order to build a relationship, which is all about trust. And once you’ve earned their trust, you have earned the right to ask for a transaction to occur.

Where a lot of people get it wrong is they ask for people’s contact details like their email address or their mobile number in exchange for an eBook or something like that.

But the problem with the eBooks is you can’t build a relationship and trust because they don’t see your face. Therefore, you can’t really ask for the business.

You also can’t transact on an eBook. You can’t have a ‘Buy Now’ button at the end of it where you ask them to buy your coaching services, your $500 product or whatever it may be.

And in general, people don’t even read their eBooks. There are a lot of people out there who download a lot of eBooks, but they never read them.

The best ways to ask for your ideal clients’ time is through video, like a 30 to 45-minute webinar or a two-hour live event. Or, it could be anything else that delivers value such as a free one-on-one assessment or a 30-minute strategy session.

You want to give as much value as possible. Just think about all of the problems that they have and how you can deliver as much value.

Present Your Offer

Woman wearing black framed eyeglasses watching a webinar imageSince you can’t revolutionize their life in 30 minutes or two hours, this is the stage in the one-page marketing plan where you present your offer.

If it’s a match, you can present your offer by saying something like, “Based on everything I’ve seen, I recommend that you’re a good candidate for this package.”

You could then describe what they’ll get out of the package such as the cost, the options and what option they would like to take. But, only if it’s a match.

In Conclusion

Hope you found my one-page marketing plan useful. To put the Authentic Marketing MAP into action, draw three circles on a piece of paper where each circle features to represent the acronym of ‘Meet your ideal client’, ‘Ask for their time’ and ‘Present your offer’.

Once you draw those three circles, you need to fill them in. For the first circle, you could write down that you could meet your ideal client using live events like Meetup, or through a Facebook ad or Instagram.

Inside ‘Ask for your time’, you might ask for their time for a strategy session. Or you might ask for their time through a webinar or live event.

Then, you present your offer. This is where you talk about your coaching program, your services, your eCommerce product or whatever that may be.

Focusing on just these three things in your one-page marketing plan will allow you to focus only the highest priority things in your business which will lead to achieving your business goals faster.

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