The Best Placement For Social Media Icons On Your Website

Ever wondered where the best placement for social media icons on your website is? Here’s a quick tip.

While using social media icons on your website can increase your social media following, the wrong placement could lead to a decrease in user experience, and more importantly, sales conversions.

There are so many tweaks that you can do on your website, but here are some tips that I’ve found are currently working for our website.

The Best Placement For Social Media Icons On Your Website

First and foremost, you shouldn’t place your Facebook logo at the front and centre of your website. If you look at the current layout of our website right now, you’ll see that we don’t put our Facebook logo at the top. It only appears at the bottom of our website.

That’s because we want people to stay on our website and have them sign up for our free events or paid programs.

I don’t want to send them back to Facebook now. If anything, I find people on Facebook and my job is to get them off Facebook so they can focus only on my website.

So once they’re on your website, you wouldn’t want to have a logo that says Find me on Facebook or Find me on YouTube, etc. All of those Facebook, YouTube, Instagram icons are massive distraction areas. You only want them to focus on your website.

And that’s why all of our social media icons are at the bottom of or other parts on the page that make sense.

Social Share Buttons

Social share imageUnlike social media icons that direct your website visitors to your social media pages, you would want to place your social shares buttons at the top of your blog posts.

This will allow your visitors to share your blog posts on Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Whatsapp and other social media platforms, which is free promotion for you.

So make sure that your social share buttons are at the beginning and the end of your posts so that people can easily share them. It’s a great way of growing your audience for free.

Limit The Number of Social Media Icons

When it comes to using social media icons, it’s best to limit the number of social media icons that you display to as few as possible. Too many social icons could have a negative effect on the speed of your website which leads to poor customer experience.

And how fast your webpages load has been clearly linked to a better visitor experience and how high you rank in the search engines such as Google.

Also, you don’t really need to include all the social media buttons that are out there. Just stick to the most popular ones like Facebook or social media platforms where you already have an active following.

In Conclusion

We hope you found this post, “The Best Placement For Social Media Icons On Your Website”, valuable. To recap, for social media icons that take your visitors away from your website, don’t have them at the front and centre of your website since you want to keep them on your website.

Also, place your social share buttons at the beginning and at the end of blog posts so people can easily share them.

And try to limit the number of social media icons that you have on your website so your pages can load faster which lead to better website customer experience.

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