Should You Create Content During Holidays?

When you’re away with friends, family or by yourself, you probably don’t want to worry about work. But what if recording content could be valuable to your business? Should you record or create content during holidays?

I’m in Bali right now on a holiday.

Why am I recording content?

So if you don’t enjoy recording content, then don’t do it.

Just have a holiday.

But the real secret I find is, why don’t you enjoy recording content?

Mindset Hack For Content Creation

If you’re seeing it like a chore or a task, what you shouldn’t do is just wait until you’re in front of your computer at home to record content.

You need to look at your mindset.

What does recording camera content or videos on camera mean to you?

If it means to you like, “Ah, I’m gonna feel really bad, I’m gonna cringe,” then that’s an issue.

You need to make it mean something empowering for you.

You need to learn to like it.

So as an example, for me, it becomes connection.

Right now, there’s no one here.

I’m headed to a bar to meet my wife and friends, but right now, I’m here with you.

Even though no one else is around, I’m still connecting with you.

I want to make the most of my holiday, especially since I have many more days ahead.

Just like you take photos while you’re on holidays, I do videos while I’m on holidays.

I enjoy it, and I’m good at it.

In my mind, I don’t think I’m wasting my holiday.

I feel that I’m making the most out of it.

So, in short, if you do not enjoy creating content while you’re on holidays, then don’t do it.

Imagine if creating content while travelling or at home became enjoyable. What would that mean? You’d create more and better content, leading to more clients.

You’ll impact more people.

You’ll help more people.

You’ll grow yourself and grow your business at the exact same time.

This is just one mindset hack I find that a lot of coaches need in order to expand their business.

Educating And Serving While Selling

If you want to learn my entire system that I’ve refined over the last 15 years with Authentic Education, I’m putting on a free event called “How to Attract Coaching Clients Consistently”.

The event is where you’re going to see me lay out for you the only seven different marketing methods you should try.

It’s not about giving out free discovery sessions, but doing what we would call a strategy session done in a specific way.

You’ll also learn how to present your offer so you are educating and serving people while you
are “selling”, all while enjoying the process so you don’t feel, “Ah, I really don’t want to be selling; that’s painful.”

I really don’t want to be creating content, that’s painful.

I don’t want to be speaking to the camera, that’s painful.”

The real trick out of all of this is to enjoy the process, to fall for the process, not the prize, so that you can travel and enjoy creating content and create better content.

So if you want to learn more or get your free ticket to this event, all you got to do is put your details here today.

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