Double Your Facebook Ad Results With These Targeted Audiences

Recently we ran a survey to our entire list, and we asked, "What's the one single thing you want to learn about most?"

And surprise, surprise, it was Facebook Ads.

That's because there's over 16 million active users in Australia alone on Facebook, and two billion users worldwide, so it doesn't really matter if you've got a product, service, B2B or B2C your target audience is on Facebook.

And having spent over $400,000 on Facebook Ads in the past 8 years (and also spending so much money that Facebook personally called me and wanted to privately mentor me, which they did!) and as a Facebook Certified Professional Planner, I know that a lot of people think success with Facebook Ads is all about the ad.

The reality is, it's actually about two important things because the ad is only half of the battle. And we'll go through the other half in just a moment...

A Quick Tip That Improves Your Ads By 102.5%

When it comes to the actual ad design and layout, to help you get better results right away you can do things like adding a person's face on your images. Just doing this alone can help it convert up to 102.5% higher.

There are actually six parts to a dynamic Facebook ad that I recommend doing. And while we don't have time to go into all 6 parts in this particular post, I do want to go into greater detail about the second important part of success with Facebook Ads, which is the Audience.

Facebook target market







Finding Your Ideal Clients Using Facebook Audiences

If you really want to create a great restaurant, what do you think the most important thing is?

A lot of people think it's the food or the location.

You don't necessarily need the best food. You just need a hungry crowd.

And that's where Facebook wins the game.

They can pinpoint so precisely your ideal clients, because they've got two billion users and a massive algorithm. (When you hear "algorithm," it's just code word for a tricky computer system.)

That's how they can win the game, and that's how you can get such cheap leads on Facebook compared to things like Google or LinkedIn.

Facebook leadsThere are three types of audiences on Facebook that you can target your message to.

And just to be clear, if you get the audience correct, if you get the hungry crowd correct, that is half the battle. It makes your Facebook ad, your landing page, all of that stuff much, much easier, and it's something that most people neglect.

Here's the three types of audiences.

1. The Core Audience.

This is Facebook's two billion users and it's the reason why Facebook targeted advertising works so well. It's things like what they're interested in, in terms of advertising, architecture, arts, music, fitness, whether or not they've done university degrees, whether or not they read books on Anthony Robbins, Benjamin J. Harvey, and all those things.

Demographics. We already mentioned education. If they're a baby boomer, if they're single or married. As an example, you could say, "Show me all the people that recently got engaged within the last month," and you could target wedding receptions to them or something like that. You could say, "Show me all the people that flew from Berlin to Sydney and now live here," and you could target accommodation for German backpackers, as an example.

You can get so precise with your targeting that it's amazing.

Behaviours. Whether or not they're on an iPhone. Traveling, we've talked about already. Digital activities, such as if they're spending online. That means that you could say, "Show me all of the women who are interested in bodybuilding who fall within a certain mileage, like within the 4km radius of where I currently live." You can pinpoint it so precisely that half your job is actually done. It's that hungry crowd, like we talked about before.

target audience

2. Custom Audiences

There are four types of Custom Audiences.

You can upload a client list, so if you've got an existing list of mobile numbers or email addresses, you can actually upload them to Facebook, and you can target to them. Now, you might be thinking, "Why would I want to target to them? I've already got their details." Reason is that if you've seen the open rates these days, they're only getting lower, but let's say a typical open rate might be 20%.

That means that other 80% of people on your list, people that you've got a preexisting relationship with, you've already got trust with them, your email's not cutting through, so you should upload to Facebook, create that client list as well.

targeting custom audiences on FacebookWebsite visitors. You can place a little thing known as a Facebook pixel. It's like a bit of tracking code on your website, and all the people that visit your site, because 99% of them won't take action on your site, you can retarget to them on Facebook.

You can get all the people who like your Facebook page, and then you can create an audience of those people as well.

App installs is another one. So if you've got an app, it means that you can create an audience for all the people who've installed your app.

But here's where it gets cool.

3. The Lookalike Audience

So how do lookalike audiences work? Well, remember on that previous one, where you uploaded a list of clients. Now you can say to Facebook, "Hey, I've got 200," which is about the minimum I would upload, "I've got 200 of these clients. Of those 200 email addresses I just gave you, or mobile numbers I just gave you, about 120 of them are using that email or mobile as their Facebook user ID or as their Facebook mobile.

Show me, out of those 120 people another 100,000 other people on Facebook that look just like my best clients." So now you've duplicated your best clients of 120 or 200 into potentially 100,000 potential people. That's amazing, and you let Facebook's algorithm, its tricky code, its billion-dollar algorithm, go to work and attract to you those clients as well.

lookalike targeting

Those are the three different types of audiences, and it's really where Facebook wins the game. If you can master audiences (and I've just scratched the surface here!)  there are actually 12 other things I would love to tell you about that we can't cover in a five-minute video.

So if you want to see me go through not only audiences, but set up an entire ad from start to finish and link it to my highest-converting ad of all time that's generated us easily a couple of million dollars, then I invite you to come down to my FREE Zoom event, "How To Attract Coaching Clients Consistently".

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