How Great Decisions Create Great Opportunities

There's a lot of people out there that want to change their life, they want to make big changes to what they're doing. They also want to go out there and serve the world in some way, shape or form by sharing their message in a way that actually is commercially viable and also allows them to reach more people and transform those people's lives for the better.

Now I'm sure you've been seeing a whole bunch of marketing going out for a brand new event we have coming up called 'Marketing Made Easy'. Today what I wanted to talk to you about is the three most common or core elements required to actually change your life and how that actually relates to this upcoming event, Marketing Made Easy.

When I first got started in this industry I was struggling. I was struggling because I did not understand a very basic concept, and that basic concept was known as marketing.

I knew that deep down inside my soul I wanted to make a difference in the world, I wanted to change people's lives, I wanted to make a connection, I wanted to help. I wanted to do some healing work around this planet.

What I found though was that I was not really getting the traction I was looking for and even though I was putting in all the energy and effort that I could day in & day out, I was missing a very important skill and that skill is the skill of marketing.

The 3 Key Ingredients For Making Better Decisions

In order for us to change our life we generally need to be able to do only one thing and that is to make a decision. See, until we have actually made a decision we can't actually change anything. The key to changing your life is actually found in the key to making a decision.

When it comes to making a decision there's generally three things that are required to be present for that decision to be the right thing for you.

The first one is the right people, the second one is the right opportunity, and the third one is the right attitude.

Now, if those three things line up you actually find yourself making a very congruent intuition based decision.

Making The Decision To Grow Your Product, Service or Business

Why does decision making and Marketing Made Easy correlate to each other?

Right now you have an incredible chance to make a decision about your life that'll actually change the trajectory of it and allow your message to reach more people.

You may have just started in business, or you have no idea what business you'd like to be in, or you've been in business for a very long time...  but either way, you realise that getting your message out to the world is an important thing. And so this decision-making idea is probably going to help you out right now, so let's have a look at it...

Right now we know that we have an event coming up called "Marketing Made Easy". One thing you're going to get for certain at that event is an introduction to the right people.

What we've found is that the people that come along to our events really have a like-minded process to the way in which they view the world. They're all difference-makers, they want to see the world in a brighter light, they want to transform people's lives, they want to grow their businesses and be successful but do it in a very meaningful way. If you make the decision to come along to Marketing Made Easy what I know for certain is that you are going to be surrounded by the right people.

The second cool thing about Marketing Made Easy is the opportunity that it provides. If you've been following our company for the last eight plus years you'll know that I've been the one who generally tours around Australia and runs the events and shares the information and content that we provide to that organisation.

One thing that we're big on in our company is exemplification, being able to be an example of what we actually teach. In doing so we make sure that the teachers we provide for you are actual examples of what they're teaching.

When it comes to marketing I have to tell you I am not the person that does all of the marketing in our organisation. In fact, the co-founder, Cham Tang who's going to be the speaker at Marketing Made Easy is the person who's done all of the marketing in our organization from the very first day.

In fact, if it wasn't for the partnership that I have with Cham then you wouldn't even know that I exist and that's just the facts of how it all works! In fact, Cham would be the first one to say that marketing is half of your business. The opportunity you have in front of you right now is to attend a one day life changing event for free where you can learn directly from the source behind all of the marketing that has gone into building a multi-million dollar national brand called Authentic Education.

If you'd like to learn everything that we do behind the scenes, everything from how we actually set up our Facebook ads, how we write our emails, how we locate our clients, how to actually put together our lead magnets, how we create our blog posts, how do we actually make sure that we keep the audience members engaged and how do we ensure that we do all of that with the most incredible vibration of wanting to change people's lives in every way, shape or form. If you want to learn all of that then make sure you make the decision to register because the opportunity is ripe for the picking.

The third thing is the right attitude. Jim Rohn would often speak about this concept known as an "Until" attitude.

Now, an "Until" attitude is just attitude where you just do something until it works. What I know is that Cham Tang has persisted with our marketing to such a degree of the last eight and a half years that he has worked out everything that's broken and he's fixed it, he's changed it, he's sought out the best experts, the best knowledge in everything to ensure that nowadays we get a 500% return on our marketing investment. Yes, a 500% return.

That means for every dollar we spend on marketing we get at least $5.00 back. Now, I know it's obviously not about the money but it is important to realize that the strategies you'll be learning at Marketing Made Easy, not only do they work but they're the things that we use right inside our business.

If you'd like to change your life, and you want to get more clients on board, and you want to start to serve more people, then my advice is register for this event as soon as possible because the three critical elements that make up a life changing decision are there; the right people, the right opportunity, and the right attitude.

Please do come along. I want to let you know this though, spaces are limited by the room size. We booked the rooms months ago so these rooms are limited by the size of the number of people that can fit in it so it's actually going to be first come, first served basis.

My advice is pop your details down below and come along to the event. Anyone else that you can think of that would also benefit from learning how to market their message please come along. Cham is absolutely one of the best online marketers on planet earth at this moment in this industry and it would be insane not to see him sharing his wisdom from a platform because let's face it, the price is right, it's absolutely free.

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