How to add Facebook comment box to a website

Today, social-media widgets are a must-have for every well-known organization, website or blog. By adding the Facebook comment box, comments are easily shared with friends or with people who like your Page on Facebook.

To have a Facebook Comment box on your WordPress powered website, go through following steps.

1. You will need a Facebook developer account. Register here for it Skip steps that does not make sense.

2. Once registration is complete login here and click on ‘Apps’ tab. On ‘Apps’ page, click on ‘Create New App’ button


3. On the popup window provide ‘App Name’ and then click ‘Continue’


4. Provide Captcha code in next popup and click on ‘Continue’ button


5. In next step, provide your ‘App Domain’

Tick ‘Website with Facebook Login’ and insert website URL in ‘Site URL’ text box.
‘Save Changes’ once you insert above details.
Copy ‘App ID’.


6. Login to WordPress backend and install and activate ‘Facebook Comments by Fat Panda’ plugin. See steps 1-5 here for how to find and install required plugin.

7. Go to Settings -> Facebook Comments


8. Insert  app id you noted in previous step into ‘App ID’ field and hit ‘Save’ button

Set ‘Width’ to 580
Set form title as per instruction provided
Finally click “Save All Changes” button.


9. That will add Facebook comment box as displayed below


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