How To Build An Endless Flow Of Clients & Customers

Now, when it comes to marketing, do you feel sometimes you're doing things the hard way? I see so many people running around, doing their marketing manually instead of actually automating it.

Having been in this business for over nine years educating people about marketing either directly or through courses that we run, I can see a lot of people are hauling buckets, so I'd like to play a quick video for you that asks the question, "Are you hauling buckets, or are you building a pipeline?"

An Analogy For Creating An Endless Flow Of Clients

There's this guy. He lives in a village. The village is a couple miles away from the closest water source, and his job basically was to put a yoke on his back, would hitch the two different buckets, and he make this hike every day.

He'd fill his buckets up with water, walk back, and every day, all of his inventory was sold out. Everybody wanted what he had. Everybody needed what he had.

He had an incredible job security, and if he wanted to make more money, he just simply make more trips. He would go back and forth as many times as he could, and every time he went back and forth, he'd make more money.

Another guy sees this and says, "I want to take advantage of that because that guy has got perfect job security. Everybody needs his product," and so he fashioned himself a yoke, puts a couple buckets, and starts making trips the same as this other guy. Just like the other guy, everybody needed his product. He's making a good living.

What he ended up doing is instead of making multiple trips per day, he would basically make one trip, and then he'd take whatever extra time he had and start building a pipeline. I guess you could say he was working full-time on his job and part-time on his fortune.

Building A Pipeline Vs Hauling Buckets

One man was hauling buckets back and forth, making more money than his friend. He works day and night, night and day. First, hauling buckets to make sure his family was taken care of, and then working nights and overtime trying to figure out how to build his pipeline, overcoming the concerns that he had to deal with, the rocks in the ground. He spent the time doing that to build his pipe consistently and persistently over time.

A few years later, he finally finishes the pipeline, gets it to the village, and eventually turns on a spigot. At this point, everybody in the village could come and get as much water as they want. It's cooler, cleaner, fresher, better than the water he was hauling with buckets and cheaper.

Everybody could get it much more affordably, and he did this. He not only built an actual pipeline that was a pipeline of water, but he also built a financial pipeline, something that would pay him and his family, and take care of his needs for the rest of his life.

Strategies To Build Your Pipeline

How does that apply to marketing? With your marketing, you should create set-and-forget strategies that once you create that marketing system, it does the work for you. It's been said that wealthy people create systems and the systems do the work.

Facebook Advertising

As an example, here's a screenshot of our actual Facebook leads account, so here you can see over time that the number of people that we attract into our business keeps going up, and up, and up. You know what the best thing about that is? Once we set up that system, we virtually do zero work in order to maintain that. Sure, there's a bit of tweaking and optimizing, but it's essentially a set-and-forget strategy.

Email Subscribers

This is an example that I created for an old business of mine. It's the private MailChimp list growth rate that I've had. Keep in mind. You can see this bar chart going up and up over time, but I did zero, and this time, it's a real zero. Once it was set up, I did zero work building this MailChimp list over time because I was so busy with Authentic Education.

MeetUp Groups

Here's another one with Meetup. We are the biggest holder of Meetups, which is a live events platform, across Australia that I know of. We hold over nine Meetups in total. I think actually at last count, it's been ... We added three more, so over 12 Meetups in total across Australia. Here, you can see a dashboard of our growth rate increasing and increasing.

Once again, it's virtually set and forget. Once we set the Meetup system up, all we did was leave it to do its thing, and as you can see, every single day, every single week, new people join.

Once again, wealthy people create systems, and the systems do the work. When it comes to your automated marketing, there are seven ways that I would recommend you create an endless pipeline of clients, an endless stream of customers.

The Hard Road Gets Easy

Sometimes, people ask, "Does it work?" Yes, it takes a little bit of work to set it up just like you saw by building a pipeline versus hauling buckets. I would like to quote a brilliant, brilliant quote from the late great Wayne Dyer, and he said, "The easy road gets hard and the hard road gets easy."

It's easy to just keep hauling buckets. You get your drink of water much quicker, but that gets harder over time, and it's hard to build a pipeline of clients too, but it gets really, really easy in 3 months' time, 6 months' time, 12 months' time. You won't be running around, instead you'll have your marketing sorted, you'll have your business sorted, and you'll have your life sorted with the financial freedom and fulfillment that you deserve.

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