How To Create A Linkedin Profile That Stands Out

Great Linkedin profile imageHere’s how to create a Linkedin profile that will get you noticed by your ideal clients. Implementing these strategies will ensure your Linkedin profile works hard for you and will get your business results fast.

Anatomy Of A Great Linkedin Profile

There are a couple of basic things that you need to learn when creating a Linkedin profile that stands out. Here’s the makeup of a great profile taken from Linkedin to help you to get started. It’s a profile of a corporate HR recruiter.

Anatomy Of A Great Linkedin Profile image

Step 1 Of How To Create A Linkedin Profile: Have An Engaging, Friendly Picture

The first step on how to make a Linkedin profile that stands out is to upload your best professional picture. It should be engaging and friendly so you can make a favourable first impression. The benefit of doing so is you are seven times more likely to be found by potential clients. Your Linkedin profile picture is also the first thing that they will see. So, make sure to put your best face forward.

According to Linkedin, you’ll also get 21x more profile views by uploading a profile picture and 9x more connection requests.

Here are some tips for creating a great profile picture:

  • The photo must be up to date and actually looks like you now – not a picture of you a decade ago. Make sure that your clients will be able to recognise you when it’s time to meet them in person or on a video call.
  • Practice your facial expression before taking a picture. Don’t forget to smile with your eyes since you want to look warm and friendly to potential clients.
  • Position your face in the centre of the frame and make sure that your face occupies about 60% of it. You can do this by cropping the picture from the top of your shoulder to just a little bit above your head.
  • Wear clothes that you would wear to work. Solid colours are always a good bet.
  • Choose a simple and non-distracting background to make sure that YOU are the prime focus of your picture and not the background.

Here are sample pictures that Linkedin loves. These are profile pictures that are done right because they are all in focus, have good lighting and have basic backgrounds. Also, they all look friendly and engaging.

Linkedin profile pictures sample image

Step 2: Write A Headline That Makes A Strong First Impression

The second step on how to create a Linkedin profile that stands out is to write a great headline. Your headline is found right under your name and apart from your picture, it is the single most essential detail to creating a strong impression. So, you need to make it short and sweet and put in a nutshell what you do.

While many choose to just list their job title on there, that doesn’t really get to the heart of their skills and influence. Here are some great tips for making an attention-grabbing headline.

  • Make it quick and catchy. Imagine your headline as your tagline so try to make it unforgettable.
  • Other than stating your job, show your personality to make it unique to you.

Here are some great examples from life coaches:

Linkedin headlines image

Step 3 Of How To Make A Linkedin Profile: Write A Summary That Tells Your Story

When writing a summary on your Linkedin profile, avoid generic summaries like, “Seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience."

They don’t suggest who you truly are, what you offer and how passionate you are about changing people’s lives. These are the necessary ingredients for earning the trust of your potential clients.

Rather than a generic summary, talk about your passions, your mission, as well as your accomplishments. Tell them why they should “Connect” with you on Linkedin.

Here are other tips for you to consider when writing your summary:

  • Write in the first person. Talking about yourself in the third person can sound impersonal. Write in the first person to keep it human and to avoid being overly formal.
  • Use keyword specific skills to show up in Linkedin’s search engine. Use relevant keywords in your summary so that your profile will show up in search. For example, if you’re a life coach, make sure to include the words life coach, coaching, goals, goal setting, etc. in your summary.
  • Make your summary about you. Since this is your personal brand and you are the face of your business, it is okay to focus on you. Share your intentions, aspirations and passions.

Here is a great example.

Linkedin summary example image

Step 4 On How To Create A Linkedin Profile: Provide Relevant Experience

The format of the experience section on your Linkedin profile is a bit different than your resume. You shouldn’t just copy and paste from your resume, but you do want the two to mirror one another.

Instead of using bullet points to describe what you do or what you did, add a personal touch with a paragraph, also written in the first person.

You should describe your key responsibilities and accomplishments in two to four sentences.

Here’s the cool thing about writing your relevant experience. It can also include volunteer experience. Volunteer experience is a terrific way to show how you give back to your community, which can attract you more clients for your business.

Step 5: Add Your Training & Education

Your education section can really help you stand apart from competitors, especially if it relates to the services that you offer. For example, if you have an ICF certification as a life coach, you have a better chance of attracting high-paying clients.

To make your education really stand out, add activities and societies that you were a part of like fraternities, sororities, as well as extracurricular activities and clubs that you joined. You can also utilise the description area under the education section to include awards, honours as well as committees that you served on.

Linkedin training and education sections

It’s good to note that Linkedin also allows you to add licenses and certificates. This is the perfect way to feature your skills along with your credentials.

Step 6 On How To Create A Linkedin Profile: Add Special Accomplishments

Handshake image

The sixth step on how to make a Linkedin profile is to add special accomplishments. Filling up the accomplishments section is a great way to turn the heat up on your profile. It allows you to feature other important areas of your life such as courses, publications, projects and even languages.

It lets others know that your experience and education may not be the only reasons why they should want to learn more about you and your services.

Step 7: Establish Credibility With References & Recommendations

References and recommendations are perfect enhancements to your Linkedin profile. They confirm your expertise, skills and, most importantly, your work with past clients.

Your prospects want to work with people that they trust, and there’s no better way than by showing your recommendations.

Reach out for a recommendation imageSo, reach out to your colleagues, your past clients, mentors, teachers and leaders in your network and request a recommendation from them.

Here’s a special tip. If you’re not receiving the feedback you hoped, write a recommendation for their Linkedin profile first. Chances are, they’ll return the favour.

When requesting for recommendations, you could include some notes about how you helped solve their issues. They will appreciate you for that because it will help them in writing a good recommendation.

We hope you enjoyed our post, “How To Create A Linkedin Profile That Stands Out”, and now know how to create a professional LinkedIn profile that works hard for you. Need more tips and advice on how to boost your business? Enquire about our Difference-Maker Accelerator program here.

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