How To Create A Logo On A Budget

logo-designGetting a designer to design a logo for you can be difficult because you don't know what you like until you see it. Going back and forth with a designer can be both time consuming and expensive. Here's what you can do instead.

Walk in your avatar's shoes

While it's important that you like your logo, it's even more important that your ideal client (avatar) likes it too. Keep this in mind when making any decision in your business, including your logo design.

A typical logo is comprised of 2 things:

  1. An icon/graphicYou can search for "logo" on either of these 2 sites:
    Vector Stock
    Graphicriver - You can narrow your search on the left by clicking "Tags" on the left.You can also search things like "corporate logo", "spiritual logo", "education logo" etc. Think of words that describe your industry.

    You're not trying to find your logo here. Just the graphic that helps represent your logo. Instead of paying your designer for multiple variations and going back and forth with them, we can save time by getting an idea of what we like first instead.

  2. FontYou don't want your logo to look like it could have been designed in Microsoft Word. People will immediately think it looks cheap and unprofessional.

    Checkout popular fonts on

    You can view different fonts by categories on the right hand side such as handdrawn, contemporary, elegant etc. Once you select a font, you can even click "Test Drive" to see what that font will look like with your text.


    Testing a font from fontsquirrel

    Send the icon and font to your designer

    Find a designer on to design your logo for you. They won't be doing it from scratch, so this job will be quicker, cheaper and will get you something you already like.

    Search for "logo design" or "graphic designer" on fiverr. You can browse their portfolios and pricing. Pricing starts from $5, but after all the addons usually ends up being about $50.

    Provide them with the graphic you downloaded and the font. Then ask them to create variations in sizing, colour and placement for you to choose from.

    I hope this helps you create a lovely looking logo on a budget.

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