How To Enjoy Selling If You “Hate Sales”

If you want to learn how to sell anything to anyone then you have to actually enjoy selling! You need to have a love for sales and a strong belief that your services and products will help people and make their lives better.

I know some people have a little bit of stuff around money, sales or selling. I often get that response.

I remember reading a survey just last week and a lady said this: "I'm really great at marketing and selling other people's stuff. But when it comes to my own stuff, I just kind of fall apart."

Do you feel that way sometimes? You're really great at other people's stuff, but not your own?

Then please write this quote down from my business partner here at Authentic Education, Benjamin J. Harvey. Instead of selling, we use the term inspiring people to buy. This is the reason why we enjoy sales:

"Every time a sale is made, a person's life improves."

If your products and services help people every time you make a sale, you're improving someone's life.

Why would you hold back from that?

Why would you shy away from that if you honestly believe their life is going to improve?


Cham Tang with Anthony RobbinsI remember when I was still working with Anthony Robbins. I had a colleague whose name was Goran. And Goran actually had asked me, "Hey Cham, can you help me with my presentation? I want to be like Tony. I want to do a lot of these personal development events."

I thought about it. I looked at his presentation, and I realised he had a lot of work he needed to do. And I said, "You know what, Goran? No, I can't help you."

He was taken aback, and he said, "Why? Why can't you help me?"

I said, "Because, no offense, but you've got a lot of work we need to do together. This is going to take two hours every weekend for the next 10 weekends. And I'd need to get paid for that amount of my time.

I know we're like work colleagues, but I'd need to get paid. But I don't want to charge you, because you're a friend. And I don't want to give you two hours of my Saturday every week for the next 10 weeks. So, I'm kind of stuck, and the answer is no."

Then he said, "Cham, but I actually need your help. You can help me. Why aren't you helping me?"

I said, "It's because of the money thing. I feel strange about taking your money."

"Cham, here's my money. I actually want to give you my money. You're doing me a disservice by not taking my money!"

Cham Tang presenting imageSo I said to him, "All right, give me your money."

I took his money, but no one had ever said it like that before. Since we had a good relationship, he didn't put it so poignantly.

“You're doing me a disservice by not taking my money!”

Enjoy Selling!

If your customers could say what's going on inside their mind, if they knew what your products or services would actually do for them, they would have the same conversation.

"Why are you acting strange around the selling part?”

"This is going to help my life. Why are you shying away?”

"Why are you pulling back on the very first sign of a hurdle of an objection?"

Just know, if your products and services will actually help people, then you should have no reservation. You should overcome your ‘hate’ for selling because, in actuality, it is your obligation to help them.

And that’s also how you become good at selling – having the mindset that your products and services will improve people’s lives.

If it's a match, if your products or services will help people, then have a love for sales!

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