Effective Coaching Techniques – Get Your Clients RAPID Results

If you want to learn one of the most effective coaching techniques to get your clients results as quickly as possible, follow this simple 5-step process.

We call it the R.A.P.I.D. Results Method, and it is by far one of the most effective coaching methods and the fastest system that I've found that ensures clients get the results that they want to achieve and to then make sure that those results stick.

Effective Coaching Techniques – The RAPID Results Method Step #1: Result

The first step in the RAPID Results Method is the result. You need to know the RESULT that your client actually wants.

When a client comes to see you, what you're most interested in is what result do they actually want to achieve? Don't get them to tell you everything about the problem for the next five hours. Simply find out what result do they want.

Step #2: Align

The second step of the RAPID Results Method is to ALIGN the person so their head, their heart and their actions are congruent. These three checkpoints should be working correctly so that they are producing Myelin, their glial cells are functioning, as well as their mind, body and soul are working correctly.

Most clients aren't getting results because they are not in alignment. They think one thing, but they feel another thing. They act a totally different way.

If we can get their thoughts, their feelings and their actions to line up, then we're in a good position.

What I do with a client to align them is I get those three checkpoints working because I know that if they're not aligned, they won't produce Myelin. If they're not producing Myelin, we're not developing skills. If we're not developing skills, we're not going to get any results. So, we need skills to occur.

Everything a client wants to achieve in their life requires a skill to be developed, and the skill is going to be wrapped in Myelin. So, we need to make sure we're developing skills with our clients.

For instance, you want your relationship to get better? You have to develop relationship skills. Do you want to be better at being employed? You got to develop employability skills. Do you want to build your wealth? You’ve got to develop wealth-building skills. Do you want to be more spiritual? You've got to develop meditation and spiritual practice skills.

Every result your client wants, and basically, every result on planet Earth is going to require the development of a skill. And skills are developed fastest when they are in alignment with their head, heart and hands, or their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Step #3: Plan

Effective coaching techniques cannot be effective without a PLAN. The next step of the RAPID Results Method is to create a plan that's going to get them to where they want to go. A plan has a timeline that has goals in it that your coaching clients are going to do for them to get where they want to go.

Step #4: Implement

Once they've got the plan, the next obvious thing to do is to IMPLEMENT the plan. This is where you hold them accountable to make sure your clients are actually taking those necessary actions to achieve their goal.

Step #5: Develop

Once they've implemented the plan, the last step is to DEVELOP. Develop is where your clients start to fully take complete empowerment for themselves. At this stage, your clients are able to be their own best coach and can take themselves through the RAPID model.

Effective Coaching Techniques – RAPID Results Method In Conclusion

There you have it – the five simple steps to get your clients RAPID results that will also make sure that their goals stick. To recap, once I've got your Result, there are four things that I have to do: Align, Plan, Implement and Develop.

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