How To Sell Coaching Services With Live Presentations

How To Sell Coaching Services With Live Presentations blog imageLearning how to sell coaching by presenting on a platform is one of the best if not THE best way to sell your coaching services.

While it’s a great marketing strategy example to grow your coaching service, it is definitely not easy… which is a good thing. Let’s discuss this further by pointing out the biggest benefits of live presentations.

The Benefits of Live Presentations

Here are the four main reasons why live presentations will help you to rapidly grow your coaching services.

1.      Have Your Audience’s Full Attention

Have Your Audience’s Full Attention imageWith all the bombardment of the online world, from Tweets, Facebook notifications, SMS, email messages and all that stuff, the hardest thing to get these days is people’s attention.

If you don’t have someone’s attention, then you’ve got nothing at all. And there’s no better way to get attention than doing a live presentation.

Doing webinars are good, especially when they’re live. But even better than that is getting a bunch of people in a live room because you have control over their attention.

2.      Gain Trust Faster

Gain trust faster imagePeople buy from people they know they can trust. Now there are two types of trust:

  1. Personal trust – as in I like you as a person. I trust you. You’re a good bloke, a good guy/gal, you’re trustworthy.
  2. Professional trust – I may like you as a person, but I may not trust you to take my heart out because you’re not a heart surgeon. So, professional trust is even more important than personal trust.

And it’s very hard to display professional trust unless people see you in the flesh. When you do a live speaking event, your audience can pick up subtle nuances, the way you behave, etc. which helps build professional trust faster.

When it comes to learning how to sell coaching by gaining trust, people will trust you as a professional by seeing you on video and even more so live on stage than you can possibly do like creating a landing page or sending out an email or an SMS or anything like that.

3.      It’s Hard To Do

It's hard to do imageWhile this may not look like a reason to do live presentations, it actually is. The same reason that a lot of people don’t want to do it is the same reason that you should do it.

This is because there’s a lot of room at the top for things that are difficult.

The things that are really easy to do, like creating a Facebook event, sending out an email, placing a Facebook ad… they’re also easy for other people to do. And since it’s also easy for other people to do, there’s just so much clutter.

Nowadays, people’s inboxes are just jammed with so much clutter. Also, people’s Facebook accounts have all these notifications going on. It’s very hard for you to differentiate yourself now since it’s really easy to create an email or Facebook account and just post or click send.

You’ll just be another Facebook ad or another unread email.

But when you’re on stage, no one can copy you. That is your unique selling point (USP) and that will help you and your coaching business cut through the noise and get more clients.

The highest-paid coaches around the world continue to use live presentations to grow their coaching services, so why shouldn’t you?

4.      It’s Fun

It's fun imageDoing live presentations is fun and exciting! It’s challenging, it builds character, and it will allow you to build your own tribe of ideal clients and connect with them.

I assume you didn’t start your coaching services just to sit behind a computer and optimise your website?? I didn’t think so.

How To Sell Coaching Services

So how do you stand up in front of a room full of people and do a pitch presentation in such a way that they’ll line up and hire you to be their life coach? Here are some important things to consider.

1.      Sell The Category, Not The Service

Your life with a life coachSell the lifestyle of having a coach or describe how their life would look like if you help them to achieve your goals rather than focusing on the services that you offer.

Focus more on the benefits of having a life coach like how you can help them find their passion and purpose and the impact that it would have in their lives.

You could also talk about how you can help improve their self-confidence and develop an empowering self-image so they can accomplish any of their life goals and live a life that they truly love.

Or, you could paint them a picture of what their life would look like if they learned how to overcome their fears and insecurities.

By selling the category or the lifestyle of having a coach, your audience will become more interested in finding out how exactly you can improve their lives. So, focus on the results that they’ll get rather than focusing on the type of coaching you do.

2.      Tell Them Who You DON’T Want to Work With

I want to work with you imageIn your talk, tell your audience who you don’t want to work with and that you will only work with people who meet your requirements.

In your pitch presentation, when you say that you’ll take on any paying client, chances are, you’ll end up with people running away from you. That’s because any sense that you send out of desperation, like you need to be validated or you desperately need more clients, pushes people away.

If you say that you’re only willing to work with a selected few who are ready to really commit to the coaching process, who set their sights on great goals, who truly believe that they need a coach to work hard on achieving something that they couldn’t achieve without your help, and that you won’t work with absolutely anyone else, you will create that interest and curiosity where people will want to find out more about your services.

With this marketing strategy example, by pushing people away, you will attract your perfect clients.

3.      Use The Freemium Model

Freemium text imageUse the freemium model and you’ll learn how to sell coaching effectively. You probably know what it is. Perhaps you just haven’t heard the word for it.

As an example. Google uses the freemium model. They provide Gmail for free, Google the search engine is free, Google Maps, the Android operating system, and so on… they are all for FREE.

Once they get the trust, the personal and the professional trust, that’s when they’ll upsell you. They’ll try to sell you extra gigabytes of space in your Gmail, more space in your Google drive, paid productivity apps in their app store, etc. It’s a great marketing strategy example.

So when it comes to your live presentations, I recommend you use the freemium model as well. That means all of the initial things that you will provide are free.

For example, your first ever workshop or keynote presentation is totally free. Maybe even the next workshop or live presentation after that is free as well.

By using the freemium model, your ideal audience or target market will get to know you, like you and trust you as a person and as a professional.

Once you’ve gained that trust, then you can invite them to your next paid thing, which more than likely, they’ll be happy to pay for.

How To Sell Coaching Services With Live Presentations - In Conclusion

We hope you’ve found some value in this post. To recap, the four main reasons why you should learn how to sell coaching by presenting on a platform are: you’ll have the people’s full attention, you’ll gain trust faster, it’s hard to do and it’s fun.

When selling your coaching service, remember to:

  1. Sell The Category, Not The Service
  2. Tell Them Who You DON’T Want to Work With
  3. Use The Freemium Model

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