How To Sell Without Selling

Over the years, clients have regularly said to me: “I really want to become a coach. I really want to go out there and change people's lives, but I don't want to be salesy. I don't want to do this thing called selling. I don't like it at all."

The market has changed, and one thing that we need to start to become aware of is simply this: You and I have changed the way in which we interact from a buying perspective.

In fact, nowadays, when you think about it, we are more educated than ever before. Nowadays, the whole idea of selling is not really selling anymore. What we're finding now is something known as educational-based selling.

Educational-based selling is a completely different art form. The cool thing about the new marketplace and offering people your products or coaching services is this. If you enjoy teaching people new things, if you enjoy sharing information and advice with people, then you're in a very good position to start to understand how we buy now.

Have you ever been in a department store before, and you're about to go and buy something, and the shop attendant comes over and starts to ask you, "Can I help you with something? Are you looking at something?" and they start talking to you about the product service?

Meanwhile, you pull out your mobile phone and you start to Google everything you can about the product.

They're like, "This thing has a blah, blah, blah," and you're like, "Well, actually, I can see on my phone it's got this, and this, and this."

What you're actually doing is you're educating yourself before you buy something. It's called educational-based selling.

Thanks to the advent of the internet and smartphones etc, we are more educated than ever before, which means traditional sales techniques are no longer required. One of the things I love about coaching and training healers, and difference-makers, and people who love personal development to go out there and share their gifts in the way of coaching is that we don't actually need to sell anymore.

What we need to do now is learn how to educate.

What I learned a long time ago is when I get on the phone with someone who potentially wants to get some coaching, or wants to sign up for some of my services, rather than going through these outdated sales techniques, what I now do is run them through a 12-minute piece of content.

When I was studying personal development and neuroscience, one of the most amazing things I learnt was something known as neurons. Neurons are thinking cells, and what I learned as I further investigated these neurons was that neurons or neural networks, when they join together, form our behaviors and our habits.

Our habits are responsible for virtually every result we get in our life.

If you want to lose weight, you've got to change your habits. If you want to eat healthy, you've got to change your habits. If you want to save money, you've got to change your habits. If you want a better relationship, you've got to change your habits. If you want a better job or a promotion, you've got to change your habits.

If your habits are all driven by these things called neural networks, it's probably important that we investigate them, so I started studying neural networks. And what I realised is that neurons are wrapped in this insulative substance, this fatty substance that initiates the speed at which they're able to transfer information down the neural network. And this fatty substance is called Myelin. So I went and studied a whole bunch about Myelin, and I wrapped it up into this 12-minute piece of content.

What I started to do is every time I met a client, rather than trying to sell them the benefits, and the price, and the fact that I can do the coaching on the phone or face-to-face, or, "You can call me anytime," or, "It comes with unlimited SMS," etc.

Rather than doing that, when I met a client who is potentially interested in coaching, I took some time aside to educate that client about how neurons work, how Myelin wraps and initiates neural networks, and how we change habits.

Every client that I took the time to sit down with and educate them, surprisingly, they decided to take the next step with my coaching.

Your potential clients don't actually care how much your coaching costs. They don't care how it's delivered. All your clients really care about is are you able to get them what they desire most in life.

Think about that. All your clients care about is are you able to get them what they want most in life and nothing else.

As a coach, that's your job to help people get what they want most in their life, so when you take the time out to educate your clients on how the mind works, how the body works, how energy works, how manifestation works, how the law of attraction ... Whatever it is your little tricky angle is, when you take time out to educate your clients and you show them that you know something that can dramatically change the results they're getting in life, then they are way more likely to buy your services.

Next time you meet a client, rather than trying to use sales techniques on them, why not try to educate them? Why not try to teach them something about their mind that they may not already know or that they haven't heard the way you say it?

If you take the time to do that, they will get the feeling that you know something about how they can get what they want most in their life, which means they are far more likely to buy coaching from you. It's called educational-based selling.

I hope this has been beneficial. What do you actually do with it? Well, my advice will be this. Go through everything you've learned about change, transformation, healing, creating what you want, getting your goals, achieving great things.

Go through everything you've ever read, the books, the whole thing, and find the one thing that stood out the most for you. The one thing that just blew your mind when you learned about, you just couldn't stop thinking or talking about it. You told every single one of your friends because it was the coolest thing you ever learned about creating change in your own life.

Find that piece of information. Take some bullet points on that piece of information, jot it down, and put it into about a 5- to 10-minute piece of content.

Practice it a little bit and ask yourself, "If I told someone this thing, would they learn something about how to change their own life?" If the answer is yes, then you are well on your way to becoming incredibly proficient in educational-based selling.

By the way, once you've actually created your piece of content and you've got it wrapped up and ready to go, comment down below about what you would actually love to teach people. What is one piece of information you'd love to share in a 5 to 10-minute chunk that would allow people to get more knowledge about how they can change their life?

At the end of the day, the people who educate us are the ones that we elevate. They're the people that we look to. They're the people that we value, and businesses all over the world are now doing this.

This is not a thing that I just invented one day. The top companies around the world are now providing education as the way of selling. They're providing education to give you value upfront, so it eases your buying decision later on.

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