How To Turn Marketing Into A Career Or Business

If you enjoy marketing, or you think you would enjoy marketing once you learn more about it, there's an exceptional opportunity for you to have a career or business in marketing. I'll tell you why it's so exceptional.

Most businesses out there, if they own a restaurant or something like that, they need to get good at cooking the food. Then, they need to get good at the marketing part. That's two completely different things.

Whereas, if you have a career in marketing, like you're a consultant that helps other people market their product or services, or if perhaps you're marketing as an affiliate marketer other people's products or services and getting a commission from it, or you create a business like mine, which helps people educate themselves on marketing, that's all one thing.

You don't have to do two things like learn how to cook the food and then learn how to market it. All you do is learn marketing and then teach people marketing or do the marketing for them.

Then, that way, you can get results twice as quick. As an example, when I'm learning about Facebook ads, I'm learning about Facebook ads to help me market an upcoming one-day event called "How To Attract Coaching Clients Consistently".

Then, I take everything I learn and I put that in a course that I actually offer to people that contains what I learn about Facebook ads, which is the exact same stuff I learned to get them in the room in the first place. That's why it's an exceptional opportunity.

It's really like no other, because the way you succeed in business is through marketing skills. In this blog post & video, I'll go through the top ways you should market yourself if you want to have a career or business in marketing.

Step 1: Pick Your Niche

First I would pick a niche. You want to be known for something. You can't be all things to all people. Once you pick a niche, what you actually want to do then is focus your skills on that particular niche. If your niche is something like dentists, helping people who are dentists get more clients. Or maybe you're in the finance industry or the property industry.

You want to focus your skillset just on those types of clients. There are so many reasons that is. Now, your website pages say, "I'm a marketer that only helps dentists" or healthcare professionals, or whatever it is. All the testimonials on your page now make sense. They're all from real estate agents, just like the real estate agent you're trying to approach. There are so many benefits to it.

Step 2: Specialize In Your Niche

Now, depending on that niche, you want to get good at marketing strategies that are specific to them. As an example, if you're specifically helping personal trainers, you get good at social media, Facebook ads, those kinds of things. If you're helping a recruitment company, and that's your niche, now you're getting good at live events and presentations.

Now, you're getting good at joint ventures or whatever the case may be. You can check out my other videos of what I would recommend for product or service-based business.

Step 3: Create Your Own Products

Here's the real kicker though. What a lot of our students do is they first become what's known as "affiliate marketers", and once they're successful at that, they go and create their own products.

So they learn the marketing skills we teach them, they go and find someone else's product. Maybe it's a health product, maybe it's a relationship product. They get good at the marketing skills. They don't have to create the product, because they are using someone else's product. They get a commission.

Let's say it's a 50% commission. Once they have mastered marketing in that niche, they create their own relationship product and now they get to keep 100% of the money. I think that's a great way to get paid while learning about marketing as you start.

The Top 4 Marketing Methods You Need To Master

Here are the top marketing methods that I would recommend most people note because they are the most popular ones if you want to create a career or business in marketing.

#1. Facebook Ads

Number one is Facebook ads. That's hands down the cheapest form of paid traffic right now on the planet.

I don't know how long it's going to last, but it's definitely a great one and you need to know it.

#2. SEO

Number two is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which means getting to the top of the Google search results. SEO means you get free traffic literally forever with Google.

#3. Content Marketing

You want to build trust, build a relationship by putting free content out there that could be a special report, a free webinar, a YouTube video, whatever it is to build that relationship.

#4. Copywriting

Copywriting is the ability to sell with the words that you write on a page, like a landing page or an email or a product description or an Amazon Marketplace ad. Whatever it is.

Copywriting allows you to essentially take something that is intangible or uncertain and show people what they actually get just through articulating yourself through well-written words.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. That's how to turn marketing into a career or business. If you would like to learn the most effective marketing methods that can get results for your marketing clients fast, check out our free online course, "How To Attract Coaching Clients Consistently", here.

If you're a coach would like to learn a complete marketing system for creating a steady stream of coaching clients, I highly recommend you check out the upcoming FREE online webinar, "How To Attract Coaching Clients Consistently".

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