Marketing To People’s Emotional Masks

I wanted to give you a little bit of a tip that may assist you in marketing your products or services to the world.

Whether you've started a business or not, or maybe you're just thinking about what you could do to help people out there and improve the quality their lives, one thing for certain is this: you're going to have to market at some point in time.

The purpose of your marketing is to attract people to your business and then inspire them to take some type of action in order for that process to be as seamless as possible.

We have to have an understanding of psychology really at the deepest level. I've been studying psychology now for over 15 years in a variety of different ways. And some of the most remarkable things I've learned about psychology is that people have hidden emotions that get stuck inside themselves based on different traumas they've had throughout their lives.

And those hidden emotions actually contain the secret to what it is that drives them to take all kinds of different actions. Now, the good news is there's not an infinite number of different emotions that people are driven by. There's actually, really only six core emotions that drive all of our behaviour. And if you have a deep understanding of your client and your customers, you can identify which one of these emotions are the ones that they have trapped.

Speaking To Trapped Emotions

You can often speak to that emotion in a way that allows them to open up and respond to your sales process. For example, one of the emotions that we find that people often get trapped is a sense of grief for loss. So, somewhere in their life they have experienced loss of some description. And grief for that loss gets stuck inside their system.

That grief gets trapped in them and gets expressed a variety of different ways. And what we have found through different processes out there is that if we get grief stuck inside our system, quite often rather than presenting it as grief to the world we often wear different types of masks.

Anybody who has ever studied any type of art therapy or psychotherapy or shamanic practice or any of these different modalities of healing will know there's a lot done with these things called masks that we wear and we present to the world that affect our behaviour.

Understanding The Attacker Mask

One of these masks that people can wear is known as an attacker mask. And that's where people find themselves in a situation that distresses them and they can often respond by attacking people by verbally attacking them. For example they may attack someone for not being able to think clearly or being able to think for themselves and so on and so forth.

What has been shown is that the reason they're attacking the world is because quite often they're not given the opportunity or they're not allowing themselves to authentically express the emotions that are trapped. For example, when people don't allow themselves to authentically express grief of loss - having a loss in their life and being able to grieve for that in an authentic way - quite often it does show up as this frustrated anger that they express out to the world.

Now, if I was going to do some marketing and I knew that a large number of people on my list often presented to the world an angry demeanor when they found themselves in stressful situations, then if I was going to create my marketing, what I can do is highlight that concept. I can actually take that angle and talk to that idea.

Marketing To An Emotional Mask

Is it relevant for all businesses? No. Not not every product is going to resonate with this style of marketing. But quite often if you're out there wanting to make a difference in people's lives and improve the quality their situation by helping them heal wounds from the past or solve problems in the present to avoid consequences in the future then, you can definitely highlight the whole concept of grief of loss.

I’ll give an example: if I was wanting to actually go out there and market to that concept, I could talk to that deep part of ourselves that is holding on to a wound that we haven't healed that does require some grieving to occur.

So, maybe in my headline or maybe my first couple of paragraphs I could discuss the concept of what it feels like to not be able to grieve authentically. The concept of what it feels like to have lost something meaningful in our lives but not being able to actually express our grief for that in a way that was allowing the process to heal fully and completely.

It's not about putting spammy marketing out there and trying to attack people and make them feel like victims. It's none of that. I'm not into that in the slightest way possible and I think every human being is perfect just the way they are.

But what I do know is when people have not been given an opportunity to allow themselves to grieve authentically, if you highlight that inside your marketing or inside your copy, then what can happen is that it can allow people to start to wake up and start to listen.

Holding The Attention Of Your Audience

If you're still reading this it's probably because I'd somehow managed to hold your attention this long. But your attention is getting shorter and shorter. In fact, the average length of a YouTube video clip has gotten down to less than two minutes. But a couple of years back it was over three and a half minutes which tells us we're getting less and less time.

So, in order for me to wake you up and get you to pay attention and get you to realize the stuff you're doing, the choices you're making, and the decisions that are happening right now in your life have long-term consequences....

If you don't change those things you're going to end up in a place that you don't want to be in.

But in order for you to listen to me and hear me, if I highlight and touch on one of these hidden emotions straightaway I’ll have your attention and you'll be alert and listening and reading what I'm actually saying.

So, if no one pays attention to your marketing your marketing is completely useless. And one of the most effective ways to get people to pay attention is to tap in to one of these six hidden emotions that have not been fully expressed authentically in your customer's life.

Hopefully this has been enough to get you thinking a little bit differently. About how you share and connect with your audience and what you do when you're looking to get a prospect to pay attention or what it is that you have to say.

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