Marketing Your Message

Do you have a message you want to share with the world?

Is there something you're really passionate about but you're just not a 100% clear on how you can actually effectively articulate that?

My name is Benjamin J Harvey, and I’ve definitely been there.

I remember I used to ask myself:entrep-Failure

  • How can I get a 100% clarity on what my message actually is?
  • How can I actually go out into the market place and attract people to my message to actually go and share it with the world?
  • How do I make sure that I can do all of these when on a budget?

If you ever come up against any of those types of questions then I have something really special designed just for you.

In fact, over the years that we've been running a BRW Fast Starters Company, Authentic Education, myself and my business partner have wondered how we can help people just like you share your message with not just a local audience but a global audience. That's why I'm really excited that after 6 years of thinking about it, we've finally put together a single day an event called Marketing Your Message.

At this event will be 4 world leading experts in the areas of assisting you to rapidly be able to share your message with the largest audience possible.

Now it doesn't matter what sort of message it is, or whether you're clear on it or not... this day was absolutely designed to assist you in accelerating your process of being able to reach more people.

How do I know that these people are world class at what they do?

Well, quite frankly I've actually worked with each and every one of them for a number of years now.

The first person we're going to be bringing to you is a lady by the name of Fiona Jones.

Fiona Jones is one of the most successful published authors right here in Australia. She's a nine-time international bestseller and she's assisted well over a hundred people to go on to become international bestsellers in their own right. In fact, Fiona's going to be showing you, through her information that she'd be sharing at the program, exactly why a book is not only one of the best business cards you're going to have on the planet but a book also opens up doors all over the world. So if you want to be an international bestseller author or just a published author, Fiona is going to share some incredible content with you!

Next up is a lady by the name of Natasha Zuvela.

Natasha Zuvela has spent well over 15 years representing some of the largest brands right here in Australia including Virgin Money, Sun Corp and Bonds just to name a few. Natasha Zuvela is known as the Australia's leading Shine On Camera expert and she's going to be showing you exactly how to get yourself comfortable and confident in front of the camera so you can actually go out there and educate people around the world or do what's known as “online educating”. So, if you've ever wanted to know how you can reach people on the other side of the world, doing it this way right through the barrel of the camera, communicating with people all over the world is the most efficient way you can do that. Natasha  is going to share a few of her industry secrets and also everything you need to know so you can be comfortable and confident in front of any camera anywhere in the world.

Next up will be a gentleman by the name of Cham Tang.

Now you may know Cham as the co-founder of Authentic Education, my actual business partner in this organisation that we've created right here in Australia. What a lot of people don't know about Cham though, is that behind the scenes he's actually the digital marketing guru behind all the successes we've had. So Cham's going to be appearing at this event and share with you everything you need to know about how to become proficient in all there is in marketing specifically - digital marketing. That's going to include all of Cham's tricks around what he does with Facebook, Google, and all other social media. Basically, every single element you would ever require to go out there and reach more people from a digital means. Cham's absolutely going to be assisting you to accelerate your ability to attract more clients on budget and share your message in a far more meaningful way.

Last but not the least is me, Benjamin J Harvey.

I'm going to be getting up on stage, explaining to you the strategies that you can utilise to promote and present what it is that you do in front of live audiences. I'm going to explain how to craft your message in a meaningful way, so when you stand up in front of the crowd of 2 to 2000 or even 20,000 people, you come across confidently, eloquently and more importantly your message lands in a way that allows people to follow through. I mean, picture that!

You're out there as a published author, you're out to present to camera, you can present on stage and all your marketing is working for you, surely that's something you're interested in!

My advice is: Enter your details right now in the space provided!

Seats are extremely limited for this event and it may be the only time we're running this event - so it could be in fact one-off.
If you're wondering how much is an event like this actually cost well we'd normally sell an event like this for about $895 - however, we believe in the Google way of promoting things. A system known as Freemium which we're going to explain to you on the day. So believe it or not, the entire event is absolutely free - so the price is right!

Now you might be thinking:

  • What's the catch?
  • Why is it free?
  • How can it possible be free?

If you've done any research into our company, if you book through our website or checked out at any of our social media platforms you'll notice that we have hundreds and hundreds of endorsements and testimonials expressing just how much value people get from our free event. When you arrive, there'll be content galore, you actually get a full manual that's got incredible amount of detail on it as well. It's just like one of our paid events, only it is free!

So if you do want to attend please pop your details in the space provided. During the event, make sure that you do come up and say hello to myself, Fiona, Natasha and Cham because we love to meet everybody that we share our ideas with!

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