How To Market Your Products

If you've got a product-based business or you're thinking of starting one, you need to realize that there are some big differences between product-based marketing strategies versus all other marketing strategies you find on the internet.

Firstly, what do I mean by products? Some examples of businesses that I've worked with selling products are vitamins, fashion, food like a café, and even houses. This includes multiple distribution methods. Whether it's e-commerce, Amazon marketplace, a physical bricks-and-mortar store, or network marketing also known as MLM.

First off, the big thing about products is there's a cost of the product. You need to keep your volume extremely high and your expenses very low, so these marketing strategies are going to fit perfectly for products.

1. Facebook Ads

Now, I know what you're thinking. It doesn't matter if it's B2B, B2C, or if you're just starting out or not. Facebook ads are now the cheapest form of paid traffic you could possibly get out there. I don't know how long it's going to last, but you can target now for less than $5 a day. You can start getting results with Facebook ads due to the super targeting nature of them.

A bit of a tip when it comes to Facebook ads: It's not just about the actual ad.

It's not about the seven key components of a successful Facebook ad, but just as important is who is seeing the actual ad, the audience, and that's where you can win the game by selling your products.

2. Content Marketing

What I would recommend is a thing known as content marketing. This is how you can build trust with your ideal clients and have a free traffic source forever. See, the problem when it comes to content marketing your products is people don't know who to trust. So they don't know where to get a great product from.

What they believe is a brand, and a brand means nothing more than a reputation of a company or a person.

How do you build that reputation in this day and age?

You give people free content. You give them education for free around the nature of your product in order to build trust.

Let's say you've got a vitamin product. What you're going to do is you might put out three ways to lose weight, and the first way is exercise. But now, the second way is nutrition. Now, you bring in the concept of having a multivitamin as an example. Surprise, surprise. There's a hyperlink from that page to your Amazon marketplace where you get this special range of vitamins.

We've seen that done extremely well. People are crushing it with "Five Ways to Look Younger," so it's an article on five ways women can look younger, but surprise, surprise one of them is an anti-aging cream that uses a specific blend of Retin-A, which you can buy at this particular place. Content marketing is a way to build free traffic forever.

3. SEO

The third marketing strategy you want to use is SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It's essentially getting to the top of the Google search engine, so when people type in something like "wide women's shoes" you come up first.

Not only is this free traffic, but it comes with trust because now, Google is saying to all of its clients,

"Hey, if you want to know about wide women's shoes, go to this webpage, which is first."

The way it works, and it gets a little bit technical, but the way, essentially, you get to the top of Google is providing great value content, great value blog posts, videos, etc etc with those specific keywords appearing throughout it.

As a general rule, those keywords like "wide women's shoes" should appear five times. Once in the title, once as the first sentence, a couple of times in the middle, and once as the last sentence as well.

4. Social Media

The advantages of free social media posts like Facebook Lives, Facebook posts, Facebook groups, messaging, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are:

  • They allow you to reach your existing network of people
  • They are free
  • You can get feedback from people

However, the disadvantage is your reach is usually limited since you reach the same people over and over again.

5. Copywriting

You might have heard of something that is a landing page. A landing page is a website page that people land on typically to read about your product so that they can purchase it.

Whether it's an e-commerce site, an Amazon page, or an eBay page, it doesn't really matter, but copywriting is the art of choosing the words on a page that help you sell. And the problem I see with so many people is it's not the product, but they don't know how to actually use the words in order to sell it.

Without compelling copywriting, many business owners don't know how to inspire potential clients to take action. They don't have a formula for that at all.

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