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If you haven’t been keeping an eye on your inbox lately, then I would like to let you know that for the very first time in the history of our organisation, Mr. Cham Tang, the co-founder of Authentic Education... the marketing genius behind the entire Authentic Education brand... the gentleman who is solely responsible for allowing me to go out there and share my message with the world, and to touch the lives of thousands and thousands of people, and in doing so have them go out and touch the lives of thousands and thousands more people... is actually doing his very first national tour!

This has never happened before in the history of our company.


Copy Our Proven Marketing Systems & Automated Funnels

Cham has been the Director of Marketing for our organization, working tirelessly behind the scenes for the last eight and a half years. As the co-founder of this company what he does behind the scenes is set up all of the systems and the marketing funnels that allow me to go out there and share the message to reach people like you.

So if you’d like to learn everything that we do behind the scenes, then this is a very unique opportunity to spend a full day with Cham to learn exactly what he is doing.

Not only is he incredibly skilled at the art of marketing, he’s also a certified Facebook planner as well, which means he’s actually been certified by Facebook for his incredible level of competency and his high degree of understanding of how to use Facebook as one of your marketing means.

When we first started out in business, we were struggling. We really were. It was a uphill battle wrought with failure.

And in fact about two years into this business, he wanted to completely quit all together. I was a little bit more stubborn than that. I wanted to keep at it, but we both had to sit down, have a good hard look at ourselves and admit the fact that we weren’t reaching anybody.


Stop Feeling Confused & Overwhelmed By Marketing

Even though we wanted to change people’s lives... even though we had tools and techniques and processes... we were being let down by one thing and one thing only.

That thing was... marketing. Specifically, digital marketing. We just didn't know how to do it. It was a brand new thing back then. It really hadn’t taken a full foothold yet and there weren’t too many people that knew a lot about what it was, so a lot of what Cham had to do was trial and error. He also had to spend a fortune when we finally did find the experts, to sit down with them and really learn directly from them.

Now, the reason he’s actually getting out from behind the scenes and stepping up onto the platform is, well, let’s face it, you've been asking for it! You've been constantly sending us e-mails asking us, “How can I learn about Facebook stuff? How can I learn about marketing stuff? How can I learn about all the different funnels? etc”

And the number one question that we actually get after "How did you get started" is, "How do I find a Cham?" We get that question all the time. But we just couldn’t work out how to produce little Cham's so basically what we decided to do is get Cham out onto the platform.

He’s going to be speaking across the whole of Australia doing his very first ever national tour. The event is called Marketing Made Easy and it's absolutely free for you to attend. It’s a full day event. It comes with a full manual. It’s jam-packed full of content. And you're going to be learning some incredible information there.

He’s going to go through the strategies behind Facebook, blogging, marketing, content, how our e-mails are sent out. He’s going to break down funnel systems, everything.

Cham's literally just going to lift up the curtain and allow you to look in behind the scenes at what Authentic Education does to actually build up our marketing presence and get the results that we’re getting from that.

Start Getting a 500% Return on Your Marketing...

If you're wondering how successful he actually is at this, over the years of doing this, Cham has built up a 500% return on his marketing spend. Now, what I mean by that is sometimes you might go and spend, say $10 on a marketing campaign and you might get a dollar back for that. You might get $11 out of your $10. Now, if you're doing that, that’s a 10% return.

Cham has managed to get anywhere between 500% to 800% return these days after the years and years of knowledge and study that he’s done. What does that mean? It means that if we invest $500 on a marketing campaign, we are guaranteed to get back at least $2500 from that marketing.

You and I know it’s not about the money. It’s about the lives we touch and the improvements we make in people’s lives but what we also do know is that when you're improving people’s lives and you're getting more customers on board, you are going to make more money. That’s kind of the byproduct of your service and it’s the byproduct of good marketing.

So if you'd like to make sure that from this day forward, every time you invest a dollar into marketing, you're actually getting a return and instead of using hope marketing, you're actually getting specific and strategic in what you're doing, then please make sure you come along to this free one-day event. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Spaces are strictly limited by the rooms that we’ve already booked months ago, so the rooms are actually fixed size. We can only fit so many people in them. It’s a first come, first served basis and what I do know is because it’s the first time Cham has actually toured nationally, there is going to be a huge amount of people that are going to miss out on the opportunity because the tickets will sell out and the space will actually go.

It’s absolutely free for you to attend but don’t let the free price tag fool you. It’s going to be full day packed with incredible rock solid content.

My advice is right now, pop your details down below. Secure your seat, and if you can think of anybody else that you'd like to come onto the program, please register them as well because we would hate for them to miss out on the seats too. So please check out the city you'd like to go to, check out the dates that are available and just make sure you come along to this because this will really be a most revolutionary experience.

I have been in this industry for over 10 years now and I don’t know any organization that is willing to put the director of marketing on a platform so they can teach you every single thing they do, share with you all of their intellectual property, all of their marketing secrets that most other people out there in the marketplace would want to keep tightly secure. But we’re happy to share them with you if it helps you go out there and reach more people and change people’s lives.

Please come along to the event. If you do happen to see Cham at the event, make sure you do go up and say hello to him because he does like to meet everybody that he shares his ideas with. I’ll be at a couple of them as well, so if you see me there, make sure you come up and say good day. But please, right now, stop everything you're doing. Register for the event. Register your friends and schedule it into your diary and make sure that you come along!

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