Should I Create A Separate Facebook Account Or Instagram For Business?

Ever wondered, ‘Should I create a separate Facebook or Instagram account for business?’ Here’s what I’ve found.

For something like Facebook, it’s clear that you can have one Facebook profile and one Facebook page for your business. For example, I have my personal Facebook profile and my business page ChamTangOfficial.

However, when you go to Instagram, it's a little bit trickier because there's only one profile. Unlike Facebook, there's not a business page or a business profile.

And for a long time, I always said to just keep it simple with Instagram and have the same profile for business and personal use.

But then as time passed and my Instagram account grew, I found out that there is a solid case for having two Instagram profiles.

So Should I Create A Separate Instagram Account? Yes, And Here’s Why

Picture of a small business owner imageSo the limitation with Instagram is that you can only have one profile. It's either going to be a business profile, where you can get insights such as how many people viewed your posts.

Or, it's a personal one which you just use like normal where your posts are more for your friends and family.

The issue now becomes though, if you've got a thousand followers on Instagram, maybe a hundred of those might be real friends, and 900 of those might be clients and prospects.

Now let’s say most people follow me for marketing advice, the issue now becomes if I want to post a picture of my child or a personal thing, I'm not going to do five baby photos in a row because most people follow me for marketing advice.

On the other hand, if 90% of my posts are about marketing and business, all of my friends don't really want to see that.

Creating A Separate Instagram Account

Instagram on mobile phone imageSo, what I've done is I've set up a separate Instagram account for my friends and family. You can go to Instagram and you can choose add account, and then you create a new account with a new email address.

You’ll want to call that account something that doesn't have your full name in it. So that when people search for you, like if you search ‘Cham Tang’ on Instagram, there won't be two Cham Tangs out there because it's only got my first name.

You could also create an Instagram account that doesn't even have your name on it.

For example, I could do something like ‘Big C’ or something like that. Not that people call me ‘Big C’, but that's something that just only my friends will know.

After creating my personal Instagram account, I then start following my real friends, and they'd follow me back because they'd see it’s really me.

So now I can post whatever I want there. There also won’t be any confusion from people who might listen to my podcast and just want to follow @ChamTangOfficial for marketing and business advice. There's no confusion because there's only one @ChamTangOfficial.

Automating Posts On Instagram To Facebook

Woman taking a selfie imageSo as some of you may know, when you create a post on Instagram or you create an Instagram story, you can automatically have that post or story go to your Facebook.

But if you only have one email address that you log in with, well that's an issue because you can only have either your personal stories and posts go to your personal profile, or your business stories and posts from Instagram go to your business Facebook page because you only have one Facebook Accounts Center.

So what I’ve done is all the posts and stories that I share on the @ChamTangOfficial Instagram profile goes to the ChamTangOfficial Facebook page.

Then, I've also got a personal profile and all the Instagram stories and posts that I share there go to my personal Facebook profile.

This setup works really well for me, but the only thing is that if the previous post that I just did was personal, I can continue to do multiple personal posts and it'll send it to Facebook straight away. But if I then do a business post, Facebook will ask me to switch back and choose my Facebook business page again.

Should I Create A Separate Facebook Account Or Instagram For Business? - In Conclusion

We hope you found this post and video useful. The main takeaway is yes, you should create a separate Instagram account for business use.

Now you don't have to worry because you've probably had in the back of your mind if I post about my business, what are my friends going to think? Not because you’re embarrassed about your business but just because they might not always want to see updates about it, and vice versa when it comes to sharing personal stuff to your clients and prospects.

It’s like you followed me for marketing advice not to see birthday party photos!

And with Facebook, it's clearer. You have your Facebook profile for personal use, and you have your Facebook page for business use.

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