Use the Power of Video Marketing to Boost Your Business

Video is a low cost marketing tool that promotes you 24 hours of the day all year round, even when you are sleeping.

Today’s most successful businesses actively use video content on their home page and video newsletters. Why? Because people vastly prefer watching over reading. Just consider the last time you watched the news versus reading a newspaper! It spans nearly every industry and demographic.

Presenting to camera and creating powerful engaging online video is essential to being successful in today’s online business world.

In 4 seconds your viewers will have made a judgement about your trustworthiness, professionalism, income level, education and quality of your services and products.

That is why it is so important to get it right when you present to camera. You can do more damage to your message and brand with a poorly presented video than not having one at all.

Clients buy you before they buy your product. The business owner the founder is the face of the business and most customers want to know about owner (just like Steve Jobs and Apple).

So you as the business owner need to come across in the most powerful and professional way on camera so you can build stronger relationships with your target audience. You need to be seen as competent and professional, trustworthy, credible, approachable. Video is the most powerful 1 to many medium for reaching more people and getting your message to a global audience.

7 Powerful Video Facts

So why should you master creating powerful, engaging video for your business? Here are some of the key benefits that Video can bring you:

  1. Video is now the most popular marketing medium used online by paying and prospective customers, and is expected to dominate 90% of online content in the next year
  2. Clients are up to 97% more likely to purchase a product or service that features a video, which has now been proven across multiple industries
  3. Video promotion is 6 times more effective than print or direct mail
  4. It allows you to automate your
  5. marketing 24/7 saving you so much precious time by going from One-on-One to One-to-many marketing.
  6. The more professional and powerful you present on camera, the more credibility you instantly gain with your viewers, regardless of your qualifications.
  7. Video gives you a global reach to expand your business without having to leave your office!
  8. With a video, your viewers retain 95% of the message, with only 10% from text

(It is clear from these statistics that if you are not using video, you are potentially missing out on a lot of income for your business. Video done well, can position you as an Expert in your field, attract high quality clients and allow you to charge what you are truly worth. That should motivate anyone to want to master presenting powerfully to camera!)

The Dangers of Video Marketing

However, I also have to emphasise the Dangers of Video. Video is a powerful, double-edged sword. If you do it poorly, you can severely damage your brand, credibility and turn customers away from your business in droves.

The good news is that becoming a powerful on camera presenter can be learnt in a short amount of time if you get expert training and apply the tools and techniques regularly.

Being engaging on camera is like adjusting a radio station to tune into your clients reception frequency. You need to tune your voice, your body language, and your content so that you are delivering your message in THE MOST RECEPTIVE FORM FOR YOUR VIEWERS!

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Cham is the CEO and Head of Marketing at Authentic Education since co-founding it in 2009. He is passionate about productivity, empowering people, marketing and is creator of Digital Marketing Made Easy.

He has worked for Anthony Robbins, Chris Howard and Dr John Demartini from "The Secret" and has been featured in BRW magazine, and newspapers such as Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.