Why We Use “Freemium” Marketing (And You Should Too)

A lot of people ask us why we run free events, or as we like to call them “Freemium” events. The reason is because marketing is matchmaking.

You're not trying to twist people's arms or hypnotize them into buying your product, service, or idea.

You're actually looking for people who are looking for you, just to find a match. It's as simple as that.

The same way you build any relationship, whether it's a love relationship, a relationship with your customer, it the same way you should conduct your business.

As an example, if I was to go out on a date with a lady, would I say, "Hey, would you like to go for a coffee... and by the way, it's your shout." That's not a way to begin a relationship.

You should come to the relationship, looking to GIVE. And Freemium does that.

What is "Freemium?"

So "Freemium" is the word free, mixed with the word premium. If you've experienced big companies like YouTube, Spotify or Evernote, these are massive companies that deliver massive value upfront for free.

And all they do is they say, "Hey, if you really like that, if you really like Spotify and your ability to stream any song in the world for free, then you'll really like Spotify premium." You pay a little bit of money each month and you get all these extras. Even though a small percentage of people decide to pay for that, it makes the entire exercise worthwhile. And it's a fair exchange.

We use Freemium in our business and we are 100% clear in that you should use Freemium as well. That's because the major benefit is that you get in front of thousands of more people, using a Freemium marketing model. You'll get hundreds of more referrals than you would if you charged upfront for something. So, this could be something like Evernote.

Evernote is a productivity app you download. If you think to yourself, how many people would actually download and use that app, if they had to pay even $1 for it upfront? But instead, Evernote uses the Freemium model.

They give the whole thing for free. They don't hold back. And then a percentage of people decide to do Evernote premium and pay a yearly subscription for that. And that makes the whole exercise worthwhile.

Marketing Traps To Avoid

There are so many kinds of traps that people fall into when they're developing their marketing model. Here's one of them. What you need to make sure is that whatever you're giving away for free (eg a free one on one session with you, a free event, a free webinar, a free trial, a free eBook) it needs to have intrinsic value.

So don't call it something like an "information evening", "an obligation free call", or a "discovery session". All of those things, your client is thinking there's a hook attached to them. It's almost as if you're saying this is going to be a sales pitch, but you don't have to buy. No one really is interested in that.

So, just think about something like Spotify. When you download Spotify, they say, you can have all of this for free. They don't say, "Hey download this app, it's just a preview for our paid service." That's not it at all. As an example, if you're a financial planner and you're giving away a financial health check valued at $150, there's a whole list of benefits. By the end of this health check, you will get A, B, C. There's intrinsic value, whether or not they decide to take up your services.

You've got to start or begin the relationship by giving as much as possible and karma will just reward you in the long run.

If you want to make millions, you need to impact millions of people's lives. That's just the way the universe works. If you give a lot and you give your best value, some people are going to start to enjoy that and then just by virtue of numbers, the money part will sort itself out.

It certainly has for all of our clients we share this with. It certainly has for YouTube, Spotify, and all these massive companies. And it can work for you as well.

So this whole "marketing is matchmaking", actually fits within what I call the "Universal Marketing Method."

It's the three steps that are required to make any marketing strategy work and essentially get a 500% return on every dollar you spend in marketing.

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