3 Roadblocks to Change

Have you ever wondered how to create authentic changes in your life that last? Only a staggering 5% of people that buy a personal development seminar or book will achieve the lasting results they desire. There is a stack of material devoted to these 5%. But what keeps the 95% stuck?

In my experience, knowing this is the key to changing any area of your life...and quicker than you might think. So, while it's true that success leaves clues, it's equally important not to overlook the fact that...

Failure leaves clues

What are some changes you tried to make in your life that didn’t stick? Eg. Eat healthier, save more money, go to the gym 3 times a week? You can reverse engineer failure just like a success, so please take a moment to think about this or write it down.

Now ask yourself why didn't those changes stick? Find these solutions and you find your path to lasting change. The 9 most common roadblocks people face are:

Roadblock #1 - Wrong Information

When you visit a pharmacy for a cold, what's their solution? What if you saw a Chinese herbalist for that exact same cold?

Problems arise when people try and fit you into their model of the world. They think their way is the only way and end up giving you the wrong information...for you.

Solution: Try things out and know what works for you. Wayne Dyer says, "if someone teaches me that crystals can cure hemorrhoids, I'm buying a crystal toilet seat"! Shamans call this concept of knowing what works for you, personal medicine. This gives you more power to heal yourself.

Roadblock #2 - No Motivation

A lack of motivation stems from a lack of inspiration.  It's the difference between  being pushed (forced) vs pulled (attracted) towards your goal.

Solution: Ask yourself, "what do I want?". Then ask "what will that give me?". Keep asking until you get something clear and compelling that inspires you.

Roadblock #3 – Too Complicated

If someone explains a concept with 18 syllable words or gets you to do 10 things at once...run!

Nothing sucks the fun out of something quicker than feelings of confusion or overwhelm. When things are complicated, analysis paralysis occurs and people don't even know where to start!

Solution: Keep it Simple. Choose one thing at a time and nail it.

So what's the next step?

Remember your inspiration from before?
Feel these feelings for 5 minutes a day. If you like, you can play your favourite song to make it fun and help keep time. That's it!

This technique is deceptively simple, but very effective. Doing this for the next 21 days will begin changing you at the cellular level, where all true change occurs. You may be very surprised with the results you get from only 5 minutes a day. After this, you can increase it to 10 minutes a day.

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Ben is the Difference-Maker Mentor and Co-founder of Authentic Education. He is exquisite at inspiring people to share their message, make a difference in the world and live abundantly on purpose.

Ben has been featured in media such as the Today Show, Inc.com, Entrepreneur.com, Huffington Post and News.com.au.